Risky Romance Episode 11+12 Recap

Joo In Ah enters Seung Joo’s room because she is worries for his health. In front of her eyes is a sleeping Seung Joo on the floor, next to a few bottles of beer. She is anxious and comes to check  him, and has a sigh of relief when she knows that Seung Joo is fine.

Joo In Ah helps with Seung Joo’s wound, preparing breakfast for him. When Seung Joo wakes up, he does not need her care, takes off his personal bandage on his forehead and leaves.

In Ah discovered her delivery near her house fainted on the road. She immediately calls a ambulance and helps him to the hospital. Thanks to In Ah’s help, he is out of danger.

In Ah quietly sitting alone in the hospital bench. Jae Hwan comes forward to ask, In Ah now is a difference from In Ah she used to know. In Ah says that when she started to open the hospital, she thought that her sincerity would solve everything, but apparently patients do not need it.

When seeing In Ah is upset , Jae Hwan tells her to see an important person. He also opens a hospital like her. The next morning, without hesitation, she decides to go to Hwaan Island to find that person.

As soon as she comes to the island, In Ah is transported by a lady to the hospital she wants to find. Surprisingly, this hospital is also her home. It is unbelievable that this hospital is the hospital of Seung Joo’s parents, and the old lady is his mother. Seung Joo is surprised to see In Ah here. A little fight starting between them.

Seung Joo tells her to come back. His mother does not accept that. She greeted her warmly. Seung Joo wants to return to Seoul if she stays here. She choses In Ah and ignores Seung Joo.

Seung Joo takes his suitcase to come back to Seoul. Because he does not like the presence of In Ah on the island. Ironically, it is now over working hours of the ship. Seung Joo shouted at Jae Hwan angrily.It turns out that Seung Joo’s father is the rival of the head of Da Rin Hospital, In Ah, who hears about him for a long time now has the chance to meet him. In Ah has a talk with Seung Joo’s parents. Mother Seung Joo is worried about him. They knows his personality changed. Is she hurt by his manners? Many questions about Seung Joo that her mother would like to ask. Her mother says that after the incident he does not call home much. That makes her even more anxious.Do not want to worry older people, In Ah said to support Seung Joo. She said that he was good, and said good things about him. Seung Joo accidentally discovered himself listening to the conversation between them.

In Ah and Seung Joo’s family have dinner. His mother suggested In Ah should stay in their house. With her enthusiasm, In Ah agrees. In Ah will help his mother to clean up. However, In-Ah and Seung Joo have a small arrgument. His parents are surprised when knowing that they are living together.Seung Joo and his father had a fight in the presence of In Ah. His father says he is happy with his current life. Seung Joo counters that every day he does the same work: giving medicine to some elderly people, prescribing for some flu disease, living peacefully like that he’s not satisfied. He tells that his father is running away from the truth, that he is not capable of working in the Deparment anymore. He will not accept that. He will not live a life like him.

In Ah came to the Elderly Club. She sees the ols man and his elderly patients chatting happily as friends. Between them is no longer the distance of patients and doctors. They can talk, tease each other comfortably.

Ba Seung Joo has opened his heart. In the beginning, when he opened the hospital, he also has some difficulty. Over time, he realizes that to him,doctors have to put their minds to the patients. He have an understanding about their lives, sometimes he drinks, plays cards to understand their lives better. Being a doctor should not put your money as the most important. The reason he works is because he wants to have everyone’s heart. In Ah really penetrated the words he conveys. She feels that this trip is meaningful when he helps her to change her mind.

Jae Hwan also finds Hwaan Island. In Ah and Jae Hwan talk about Seung Joo’s condition. She did not expect that after that accident, it has haunted him so much. They are also worried about Seung Joo. Suddenly received news that a man from some place wants to commit suicide. The two worried that is Seung Joo. She and Jae Hwan rushes to that place

Running to the crowd and fing out the victim. In Ah is shocked when seeing the shoes of the victims are the shoes that Seung Joo brought. She collapses. In Ah cried a lot thinking that Seung Joo is really dead.

Jae Hwan went to the scene, he is relieved when Seung Joo is still fine and Seung Joo himself is the one who giving artificial respiration for the victim.

Seung Joo has a scratch on his shoulder. He can heal the wound alone without the help of anybody. Jae Hwan just comes in. He helps Seung Joo heal the wound. Jae hwan repeats the words that Seung Joo has told him. Now, it is Seung Joo who is a poor self-esteem. Seung Joo says that his dad is hiding from the truth but he is the real escapee.  Moreover, Jae Hwan insists that In Ah is not like what Seung Joo thinks. Seung Joo just focuses on himself.  About the revenge, he determines to find out the truth.

Se Ra calls to all of the mobile shops in Dong Hae. She overhears the conversation of the staff and finds out that the phone she is looking for can not be repaired. Se Ra breaths a sigh of relief.

Mi Un at home has a plan B for the hospital on behalf of In-Ah. Mi Un posts a social ad that their hospital provids free coffee, biscuits and drinks. Mi Un says that she has prepared the meeting with the patient to express the enthusiasm of the doctors. In Ah recalls the words of Seung Joo’s father. That she must take off the blouse to be able to undertand about the patient’s lives.

After returning from the island, Seung Joo determines to follow her. Reading her message, Seung Joo does not find anything suspicious.Watching her phone, she does not seen to contact any man. Even her behaviors are totally normal.

Seung Joo analyzes after what he has secretly observed. He never let himself to trust In Ah. At that moment, In Ah captures all of Seung Joo’s strange behaviors.

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