Time Episode 13+14 Recap

Min Seok does not understand why Chae Ah interferes with this. This time, Chae Ah interrupts as  she is causing trouble to herself. Chae Ah treats both of them as friends. She met Kang In Bum and wanted to get the bloody tie back from his hands.

The reason that Chae Ah wants to get back the bloody tie is because she wants to know whose blood is on the tie. Is Min Seok the one who killed the other two or is it just a blood stain from Kang In Bum? A lot of questions appear in her head.  Get the question from Chae ah, Min Seok does not respond. Shin Min Seok does not care about the tie.

Ji Hyun informs about Ga Young about her accidental encounter with Kang In Bum that day. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun discovers some thing about Chae Ah, Soo Ho’s fiancée. Ga Young tells Ji Hyun not to inform anyone including Soo Ho about this. To make the investigation successfull revealing Chae Ah right now is not the way.

Ji Hyun wants to learn more about the person involved in the death of her mother and her sister. She just know thats Chae Ah is the co-owner of restaurant W Group so she asks Soo Ho to cook for the restaurant. Ji Hyun does not reveal anything to Soo Ho.Chae Ah soon knew the relationship between Ji Hyun and Min Seok. She  makes up a plan for the two to meet and through which she can know more about Min Seok. Chae Ah says Ji Hyun is a newcomer to the kitchen. She makes Min Seok to type a contrac for Ji Hyun.

Here, there are four people, Chae Ah suddenly asks Ji Hyun a personal question about his love affair. Ji Hyun says that she and her lover had just broken up but she does not know the reason why. Maybe it was because he wanted to find a new direction. Min Seok talks about his feelings. He says that because of love, he decided to break up. Min Seok can not bring happiness to his lover. Wanting to end the conversation, Ji Hyun signs the contract and left.

Conversation between Soo Ho and Chae Ah is recorded by Ji Hyun. Soo Ho and Chae Ah have a fight when he finds out her relationship with Min Seok. This shocks Ji Hyun. In her mind they seems know a lot more about her.

Soon Ho calls her to go upstairs. He is about to tell her all the truth. That night, he was with Ji Eun when she was about to die. But when he meets Ji Hyun, he does not seem to have the courage to say it. Ji Hyun says that she could not give a reason why she wants to work at his restaurant right now. He should give her the right time when she can tell him everything.

Ji Hyun wonders what is the relationship between Min Seok and Chae Ah is. Does the relationship between him and Chae Ah go nowhere? She cast doubt on Chae Ah when seeing he always appears with Chae Ah. Min Seok leaves after having a promise with her. He swears he’s never involved in the death of Ji Eun and Ji Hyun’s mother. As soon as he steps out of the shop, someone wants to harm him when throwing the brick from above. By the camera, Ji Hyun and Min Seok discover that it was Kang In Bum.

Now, the inferences of Ji Hyun are more and more make sense. She had speculated that Min Seok had something to do with the death of her mother and sister.

Soo Cheol has said that Soo Ho should give up his position for him. The future chair will not be easy to belong to Soo Ho after the secret is revealed. Ji Hyun also hears about this, she stole into his room to put the recording pen.

Soo Cheol wants to find ways to defeat Soo Ho. Lawyer Shin Min Seok this time takes another move. He investigats at the Soo Ho night party that night, kang In Bum is  the one provides the medicine. It is also an excuse for Soo Ho to leave the corporate chair. Soo Cheol seems so impatient that he does not know he is also the buyer himself. There are witnesses and evidence to prove this. Finally, Shin asks him to go to the prosecutor Cho to make Kang In Bum innocent. This is a perfect ending for both.

Soo Ho makes a decision so that causes the president and everyone worried. He goes to the prosecutor’s office to state that Kangin Bum killed two people at the container port and Kangin Bum’s involved to the seller of the drug at his party.

Min Seok meets Chae Ah. Chae Ah will answer to Min Seok about the conditions of exchange between the two with a condition he must let her know the relationship between him and her. Min Seok has revealed everything. The girl who died at the pool that night was Ji Hyun’s sister.

Ji Hyun steals Chae Ah’s phone and has a face-to-face meeting with him. She tells the police about this and they come to capture him. Being warned by Min Seok that someone discovered her, Kang In Bum escaped but she could not. Kang In Bum,the number 1 suspect in Ji Hyun’s mother’s death, was arrested.



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