Risky Romance ( Episode 3)

On the way from the airport to the hospital in Thailand, Han Seung Joo witnessed a man riding a motorbike ran into the truck on the streer. In that moment, his mind now is an image of a few years ago, it was his friend accidentally killed by moto accident.


Han Seung Joo became nervous, breathless, his hand began to twitch, his head suddenly ached. Taking from the pocket some painkillers medicine, he intended to drink to control the pain but his hands can not hold them tight

Witnessing the unusual behavior of Dr. Han and when he dropped the bottle from his hands, Joo In-Ah immediately helped him take medicine for his condition.

A moment later, as he slowly recovered, he began to realize that he was leaning his head on his “ greatest enemy”. Immediately, Seung Joo pushed In-Ah out of his body. Makes a romantic scene seem like a moment to become so hilarious.

After everything came back to normal in the car, Cha Jae Hwan observed the expression of the two. Sitting next to In-Ah, he advised her, “So for the world peace, the next time you should try to endure a little.” In-Ah responds, “Of course, gentle girl like me should be.” and shouted “Bidet”.

Seung Joo, who sit on the back seat was annoyed. He stepped on the front seat and told that there were mosquitoes in the car. Resposing to his manner, In-Ah said to herself, “Hold on.”

Pat was a patient who was in a bad condition. Dr. Han was the one who had surgery for him. Pat’s muscles are getting weaker and weaker. Dr. Ppooeng is using physical therapy to treat for Pat.

In-Ah and Pat had a good chat together. Pat thinks that Dr. Han was as bright and warm as her before the accident. Both of them have a very similar feeling.

Witness Pat and the nurse’s eyes for each other as well as the well care of nurses, she realized that they are in love. But then Pat started a sudden headache.

When seeing the water splash of the Thai people on the way, Jae Hwan excitedly dragged In-Ah down the car to join the crowd and play along. Seung Joo goes out to find the two of them. After entering the battle, Jae Hwan had a splash of water into to Seung Joo’s face then laugh out loud. Rarely to see such a cheerful Seung Joo but oh god In-Ah. In this moment she is also worried about Seung Joo’s “life”. ” Hormone outbreaks is very dangerous”.  I have no word for In-Ah.


Breakfast became less pleasant when her face was swollen due to the disgusting Seung Joo. In-Ah is given medicine by Jae Hwan. But noticing that Jae Hwan’s hands are also hurt, with her kindness, In-Ah immediately applied the medicine for Jae Hwan.Seung Joo walks over and announces that don’t she being a golder of Jă Hwan. He would not let her do it


In-Ah thought that it was because of love that caused Pat to faint. All hormones overflows, affecting the blood’s heat. Evidence is that she had seen Pat and her lover kissed but then Pat fainted.

She has an intention to told Pat about this but Seung Joo prevented her. He doesn’t  want her to interfere with his business because Pat is his patient.

Seung Joo advised Pat to take the surgery, but Pat did not want to. He said that living the life that death is in front of his eyes, some days are okay, some day he wants to give up. With a Life like that, how can he take it?



Risky Romance ( Episode 4)

A bright and holy soul In-Ah always passionate about work. Just because to help her colleague return to the cheerful life, she put up with his rude manners. Due to misunderstandings and pain, she decided to give up. What is Seung Joo’s mood when the “enemy” claims to let go and see him as a stranger?

Summary of Episode 4

Strolling relaxingly, Seung Joo sees the two male singers playing instrument together in a bar. Quite similar to his childhood image of him and Hang Seong. Not so far, In-Ah is also sitting still, crying. He is about to turn away but accidentally saw her.

Sitting at the bar for a while, she left, he decided to follow her. Sitting on the bench by the road, she monologues that if only she watched Hang Seong perform once and then automatically reconsiders herself to forget about the past. As we can see, surely between Hang Seong and In- Ah, there were some problems that they had not resolved.


Coming back home with some thought in his head, Seung Joo recalls the moments he saw about In-Ah tonight. A different image from his initial speculation. What is the real In-Ah? Or does she have any other hardships?

When In-Ah returned, she found him sleeping outside. She has no intention to help him but she didn’t want to left him sleep on the street like that. Taking a towel next to him, she covered him. Sitting next to sleeping Seung Joo, she told as if someone say to encourage him to go through difficulties as the same way he told Pat, so that he could live happily.
After turning away, she didn’t know that he had heard everything.

After leaving for the party with Ino Ah, Seung Joo accidentally discovered In-Ah bag was the limited edition handbags that Han Seong asked her to as buy the gift for his girlfriend. After hearing her answer, Seung Joo stated that his speculation was true and then he lost his temper. Dispite In-ah worried about his condition, he push her away, causing her hands to hurt and her dress was also torn.

Seeing In-Ah doing something weird on the yacht, he dragged her away. Everything In-Ah thought was just misunderstanding. She yelled at him, said that she can not hide anymore, saying that love will cause blood vessels to surge, which can cause blood vessel blockage. She says her hypothesis is true because Pat also had the same situation.

He stopped In-Ah’s with a kiss, and she ended the kiss with a slap on his cheek. Seung Joo saw her as a junk in his life. Can’t put up with Seung Joo’s insults, she broke into tears, shouting at him. “Do my accepting to your dirty temper that makes you think I’m easy to deal with?””Besides making you go for a health check, I did something wrong?”In-Ah says that she will let him go and from now on, do not consider her as an acquaintance.


After returning from a business trip, Joo In-Ah was so stressed that she needed oxytoxin, the hormone was overwhelmed her body and she could not control it. She was so obsessed with hormone. She thought that it was the reasons of everything that happened. In-Ah does not want to be the doctor in charge of Seung Joo anymore, which at first she was very enthusiastic.Seung Joo expressed his indignation to Jae Hwan when everyone thought he was always wrong.When both were asked for the reason? So funny, both answers and gestures are strangely the same. They are determined not say the reason.



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