Risky romance Episode 15-16 Recap

Seung Joo is really touched by Joo In Ah’s sincerity? This morning, In Ah seemed to wake up with a tired face. Seung Joo gives her a cup of hot coffee. The relationship of them has grown up day by day.

Se Ra has dinner with Jae Hwang. Today is an unhappy day to her so she looks pretty tired. Jae Hwang comes forward with a gift in his hand. Se Ra’s mood is worse when the gift she receives is the bag that Han Sung gave him. Jae Hwang took the bag from Mi Un and Mi Un said that it was Se Ra who dumped the bag in the trash bin.

Everything seems so clear, Se Ra admits to the fact that she was Han Sung’s ex- girlfriend that year. Joo In Ah was in love with Han Sung from high school, but the person Han Sung liked is her. At this moment, Se Ra reveals all the frustrations in her heart. She and In Ah forever can not get along. Ever since her parents adopted In Ah, her life was taken away. In Se Ra’s childhood memories, it seems that her parents had forgotten that she was their biological child. She felt that she was just a blur in their eyes.

Meeting up in front of their house, Se Ra yells at Ah. She suggests that In Ah should not interfere with her life anymore. In Ah can not stand the attitude of Se Ra. She says that her parents are no longer alive for her to rely on. Se Ra blames the failures of his her on In-Ah. Failing university because of her, the show she participated in was not good because of her, every misfortune in Se Ra’s life is because of her. Unbearable to insults of In Ah, Se Ra burst into tears because she blamed herself of killing the parents. The day she graduated from university, her parents came to see her then died in a car accident.

Sitting with Seung Joo expressing her feeling, she admits that the day she entered the university, her parents were very happy. Se Ra had little interest in her. So seeing the joy of those who love In Ah, Se RA did not care. Se left home instead of going out to celebrate with the whole family. Worried about Se, so the whole family went to find her and unfortunately the accident that has taken the lives of both of them. Until now, Se Ra has not known the truth yet.

Seung Joo does not accept to her silence about this for years .Taking all the guilt on her side only makes her hated In-Ah more.Jae Hwang calls Seung Joo.

He is about to tell Seung Joo all the truth. It is Se Ra who was Han Sung’s lover but not In Ah

The director of the hospital hears that his son will be the man who performs this important surgery. This surgery is very important because Jae Hwang choose the minimally invasive surgical method. If this surgery is successful,  Jae Hwan is the youngest doctor in the country to do this procedure. The director immediately calls the media department to inform them about this operation. This will be the key step in Jae Hwang’s career as well as the head center position that definitely belongs to his son.


Everything does not happen as expected. When under pressure of the media as well as the words of his father. Jae Hwan does not seem to be 100% mentally focused anymore. When the surgery has just started, and the patient’s brain suddenly swelled, which makes the doctors worried. Finally, the director prevents the bad consequnces of the surgery to happen. He does not want to see Jae Hwang’s mistake anymore.

Min Ki does not accept another doctor who will replace Jae Hwang in the surgery. He does not trust other doctors anymore. Seems like Min Ki puts all his trust in his brother Seung Joo. Only Seung Joo is the surgeon for him, he will not sue if anything happens.

Facing to In-Ah, Seung Joo ignores her question. In Ah does not accept Seung Joo to give up everything when facing difficulties. Seung Joo has criticized his father’s view of life. But he himself is on the sam way. Seung Joo rages. He admits that he had failed. That surgery he can not even handle the scalpel. His hand did not listen to him because he could not concentrate.

After his failures, Jae Hwang sees wine as his best friend. Se Ra also appears. Despite Jae Hwang’s refusal, Se Ra is sure that Jae Hwang will not tell the truth to Seung Joo. Because she knows, the fact that between him and her, no matter how much he hates her, she does not deny the truth that two of them are quite similar: Be selfish for themselves.

We are only happy when we have our true happiness. Happiness is the first priority.

In Ah determines to try all the ways to cure his haunting sequelae. But all the solutions she gives make him more upset.

Both of them take the bus home. In the car, Seung Joo accidentally picked up In Ah’s notebook. He curiously opens a few pages. Seung Joo is surprised by In Ah’s words. She searchs for his obsessive psychological illness and noted them down. In Ah is worried about Seung a lot. Until now, that heartless man has realized that.




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