With 24 hours a day, but  different people can do different things. Have you ever wasted your time in your life. And when looking back, have you you felt sorry that can’t not stand saying two words “If only.” Funds of time per day, per month, per year are all the same, but the time of a life is not the same and limited. What will I do if you know the time you live is not so long? Take care of the people around you, compensate for the wounds you have caused them or keep your eyes closed in all the things that happening, …


A young man woke up by the ring of the  phone. He woke up with a tired feeling. Maybe last night he was too drunk  and had a fight. The scratches on his face said everything.

Walking out of his bed and picking up the phone, he discovered that the girl with whom he drank yesterday had not left because her bag was still in the living room. Terrified to see her floating on her swimming pool. He tried to save her but it was too late, her heart had stopped beating.

Ji Hyun rushes to the hospital, she was almost faint when saw the body of Ji Eun, her sister

With the intention to make a strong impression on the viewers, the dramatic of this episode was shown from the first moment. Viewers have witnessed the tragedies that the main characters will experience.  Besides, Soo Ho- appeared in the beginning with a relationship between the living and death. Meanwhile, the main female character Ji Hyun is in a great pain when experiencing the loss of the loved one.

Chun Soo Ho yelled at the driver as he drove the wrong way. The driver only listens to the instructions of the instructors. With an aggressive attitude, he loudly shouted at the staff – it was Ji Hyun.


When the car had just left, her colleague has to say something when witnessing such an grievance. Heard by Soo Ho, he insisted on making things out with Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun is not tolerant of Soo Ho’s aggressive attitude, so both of which have conflicts.

Ji Hyun’s manager is shocked to learn that the person she caused problem with is the son of W Group, and made her apologize. Soo Ho doesn’t mad anymore when Ji Hyun knelt down to show her guilt.

Eun Chae Ah, the only daughter of president Taeyang, also Soo Ho’s fiancée, has a birthday party with Soo Ho. All the things Soo Ho prepared for her was only obligatory because in his face there was not any love for his future wife . “Happy birthday to you Chae Ah, I love you”. He says with no interest.

Soo Ho temperature is unsustainable. He considered his subordinates to be the place to get out his anger to get out his anger. For example, Chae Ah told him to grow up so that his mother doesn’t  be ashamed of him, Soo Ho shouted at his staff about the quality of the food and told Chae Ah not to stay here.


Today is also Ji Hyun’s birthday, her boyfriend – lawyer Shin held a cozy party. When she mentions about getting married, he tells her to give him more time so that he can take care of both of them better. Shin Min Seok can not do that now.

Ji Hyun’s “kneeling apologize” was noticed by the press. Soo Ho’s father called him to ask about it. He shouted that he not only doesn’t know how to spend time, but also has no purpose in life.

Meeting his stepmother and half-brother, Soo Ho was insulted when they assumed he was as useless as his mother, enjoying everything without completing his duty.

Soo Ho finds Ji Hyun’s house, he finds the camera and again thinks that Ji Hyun intends to blackmail him. Thinking that it was Ji Hyun who was about to cheat on his money and hurt him. He yells and gives her 2 piles of money, as if this was a mediation. She does not agree to receive money.Soo Ho once again blamed his way of living, doing everything he wanted with his family, and did not feel wasting his life?By this time, being assaulted by Ji Hyun’s words, Soo-Ho suddenly faints

Ji Hyun rushs to home, the gang comes to due. The deadline for repayment is one week, otherwise her house will be burned down. Her mother invested in stocka and had owed 100 million won. The money is quite large to the ability of her family.

Ji Hyun immediately got out of the house. When Ji Eun stopped her, she claimed that she had sacrificed enough. Her mother wasted her college tuition fees on buying land, causing her to miss school and work to pay for her daily life.

After having a CT scan, doctors diagnosed Soo Ho has a brain tumor, which can not be successfully treated. He looks helplessly, but he could not believe that he was really dying.

He can not stand the cruel truth happened to him. Soo Ho eat a lot, eating devastated to the amazement of people around. Ask employees not to mention about things in the next year, and can not control it but scream in the car because it is unacceptable that death comes closer and closer.

Ji Eun really could not believe her mother anymore when she took 10 million won of Ji Hyun’s saving money to continue investing in foreign currency and they had been all gone empty in just one day. Angry with her mother , she left.  Ji Eun decided to return to the job she had done.

Soo Ho was so drunk, his half-brother Soo Cheol said that he had only his father back, and when he died, Soo Cheol would send him into a psychiatric hospital like his mother. The two had a fight to each other. The point of the story was when Soo Ho lost his temper and hit Soo Cheol  very hard .” I do not want to live. I can die anyway. But I will not leave alone. ”

I realized that the scratches on Soo Ho’s face from the beginning was because of the fight with his brother Soo Cheol. And Ji Eun’s death at first was revealed at the end of the episode. Soo Ho came home, calling Chae Ah to tell her to go to his house immediately to discussing their wedding. In this situation, marriage with Chae Ah is absolutely impossible. Of course the wedding was just an excuse for her to appear at his house.The person opening the door is no one other than Ji Eun, she was paid by Soo Ho to drink with her. Looking at Ji Eun’s unattractive outfit, Chae Ah is jealous.

Ji Eun is not awake anymore. Teasing Chae Ah that Soo Ho really does not want to marry her. Chae Ah was so angry she used her bag to hit Ji Eun’s head. The bag fell, Chae Ah said pick it up and she would give her the money. The self-esteem was gone, she swallowed her tears and picked up the bag then handed it to Chae Ah.

Ji Eun’s death at the pool was also revealed. Chae Ah had thrown the money into the pool, while reaching for them, she lost her balance and then drowned at Soo Ho’s house

. Lawyer Shin Min Seok was assigned solve Chun Soo Ho’s problem . He immediately called the ambulance when he saw the crime scene. The most important detail is at the last minute, Min Seok accidentally picked up his pen at the pool – the pen that Chae Ah borrowed him






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