In- Ah quickly helps the old woman who is fainted on the street. In the hospital, Seong Joo is responsible for this old woman. Seeing In- Ah’s worriness, Seong Jooo can’t talk about the condition of the old lady because she’s not her accquantaice.  He shouted in the emergency managers when they let the “irrelavant person” to stay here.


Mi-Un, grand child of the old lady appears. She doesn’t allow her grandmother to take the surgery for fear of loosing her. However, In-Ah is the one who encourage her to let her grandmother under go the surgery.

Mi-Un seems to be a strong, bold niece, but deep inside she has a weak heart. She cried on In-Ah’s shoulder, confessing her fear of losing her. The grandmother is her only relative right now.


In Ah can feel the pain of Mi-Un because she had experienced the feeling when seeing her parents died in an accident.

Seong Joo went out of the emergency room after 4 hours surgery of her grandmother. Instead of being considerate, concerned about the feelings of the patient’s family, he replied in such a manner, completely different from a previous Seong Joo.

“Even though being slapped in the face you have to keep your careness to the patients.” In-Ah is really disappointed with him and she thinks he will be regret for what he did.

In-Ah’s sister, Joo Se Ra, is given a bag by her boyfriend to celebrate for her now being a hospital reporter. But he is caught red handed by his fiancee. Joo Se Ra did not know about this. With her strong self-esteem, Se Ra endures the bullying. She is willing to return the gift as a compensation.

Se Ra had an interview with the director and his son. During the filming, she mistakenly made a few words that made the director stop the recording. But Jae Hwan is the one to encourage her, help her to escape the blame of the director. Jae Hwan happened to see In-Ah appear at the set. Surprisingly, to know that the two of them are sisters.

Seong Joo quietly goes to another hospital to check the hormone levels in his body. The doctor was surprised because his testosterone level was higher than normal. It’s funny how In-Ah’s predictions come true, right? Seong Joo?

Seong Joo overheard In-Ah’s phone conversation. She was given an expensive bag by her patient, Jin Woo after he was discharged.  She was so confused because the gift is too expensive. So she calls to return the gift. Seong Joo has the chance to expose her evil face when he knows that they will meet at the hotel. Seong Joo sneakily followed In-Ah to the hotel. He sneaks back to the conversation between the two of them. Accidentally seeing his wife is also at that place, he panickedly escape and also did not receive the gift she gave.

It would be no serious matter if In-Ah is not accused of violating the moral of a doctor. Facing the criticism of the deputy director, In-Ah is very sad because she knows that one of her colleagues denounce for her behavior.

Dean of the Department is vey angry about In-Ah’s situation, he decides to find Seong Joo solve the problem. Because of not keeping calm, both of them has a fight.

As a result,  all the Department was criticized by the deputy director.

Listening to the sharing of a nurse, In-Ah is the “common enemy” of everyone, not just Seong Joo. That patients complain that their careness is not as gently as her . Because of the waiting time for Dr. Joo when she spent time with other patients for too long, they feel overwhelmed when working with In-Ah

She went to Seong Joo’s office to apologize. She hopes that he will forgive her. But the answer from him is no. He will not ignore violence and bribery. At the end, In-Ah decided to retire from hospital.

All the Department is panicked with In-Ah’s decision. Despite being advised by many and Seong Joo canceled the charges, she still has not changed her mind. She decides to leave because she needs time to think . The truth will be clarified when the patient Jin Woo will explain clearly.

Da Rin Hospital receives a critical case. Patient is a famous actor. Dean and Jae Hwan said the surgery should remove the hematoma in the brain to ensure the safety of patients. Seong Joo does not agree with everyone’s opinions. He still goes on the surgery. He is willing to take responsibility for his work. The Dean asked whether because of the higher position as the Head of the Center, that he does so or not. He did not deny that.

Seong Joo performs surgery for the patient. Everything is going well. The deputy head of the hospital, said that the position head of the hospital would be in the hands of Seong Joo if he continued his hard working. Jae Hwan will not be able to compete with him

Do not want to hear the comparison from everyone. He left. Accidentally encounters the patient’s wife, and found that the patient used aspirin. He rushed to stop the operation.

Unfortunately, Seung Joo’s surgery does not work out well. Suddenly, he is unable to hold the blood for the patient, the blood pressure drops dramatically. He immediately carries out a cardiac massage to help patients continue breathing. Everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. The victim’s heart is not beating. Seong Joo shouted “No”. He would definitely pays for his decisions if he maké a mistake.

The leaving of In-Ah makes the game between him and her seem to come to an end. Will In-ah see Seong Joo again someday? Or any questions between the two will be forever unanswered?


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