Obviously, you will not have the personalized advice of an agency, but it allows you to save the price of the services offered by the latter. Indeed, the price of the ticket is the same whether it is booked online or in an agency, but it is the price of the service that differs. You already save between 20 and 60 €!

Use flight comparison sites

These sites offer you the best fare they have by checking the websites of travel agencies and online companies. There are many on the market and you will find almost the same prices everywhere, however, some are better than others with more or fewer options. For example, a flight with or without stopover, flexible dates, some propose a graph with the evolution of the price according to the period.

The comparator that I personally use is Skyscanner. Especially for one of its features that I like a lot: you can choose “All destinations” so that the comparator finds you the destinations with the best price on your dates. This is perfect if you don’t know where to go and want to be surprised.

These comparators then refer you to online travel agencies and I recommend testing several, as some agencies charge extra on the smallest option so it is sometimes more cost-effective to choose one that will appear as slightly more expensive in the flight comparator you used. Once you have the dates and the name of the company that operates on the flight you are interested in, you can also go directly to their website and see if the flights are not cheaper by going directly through them. Read more