After the death of Ji Eun,Soo Ho’s father asked him whether he was the killer or not. But his father didn’t believe a word he siad. He talked to Min Seok, suggesting that he would give alll the money Min Seok wanted if he solved everything successfully.

After recalling everything, Ji Hyun could not believe the truth that her sister had committed suicide. Asking Ji Eun’s friends, who attending the funeral, she remembered having taken her sister to pay the money that their mom had borrowed. Ji Hyun feels distressed when she remembers what causes Ji Eun to have no other option but to  die.

Soo Ho came to the police station for questioning. When asked if someone else came to his house that night, it was not Chae Ah that was related to him. He denied it. Min Seok really wants to know the truth so that he can protect him.

Min Seok has a meeting with Chae Ah because he knows Chae Ah is related to this crime. After seeing the pen Min Seok picked up as well as the copy of the recording. Chae Ah was afraid that Min Seok would threaten her. “I need to know what happened that night to handle this problem,” Chae Ah told him everything. and asked Min Seok if she was the one causing the death. She asked Min Seok what she should do in this situation.

Min Seok came to see Ji Hyun, he told her that the cause of Ji Eun’s death was due to an accident. Ji Hyun did not seem to believe the words Min Seok said. She was sure that someone was with her sister at the hotel. that day. But Min Seok said that no one was with her and that night she was with another man.

Soo Ho goes to Chae Ah’s work place to find her with the determination to find out what had happend that night. When being asked what marriage he wanted to discuss with her after the night call, Soo Ho gave the reason that he would not live any longer because of his cancer . Their marriage would go to anywhere because he had no feeling for her nor didn’t not want to be with her. Chae Ah once again told him to grow up because their marriage was not a normal marriage.

Accidentally discovering that Ji Hyun, who had kneeled to apologize him at the mall, was Ji Eun’s older sister. Soo Ho felt really sorry for what she had done to her.
In fact, Ji Hyun didn’t have to undergo such a pain. Remember every word that the doctor had told him, he wanted to do something to make things right.
Can not believe the reason that her sister died beacause of commiting suicide, Ji Hyun begged the inspector please review the case. Holding the message that the inspector gave her, she sobbed because she was sure this was not her sister’s message. Watching Ji Hyun begging in despair, Hoo So knows what he should do.

Soo Ho holds flowers to visit her mother’s grave. “Until then, I don’t have much time left.” The words he had been repeating. I found that Soo Ho really changed his mind and the way of life. From a gruff, aggressive person ,Soo Ho has now become a person who think for other people.

Soo Ho saw the grievances in front of his eyes. His half-brother is harassing, making a trouble with a female employee. Soo Ho stands out to help the girl.

Min Seok arranges everything in order to make Ji Hyun believe that her sister had committed suicide. Since giving Ji Eun’s boss some money, told him to tell Ji Hyun what he had told when she arrived. ask. He also deleted the video “denounced” Chae Ah wne to Soo Ho’s house that night. When being asked how much money he wants. Min Seok says he want 10 billions won. This enormous amount of money makes the president of the company ver surprise. He states that he deserves to receive this money for what he’d done.

With Shin Min Seok’s position, hiding the death of Ji Eun isn’t cheating on her. He has to put up with the pressure of the company also to protect his client and the future of the company. This also the best way to make up for Ji Hyun. Generally, the solution that Min Seok comes up with is best for everyone in this case.

Ji Hyun returned home, seeing her mother’s ex-lover is living in her house. He said that Ji Hyun’s mother had transferred him the house and now the house was owned by him. So She has to move out of the house in that rainy night.

Sitting under the porch, remembering hẻ younger sister, only now she has the time to open her birthday gift. It’s a watch. Recalling the past, when her watch was old and perishable, Eun Ji remind Ji Eun to buy a new watch. For her. Everything came back to her very clearly which makes her heart broken.

The misfortune that has always come in her life, from having to pay the debt of her mother. Her mother has gone missing and now she has not heard any information from her. And now she has to suffer the death of her sister. The only thing she has left is her house but now it’s gone.

Soo Ho receives a call from Min Seok that the CEO will announce everything in front of the press. Soo ho immediately pack his back and return. But seeing Ju Hyun walking alone in the pouring rain, he was afraid that she will commit suicide. He immediately gets out of his car to stop her from doing so.


“I don’t know if I want to live anymore” Ju Hyun kneels down on the street. Seeing poor Ji Hyun, he understands the feeling that she has to suffer right now. She lost everthing. She is no long the the strong Ji Hyun that can take everything. He also understand that the misery of Ji Hyun is because of him.





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