Risky Romance Episode 9+10 Recap

Jae Hwan and Seung Joo meet in a pub. Jae Hwa said what he wanted to say what need to be said. That Seung Joo is very rude. Jae Hwan asks why he has negative thoughts about In-Ah and made her to loose the job. If there is not a good reason, then Seung Joo can’t treat In-Ah so badly.

Finally, Seung Joo revealed the truth. In-Ah is the one destroys his life and his friend Choi Han Sung. Jae Hwa says that In-Ah did not know about this. There was no evidence that she commited crime. Seung Joo will never forgive In-Ah and will make her regret forever.Because of this, Jae Hwan decided to ask Se Ra,In-Ah’s sister. Jae Hwan asked her about the man named Choi Han Sung. Se Ra is surprised when knowing that he died. Turns out the girl digging, wanting the man’s money , and asking to break up Choi Han Sung when he was too poor is Se Ra.

A few years ago, she decided to break up with Choi Han Sung. Using the harshest words to hurt Han Sung. Choi Han Sung at that time had nothing in his hands. No money, no one is behind his,no parents, no job and no future. Han Sung said that from the beginning she knew the truth but why accepting to date him.

Han Sung thought that she wanted to approach him because she wants to hurt In-Ah. Se Ra did not give in. She says that he used In-Ah to attract her.

Se Ra is very terrified . She was fear of everyone would find out that she was the one who broke up with Han Sung, who indirectly caused his death. Se Ra thougt no one knew about her love affairs and Han Sung. Therefore, no one can prove that she is the one who made Han Sung drunk and died in a car accident that night.

But she suddenly remembered one thing. It was the bag that Han Sung asked Seung Joo to buy for her. Se Ra searched the closet to find the bag. She suddenly remembered that she had given for In-Ah.

At that moment In-Ah has just arrived home, Se Ra insisted on taking back the bag that she is carrying. Both have struggled to keep the bag for themselves. Se Ra pushes In-Ah falling on the floor and taking out of the things inside the bag. The two sisters’ arguments are witnessed by Jae Hwan.

Se Ra changes her attitute so fast. Seeing Jae Hwan thinks badly about her, She turns into a misery person. She drives the story that the two of them are quarreling into the house that her sister is about to turn into a hospital.

Jae Hwan thinks that In-Ah is not so cruel. The more being with Se-Joo, the more Seung Joo realizes the good from her. Recalling what Sueng Joo told him “I do not want you to become the second Han Sung” He decided to find the truth on his own.

Arriving at Dong Hae, Jae Hwan asked Han Sung’s acquaintance. He did not know anything about her girlfriend. If Han Sung’s phone can be restored, Jae Hwan assure to fix the phone so he that he can find the clue.

Seung Joo knows that Joo Se Ra owes a large amount of money. She accidentally discovered the other two went to the hospital to find her. Se Ra ran away and was helped by Seung Joo, again, Joo Se Ra was safe and sound. There is no such thing as easy. Seung Joo agreed to help Se Ra with a condition.

After all the effort, In-Ah has got herself a hospital that she has always dreamed of. On the day of opening the hospital, with a lot of joy and congratulations from everyone, In-Ah is really touched. Emotional extinguishs when Seung Joo appears. Seung Joo comes to inform the news.

Seung Joo gives out a home ownership certificate. Surprisingly, Han Seung Joo is the transferer with 200 million won . Seung Joo will auction In-Ah house to get back the money transferred. In-Ah promises him to pay the money but now she does not have enough. Immediately, Seung Joo made a deal that In-Ah has to give him shares from her hospital business.

Like what Seung Joo said, he definitely does no leave her a rest after all the things she had done. Maybe Seung Joo was secretly thankful to the gods for having accidentally heard Se Ra’s phone call and taking advantage of the house transfer to continue controling In-Ah’s life.

Seung Joo would not hesitate to move to In-Ah’s apartment. To get the 200 million, he canceled his lease. He moved to live here because the department will belong to him anyway. In-Ah is very shocked about this.

Se Ra knows that Jae Hwan found Han Sung’s phone so her face is not so good. Jae Hwan goes to the pharmacy to buy medicine for her. She immediately finds the phone Jae Hwan is talking about. Avoiding the bag now the phone appears again. Se Ra finds the phone but she dropsd it. Just then, Jae Hwan arrives.

Seung Joo receives a call from Mi Rae Hospital. They askes him to have surgery for a patient. Maybe this is his own opportunity to take back the job as a doctor. If the surgery is successful, he will take back his reputation.

During the surgery, it seems the surgery is about to be successful. Patients bleeding, blood pressure drops dramatically. This patient’s condition is the same as the patient he had surgery before.Seung Joo sipped his wine after another failure. Meeting the deputy director at the bar, he reveals that Jae Hwan was the one who introduced him to Mi Rae Hospital. Unfortunately, Seung Joo lost his chance this time. He will start with zero again. Seung Joo should not have started this surgery form the begining . Under the teasing words of the deputy director, Seung Joo immediately left.

Seung Joo thinks about what people around him talk about him. Of all the critics of, all of them want him to put himself in the shoes. Meeting up with Jae Hwan, Seung Joo does not know because of the drunkenness or the reason that he continues to hurt Jae Hwan with the harshest words. Jae Hwan is just a kid with no confidence, followed Seung Joo as a shadow because he wanted to be like him.

Coming back home with a wound on his forehead, Seung Joo is not good at all. In-ah anxiously steps out to help him into the house. With Seung Joo’s skepticism, she gets her hand out of him. Seung Joo continues to assume that she has made a revenge on him. After all, he seems to have lost everything. The episode ends with Seung Joo’s question “What does all of this mean?”

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