After waking up, Jj Hyun has the breakfast cooked by his mother. Her mother said that her old ex boyfriend also creditor knew something related to Ji Eun’s death. Ji Hyun was worried about this. Everything let her mother solve. Perhaps, her mother insisted not to give up on her sister’s death. The truth is always true.

Soo Ho goes to see a doctor, he wants to know if there are any methods such as using herbs that are sought in the mountains or any methods that can lengthen his life. Unfortunately, no miracles happen. Doctor advised him to appreciate the time he has left. Soo Ho seems to have lost hope for his life. Soo Ho realizes that because he does not have much time left, he decides to spend that little time for himself.

Soo Ho decides to go shopping before going on a long vacation. He decidé to think for himself.   I will spend my own time, not someone else’s. Ji Hyun is assigned as a staff member for vip guests. This time her guests vip is Chae Ah. Followed by Chae Ah that is Min Seok. When Chae Ah choses a dress for Min Seok, she remembers a recommendation from Ji Hyun. But both Ji Hyun and Min Seok look at each other as strangers

Chae Ah and Soo Ho meet accidentally. Soo Ho can not stand the sight that Ji Hyun has to serve both of them. So he decided to take the hand of Ji Hyun. Despite the annoying look from Chae Ah. Chae Ah seems to have noticed Ji Hyun, who was at the press conference.

Soo Ho and Chae Ah have a meeting. He says Chae Ah should find another man and avoid Min Seok because he’s not a good guy. Chae Ah refuses his advice. She leaves to avoid answering the question. Not stopping there, Soo Ho suggested that he gives her the right to own the restaurant before they marry with a condition to stay away from Min Seok. Chae Ah continues to doubt. She asks him about the fight at the hotel between him and Soo Cheol whether it was Min Seok who staged it. Knowing that he is lying, Soo Ho wants to give Min Seok a bad image. He admits

Min Seok is in his office. His boss accidentally saw the gift that Chae Ah bought for him. He says people like them never get gifts. At that moment, he also receives a bunch of flower and a small box. This strange thing makes the office pay attention. It is like a gift of Chae Ah makes for him. But Min Seok does not know who the sender is. Opening a small box, inside it is a usb contains a video which is extremely shocking. It is the scene Chae Ah using her bag to hit Ji Eun’s head. An incoming call. The man’s voice ‘s talking. He almost knows the whole truth and asks him to go out.

Min Seok and the two of them left.They are creditors of Ji Hyun’s mother. He knows when witnessing the rich like Soo Ho helps Ji Hyun pay back the debt and take back her house. So he found out that Soo Ho and Chae Ah were involved in the murder. His main purpose is money. He says that Min Seok should get money from Chae Ah, and of course she doesn’t want to give her money because of knowing that there are other people know the truth.

Ji Hyun comes to find Soo Ho. She wants to apologize for last night mistake due to drinking too much. Soo-ho rages abruptly, he squeezes her wrist, his eyes are angry. He asks what she did is intentional or not. If Ji Hyun keeps talking about it, Soo Ho can not help thinking about it. Of course, he will not help her with this.

Ji Hyun immediately arrives at Incheon Airport to find Soo Ho. She wants to come on time to inform him. Just in time, she said there was CCTV in the pool and there was a video of her sister’s death in the pool. W hotel is a branch of the Soo Ho family so Ji Hyun wants her to help. Soo Ho now knows the truth.

Ji Hyun arrives at the hotel W, she asks the people there about Ji Eun. But nobody knows about her. Min Seok shows up, takes her to the technical room so she can watch the video. Ji Hyun wonders why Min Seok knows she is looking for that video. Actually, she did not tell him. Min Seok asks Ji Hyun to accept Ji Eun’s death. But she insists, the story behind her does not know and she will definitely find it out.

Ji Hyun’s mother’s ex-boyfriend finds out that the video was leaked. He come to black mail Min Seok. He sits in the back of the car, approachs Min Seok. Said that he dares to have people to take back the video. He demands that Chae Ah immediately gives him1 billion won tonight.

Ji Hyun’s mom watched her lover. She poured gasoline into him threatening to give the video. Kia says that if burning him also means the video will also on fire. He tells her that he will meet the man behind this and tell her to help him record the conversation between them.

Soo Ho is sitting in the car watching Ji Hyun works. He thinks if he finds out the truth, what is the reaction off Ji Hyun. At that moment, Ji Hyun sees him. He reveals that he has found a video that Ji Hyun needs. Why does Soo ho have the courage to reveal this when he is the person involved in the incident? At first, Soo Ho hides the truth but then he is ready to face it. He believes that he is not the one who killed Ji Eun. Only when he found out the truth, Soo Ho can res peacefully, living the last days of his life

The guy with her mother Ji Hyun come to see Min Seok. Until the car stops, she finds out who knows the truth is Min Seok. But it is too late. Ji Eun’s manager can’t stop the car. Finally, the car is blown up

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