Time Episode 11-12 Recap

Ji Hyun and her friend, two of them together move into a new apartment. They accidentally meet Soo Ho there. Although Ji Hyun tried to avoid him, Soo Ho keeps following her. Typically, Soo Ho has just arrived a day ago. He will be a neighbor of Ji Yeon.

Min Seok has a nightmare. In his nightmare, he faces a Min Seok of that night. He hit the head of the manager of Mi Eun-Kang In Bum. The two of them chased each other up to the cliff. The other man was about to fall to the ground then he grabbed Min Seok’s tie and begged him for a chance to live. Min Seok had no choice but to remove his tie so that man fall into the abyss. Min Seok has a new tie and his colleague has noticed this.

Chae Ah meets Soo Ho because she wants him to perform his promise. After knowing the real personality of Min Seok, Chae Ah has left him. As for what Soo Ho promised, If Chae Ah is away from Min Seok, he will give her the right to own his restaurant. Soo Ho insists that because of this reason she chooses to be with him is not a good idea.

Ji Hyun meets a MBS reporter Yeo Ga Young. This reporter tells Ji Hyun about Kang Eum’s manager Kang In Bum – the one related to her mother’s death. The police don’t tell her about it. Ga Young thinks that her mother’s accident and her sister was influenced by an invisible hand of a rich man behind.

Now the feeling of Chae Ah is a mess. It is exactly what happened that night when hearing what Min Seok said. She drinks to forget the sadness. A man comes to flirt with her. Chae Ah gives him a slap in the face because he dares to touch her. That man yells at her but Min Seok comes just in time to apologize him on behalf of Chae Ah.

Min Seok comes to see Chae Ah because he needs her signature for her document of being co-representative with Soo Ho. Here, Min Seok explaines why he apologized to the man that night. He does not want to have bad rumors about her before she and Soo Ho get married.

For Chae Ah, now and forever, she only finds a man suitable for her condition. Love or sincerity comes from the heart, which is a completely unimaginable for her life. Min Seok tells her not to think like that. After all, She is the one that suffers from the hurt of love.

Ji Hyun misses her mother. She takes out a cassette containing the song her mother liked. The familiar sound resounded. The gentle tune of memories make her unable to hold back tears.

Reporter Ga Young comes to find Soo Ho. She wants to interview him about that night when Ji Eun’s đie. Soo Ho lost his temper and shouts at Ga Young. He does not want outsiders to know about this. This time, some reporters and journalists have  found news about this. Chae Ah comes forward to help him. She says that night she and her fiance were together.

When Young Ga leaves, Soo-ho wantes to know if Chae Ah had come to his house that night. What happened that night is also what he has been searching for for so long.Soo Ho wants to help Ji Hyun find Kang In Bum. He and she come to the building where Kang In Bum lived. The two of them are together the night. Soo Ho’s heath is getting worse, he feels shocked and vomit causing Ji Hyun to feel nervous. Bok Gyu phoné to announce that Kang In Bum had withdrawn his ATM card in Bussan a few days ago, so the possibility of him being here is unlikely. Both of them then return home.

Min Seok was given a gift by Chae Ah last night. This morning he just opens it. It is Kangin Bum’s bloody tie in the fight with him that night. Like what Chae Ah said, both of them actually have evidence against each other. Last time, Chae Ah received from Min Soek the pen which  accused her of having been there that night. This time, she does the same thing in order to protect him.


Kang In Bum is still alive. To get evidence that Min Seok involved in the accident at the container port, Chae Ah spends a huge sum of money in exchange for the only physical tie. The exchange is seen by Ji Hyun. After a thorough consideration, Soo Ho decides to take an interview from Young Ga. He decides to say what he has hidden for so long. Ji Eun’s death is really related to him and this Ji Hyun is completely unaware of it. Soo Ho says what hhe remembers that night. He knows after the recording is announced, Ji Hyun will even hate him more. But Soo Ho accepts that. His time is not long so he wants to let her and everyone know everything.

Ga Young asks him the reason why he accepts to announce the truth. Is Ji Eun’s sister the reason he has the courage to admit? In the eyes of viewers, Soo Ho is now mature and confident in his thoughts and actions. He responds to Ga Young’s question “One day I will die, and while I’m alive, I want to live like a human ”



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