Time Episode 9+10 Recap

Following up on the previous episode, Ji Hyun believed her mother had died in a car accident. Placing the mother ashes next to her sister. Ji Hyun now seems insensitive. She has no tears left to cry.

After going home, Ji Hyun eats the soup that her mother cooked for her. She eats a lot. When alone, a strong Ji Hyun is gone. In front of us is a small, weak Ji Hyun. She feels helplessly because her loved ones are gone.

Soo Ho always suspects that the two deaths are not normal car accidents. He thinks that there are some people involved in their death. At the company meeting, he looks at Eun Chae Ah and Shin Min Seok. He is questioning the two people. Things are more suspicious when Min Seok’s hands have scratches. This made him doubt that Min Seok is involved in the accident.

Being worried that Ji Hyun may thinks negatively. Soo Ho finds her house. Her door is locked. He is worried to think whether she is at home or not. Soo Ho is more worried when her phone rings from inside of the house. He decides to enter her home by breaking window glass despite all the dangers.

When getting into the house, he does not dare open the door of her room. The death of his mother appears in his mind. He is afraid to witness the death again.

Ji Hyun comes out from the bathroom. He is relieved that she is fine. Ji Hyun is unable to put up with Soo Ho’s troubles, she loudly yells of at him.

Min Seok has now agreed to be in Soo Cheol’s side to against Soo Ho. We  don’t know what his intention is. And now, Min Seok fears getting related in some deaths. Gray can not become white. It can only get darker and darker

The boundary of good and evil is too very thin. Min Seok from a prosecutor has the potential to be responsible for saving the image of the W Group, and now a lot of of troubles he has to face with.

Now, Min Seok has committed a crime when killing manager Ji Eun. Moreover he is also related to the death of her mother Ji Hyun and her mistress. Min Seok admits to himself that he has no way back.

What Ji Hyun needs is peace . She wants to think about her later life. No longer with her mother and sister, her only relatives, but she has to keep on living.Min Seok announces that someone has watched all his move. The evidence is the copy of credit card of Soo Ho  is in Min Seok’s jand . Min Seok says that someone wants to find the clue to bring him down.

Min Seok laughs at So Ho. Lawyer Shin does not forbid Soo Ho’s interest in Ji Hyun’s life. Soo Ho’s concern comes from his own sin and pity, how long will it last? a month or something? Later, Ji Hyun will disappear from Soo Ho’s life and forget who she is in this life.

Chae Ah wants to know what is the cost for1 billion won that Min Seok asked her to offer. She has a lot of unknown things about this person. Then Min Seok takes Chae Ah to see one person. This is also the reason why Min Seok needs so much money. 1 billion won is used to keep the technician’s mouth shut. He is the one that hid video about the death of the three people. Chae Ah frightened to know the truth. She is unable to believe what she has witnessed.

Ji Hyun is drunk. She stands by the pool where Ji Eun was dead. She calls Soo Ho to say thanks for how he helped her. Soo Ho feels insecure when Ji Hyun mentions about death. Now, she feels that death is easier than ever.Soo Ho rushed to the hotel. On the road he is hit by a car. Blood runs out but Soo Ho tries to get up because he insists on stopping Ji Hyun from committing suicide

Ji Hyun stood at the terrace. She is ready to dance. Soo Ho sees her. In this situation, if he teases her, things would get worse. Soo Ho decides to step out of the bar. Nearing her position, he felt that he could accidentally slip and die at any moment. Soo Ho shares that he has felt the same way A she does now. When he was little he had the intention of suicide when his mother left him in the worl . She thought death would make her more  peaceful than ever. If death can make her more peaceful then just die. If she decides to live, live a happy life.

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