This a psychological movie is very interesting for viewers. When the misunderstanding and hatred are the only thing that the main male character gives to the main girl  right from the start. Is there any way to solve things and affordable love is best to hide the pain that both are experiencing?

Episode 1 recap

After a rush chasing of two cars, the angry man retrieved a golf stick from his trunk out with the determine to finish the thing with the other guy who didn’t let him pass. That guy is dressing very fashionable. He immediately turns off his journey camera and go ahead turning off the camera of that angry man. With an incredible composure, he immediately gets the Golf stick and then comes back, smashes the glass of the car in a strange way.

When was taken to the police station, every act of the fashionable guy is the evidence to against the man. Too angry man turned up to ask who he is that can make things up. He draws from his vest a card. It is the specialist foreign hospital Da Rin- Han Seung Joo- the main male character.

He has a group of doctors comment that “looks normal from outside, looks good, but when there is trouble, he goes crazy.” Another doctor confirmed that he is no longer the Han Seung Joo in the past, because he experienced an accident, and a very big shock when he saw the death of his best friend. 

In this conversation, Dr. Seong-Joo analyzed all of Dr. Han’s dysfunctional changes due to changes in the hormonal field – the production place of hormones. And the other two say that she is obsessed with diseases because she always looks at things that are caused by hormones.

“The patient is said to be in a difficult situation, unable to take a surgery because of age, diabetes, vascular problems,” a neurosurgeon said to his dean.

Doctor Han Seung Joo volunteered to perform the operation. The Dean does not trust him because of the sequelae after the accident can affect his mind during the surgery. And he bets that if he fails, he will leave the hospital, in contrast, if successful, the Dean will be the one to leave.

The anxiety shown on the faces of the two chief doctors when witnessing Han Seung Joo surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was finally successful.

The personality of the female is no less exotic. When she and her Head of internal medicine heard questions from the deputy director, her obsessing with diasease arise, she said that he should get blood test because of the symptoms affect the hormone.

When the two chief doctors discussed whether the accident of Dr. Han Cheng Joon affected the surgery or not . Doctor Joo In-A says that she also studied the case of  Dr. Han and has the determination to make him have blood test.


Finding an old house, Dr. Hang recall beautiful memories of his friend, remember the time he and his friends sing, live together, his head suddenly ached . He recalled the reason that his friend died. Hang Choi Seong, his friend, died when he was drunk. He was going to find his girlfriend to ask the reasons for breaking up. She said Choi Seong Hang was poor and she was so impatient that can not wait any longer.

Due to high speed in an unconscious state, Choi Hang Seong was killed on the spot. Chasing his friend, witnessing his painful death, Han Seung Joo lost his consiousness. Tragedy comes after tragedy, plus there was a car crash into Han Seung Joo’s car. This made him fell into a dangerous condition.

In that old house, he accidentally picked up a photo of the girl. This girl is very familiar, she is doctor Joo In-A. And he thinks this is the ex girlfriend his friend – also the cause of a series of pain in his life.

Joo In-A states that  she will be the person who directly cures his disease. Starting his revenge, he agrees to cure- what he once considered ridiculous when the thought hormones affect his health.

He and her have a lot of curiosity about each other. Two of them had talked to each other. If she wonders about his health, he asks questions related to her ex boyfriend. Joo In – A refused to answer. That’s the wound in her heart

It is interesting that all the causes of everything are clearly shown in episode 1. Han Seung Joo realized from the very beginning that Joo In-A is the indirect cause of death of his friend. Is that the whole truth or just subjective speculation of Han Seung Joo? The following episodes will answer them all.


Episode 2 recap

After in-depth study, Joo In-Ah concluded that he had a personality problem and stated that due to the effects of hormone secretion. But Han Seung Joo constantly feels bothered and has a grudge against her. He warned her to stay away if she did not want to have trouble.

 Summary episode 2

Joo In-Ah asks a trainee  about Han Seung Joo’s situation. The trainee analyzes the difference in temperament before and after the accident. Previously, Seung Joo was very gentle. Now he is considered a hot temper, uncomfortable irregular both in work and everyday life.

Dr. Han punishes the trainee when he makes a mistake or decides to call the restaurant when he sees the hair in the food.The story is more surprising when Joo In-Ah asks if Han Seung Joo has a girlfriend. And the trainee says that no one can stand the odd man. Joo In-Ah sighs with relief that it is because of her conclusion has a clue.

In another scene, trainee Jung Hyun Woo was also “investigated” about Dr. Joo. It is not unusual to find out about personality, Dr. Han also asked whether Joo In-Ah has a boyfriend or not. This caused the intern trainee to suspect that both of them fall in love with each other and create a big laughter for the viewers.

It became more humorous when Dr. Joo noticed  every move of him. And of course, he denied her excessive concern. He always felt that he was always being watched by his follower Joo In-Ah.

Joo In-Ah thinks that Han Seung Joo is impulsive, unable to control his emotions, coldly emotional. She is glad about her evidence of Dr. Han’s strange personality. His appearance makes her doesn’t know what to do in this dilemma situation.


After a heated argument does not determine who wins or loses. She said that all his temperament was due to high testosterone levels, whether it affected his prostate or not. At this time, Joo In-Ah’s humor gives us a big laugh.

Da Rin Hospital president Cha Jae Hwan returned to hospital from foreing country. He wanted his son to develop the hospital internationally and blame his son for not having a passion.

The director advised his son to complete this volunteer examination. And said that Han Seung Joo should join this time to build a relationship. Han Seung Joo questioned whether the president would appoint him as head of the international center, leaving other people surprised by his question.

After two of them left, the director admitted that Han Seung Joo had changed a lot after the accident. By the way, the deputy director also wondered whether put Han Seung Joo as the head of the center not his son was strange or not. H e said that having a rival Han Seung Joo will make his son become bolder. Joo In-Ah is preparing the upcoming trip. She felt awkward because she knew that Dr. Han was coming along on the trip. The reporter and her are sisters. As we can see, two sisters don’t get along very well. Joo In-Ah said that her brother pledge the house to pay the debt and she had worked very hard to pay the debt.


Joon In-Ah has strong words with her sister and she insists that after paying off the debt each person has their own way of life.

At the airport, Dr. Han did not know who Cha Hae Hwan is looking for. Finding “her” also on this trip at the last minute, Dr. Han is not very happy. Joo In-Ah isn’t either but she try to smile to hide the embarrassing embarrassment






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