Soo Ho and Ji Hyun have a walk together. Ji Hyun wonders why he keeps following her. She thinks that he follows because he wants to make a deal about the issue in the mall or 10 millions won that she owed him. But with him, that amount of money is not big deal. However this is a reasonable reason for him to stay and protech her. He has a hypothesis that she can’t pay him money and try to run away, or up to something stupid. So he decides to follow her as well as sign a note to guarantee that she will pay the money.

Chun Soo Cheon meets the press on the behaft of Soo Ho. Taking the advantage of Ji Eun which relating to Soo Ho, Soo Cheon hold the meeting just to take the benefit for himseft. To prevent this purpose, Chae Ah gives some evidence that Soo Chae has a black fund of the company such as buying the company’s equity by the name of another one. Soo Chaeon doesn’t know why Chae Ah does that. She only wants the marriage with Soo Ho continues as planned. Before the meeting with the press, Soo Chaeon strongly talks to Chae Ah “If die, we will die together.”

When Soo Ho comes, Soo Cheon immediately gives the deal. He agrees to give him haft of the equity that Soo Ho has, if not the secret will be revealed.

Soo Ho accepts the deal. Not stopping there, Soo Chaeon is very to make Soo Ho to kneel down on his feet to tie up his shoes in front of the press, the action is unacceptable. Soo Chaein continues defamatoring him. He lives his life just to be a burden for his mother and fiancee. Can’t put up with this anymore,he decides to tell everything in front of the press.


At that time, Ji Hyun comes in, the appearance ò Ji Hyun makes him speechless. The chaos starts, Soo Cheon hit him on the face.

Soo Cheon has an anouncement to meet his father immediately. After hearing every word of Soo Cheon, he angrily throws the glass of wine to Soo Cheon. But Min Seok is the one who hurts. He angrily states that he will take all the equity of Soo Cheon if he dares to reveal the truth.

Soo Ho helps Ji Jyun wound his hand after being hit by a crowd of journalists. He also took her to her restaurant to have a dinner. When seeing Ji Jyun eating unnaturally, Soo Ho calls the chief to blame for the quality of the food. Do not want to embarass to chief, Ji Hyun eat a lot and  has a compliment that the plate is delicious.

If Ji Hyun knows the truth that Soo Ho was indirectly related to Ji Eun’s death, will she thank for what he does? Hearing the “thank you” word from Ji Hyun Soo Ho is really hurt inside.

On another scene, Chae Ah seems to have feelings for Min Seok. She cares for Soo Ho but he does not know that. Chea Ah does not have the right to dispose his heart. During drunkenness, she wishes that Min Seok could be the one to steals her heart. As a kind refusal, Min Seok says she deserves another person who cares for her better.

Soo Ho goes to Ji Hyun’s house to pay the mortgage. The man also wants to add more money for the psychological traumas he suffered that her mother and her might escape. What Soo Ho needs to know now is where is Ji Hyun’s mother?

Chae Ah meeta Soo Ho, incidentally Min Seok is also there. Chae Ah calls Min Seok his friend. Soo Ho is

surprised that the two of them have a close relationship so Chae Ah can call Min Seok a friend. He thought that Min Seok was only Chae Ah’s servant.

Talking about getting married, Soo Ho admitted that he is related to Ji Eun’s death. He is determined to tell the truth so that Chae Ah can understand. If two of them marry someday, he has no secret to hide her. Chae Ah admitted that she already known the truth. Because of that, she stopped him at the press conference. When Soo Ho asks her why she agrees to marry him, it was because of her feelings or what he has?. Chae Ah says that Soo Ho is the one who needs to know his place instead of Min Seok. He agreed to marry with a condition: Give him one year. After that time, if every thing is fine, he will give her a beautiful wedding.

Min Seok took Ji Hyun to her mother’s place. Her mother is currently being detained for frauding. The creditor threatened the landlord by getting Ji Hyun’s mortgage. Min Soek has regained her house and now she can reunite with her mother. That is all he could do for her. Ji Hyun wonderes how he can have such a large money to do so, he does not want to talk about it. One thing Ji Hyun wants to ask is what is the real the reason for the break up between them? He also remains quiet and leaves.


Soo Ho said that because of the money that Min Seok ignores Ji Hyun after Ji Eun’s death. Money is nothing but Min Seok accepts to be a liar in exchange for Ji Hyun’s serenity. If he doesn’t tell the truth, she will spend the rest of her life to find the truth. Powerful liars such as Soo Ho are always taking things. Soo Ho is trying to help Ji Hyun because he is justifying his mistakes. He is trying to redeem his mistake.

Ji Hyun cooks and tastes. If she does not feel good then she throws it away. She does it so many times. Recalling when Ji Eun was still alive, her sister was always expecting her to cook spaghetti ice cream. Ji Eun showed her interest in food when combined with wine which would be perfect.

In the middle of the night, Ji Hyun comes to find Soo Ho. She takes the noodles she has made for him. She expresses her wish. This is the noodles that Ji Eun loves to eat but unfortunately Ji Hyun has no chance to make for her. Ji Hyun comes to Soo Ho hoping that he can help her. When everyone is against her, he is the only one who helps her


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