Risky Romance Episode 13-14 Recap

Seung Joo pays for the hospital fee that In Ah paying for the old man. The old man expresses his gratitude when In Ah helps him pay the hospital fees, although they are not relative. Feeling the excitement in the old man’s eyes as well as the abalone gift his mother sent personally to In Ah, Seung Joo fears that his thoughts about her were wrong. Surely, his heart is like a tangle.

Mi Un says Jae Hwang is in love with In Ah. Seung Joo expresses his disliking about this. He says that both are not just friend. For whatever reason, Seung Joo rushes into In- Ah’s room to search for something.

Oh my dear, this action he is caught by Mi Un in a split second. This is also the evidence that Mi Un makes him to clean the room. LOL

Not only that, we also know that Seung Joo likes perfection. Mi Un constantly praises him in front of In Ah. Seung Joo can do a lot of good  things in addition to study well. Understand that point, In Ah encourages him to cook because cooking is difficult. That is more difficult to men.

Se Ra expresses her intention against Jae Hwang. She tries to protect her sister when he tries to recall the sad past. This makes Jae Hwang even more desperate to find out more about her because he is sure Se Ra knows something about it. Seung Joo’s attitude changes in a more positive way. He goes to the shopping mall for his family, but also thinks about the clothes buy 1 get 1 for the ladies. When Seung Joo sits down to pick up the small coins, the deputy director passes and laughs at him. He thinks the time of splendorof every human being is also limited. Who would  think that Seung Joo is benting down to pick up those little coins?

Seung Joo raged, he punches into the toy machine as if punching in the face of the director. In Ah  worries for Seung Joo when goes at night he’s not come home yet. It turns out that he is sitting in front of the gate.

Seung Joo thinks that no place he is in except this hospital. To be honest, Seung Joo is trying to show not only In Ah but also everyone to thinks he is okay. But right now, Seung Joo is not good at all. Everyone knows he is going through a hard time, no matter how hard he tries, things will not be as smooth as he wanted.  In Ah motivates him. Everyone around him is willing to help him, they all want him back to Seung Joo like before. Seung Joo hears the sincere advice from her, his eyes tearing. Seung Joo wants her to answer his question “Who are you that make me so confused?” “I’m the one besides you” In Ah’s answer seems to meet all his expectations.

When he wakes up, Seung Joo is frightened to see that someone sleeping in his room. He tries to recall what had happened to him last night. That is In Ah is going to give him a romantic kiss. Is not the person on his bed right now is In Ah?

After hearing the words In Ah told him last night that he begged her for help. Seung Joo thinks that’s unreasonable because he does not believe that he could say those words. She suggests that he should go for blood test so that she can have the best diagnosis for him. Seung Joo says that it is silly. He declines her careness and leaves immediately.

Jae Hwang takes Se Ra to one place. She is surprised that this is a concert. The way the band play reminds her of Han Sung’s image. Se Ra suspects that Jae Hwang had known something.

Suddenly a member of the band fainted. He is taken to the hospital. He has meningitis. Seung Joo and Jae Hwang are in conflict. Jae Hwang thinks that Seung Joo’s surgery method has changed. Seung Joo is worried if Jae Hwang takes surgery , it will not be successful, the chance that the patient will have hemiplegia is very high.

Jae Hwang puts pressure on the deputy director when he forces him to persuade In Ah to return to the hospital. This makes In Ah confused because she knows that the deputy director does not like her. Why he uses sweet words to convince her now?

Seung Joo suspects that both In Ah and Jae Hwang are dating. He sneakily watches the two of them. But Seung Joo is wrong because they go out to eat with other doctors. They celebrate In Ah decides to return to the hospital. Making up the reason that eating in the restaurant, he defends his action. It seems that In Ah has not answered yet but everyone is looking forward to her comeback.

Jae Hwang has feelings for In Ah. Even Mi Un, Dr. Lee recognized that, but only In Ah doesn’t know. Dr. Lee says that after all the good things Jae Hwang does for In Ah that doesn’t touch her because of only two reasons. One is that she does not like him and the second she has feelings for someone else

In Ah comes back home and has a thought about Dr. Lee’s words. Maybe Dr. Lee is right when saying that In Ah is in lve with aother one. The chorus comes out of Seung Joo’s room, In Ah happily enjoying each sound emitted. Her face is filled with happiness.



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