It is unbelievable that the surgery was fail. Seung Joo is so confused when coming out of the surgery room. Seung Joo believes that if he could stop the patient’s bleedind, it would be a success. When hearing the news from Jae Hwan that the patient was taking Aspirin, a medicine prevents the blood from clotting properly, he is so out of control.

At that time, The head of Department Ji Yeon has just arrived. She slaps him in the face to make him awake. The most important thing that Seung Joo has to do right now is to announce to the patient’s family instead of finding a reasons to make up for his failure. She thinks that it is because he is afraid of his reward do Seung Joo blame the mistake for someone else.

Seung Joo goes to the surgery room alone. He is imagining as if he was going to perform a surgery. All the mistakes and words of the head Department Jàn Ji Yeon and In-Ah continues obsessing him. Seung Joo once again looses his temper, he kneels down on the floor, his heart starts to feel the pain.

In-Ah after leaving the hospital, she stays at home and reads comics to relax. She ignores all the message of her colleagues.  Se Ra and In-Ah are not sisters, that is also that reason that Se Ra hates In- Ah. Se Ra says that In-Ah is a burdern of her. Between them there is always a fight about selling the house.

Mi-Un comes to In-Ah’s house. After her surgery, the relationship between them is much better and they still keep in touch with each other. By accident, she finds out that Se Ra is in debt on the street, Mi-Un comes to help her but she ignores her.

The press write about the death of the actress Oh Sung Joon as well as the hospital Da Rin. Seung Joo had a meeting with the Head of hospital. His assumes that his fault is not able to predict the risk that happned in the surgery. But he strongly states that there was no problem during the operation. Leaving with a statement that he will take all the responsibility with everything he did.

Jae Hwan stays as the requirement of his father. He and his father are discussing about the position Head of the Center. He states that his father fails to give Seung Joo as an example to discourage him. There is no denying that Jae Hwan is wrong, the director thinks that Jae Hwan fears of failure, not confident enough that he can win Seung Joo, these word defiant Jae Hwan.

Seung Joo met Choi Jung Ja who was picking up the bottle, who discharged from the hospital not long time ago is wandering on the streets. She did not recognize him, she said he was her son-in-law. Being with the old lady, Seung Joo spoke out all his mind. He said that everyone says he has changed. No one understands him. That he did not know when he would die or live such a life. The conversation between them was really close. Feeling like this is really Seung Joo when he talk to a new grandmother – the patient is losing her memory.

In-Ah received the news to pick her up. This is a reunion between In-Ah and Seung Joo. It was so funny when the old lady said that husband and wife should not talk like that.

Journalist comes to the hospital to get news about Seung Joo, he thought that the rumors about Seung Joo is realted to the death of Oh Sung Joon. The words of the journalist is provoking Seung Joo. He blames the consequce after brain surgery that make the death of the famous actor. Unable to tolerate the insulting words of the journalist, Seung Joo approached to grab his neck, “I want to clean up the trash like you.” Seung Joo’s words and actions caused the journalist changes his attitude. change attitude. After witnessing him loosing temper, the journalist became frightened.

In-Ah decides to fulfill the wishes of his parents. Before, In-Ah’s parents even though they were not biological parents, had a small hospital. Leaving a job at Da Rin Hospital does not mean passion, love for her medical profession extinguished. It arose when she returned to the old hospital she had left, where her parents had worked there, as well as read the gratitude letters the patients had sent to her.

Faced with the opposite view of many people, In-Ah’s passion increasingly urges her. After hearing what In-Ah shared, Jae Hwan initially protested, but then decides to help her. Turning her private house into a hospital, he understood that life is really beautiful if he does what he really likes. A life he hopes for but could not have it

The incident between Seung Joo and the journalist was posted online. After the fight with everyone, Seung Joo immediately decided to resign. The consequences of his scandal also affected the psychology of the patients. They do not want him to have surgery for them and want to move to another hospital. This made Seung Joo quickly prepare to leave the hospital despite Jae Hwan’s objection.

The chief of the department has been drinking too much. She admits that she is also planning to let Seung Joo leave the hospital before it goes too far. She does not deliberately do so. The drunk words are also the most sincere words of Jang Ji Yeon, she is determined to bring Seung Joo back.

Seung Joo seeks opportunities at other hospitals. The refusal continued to come to him. They recognize the accomplishments that he has achieved. But the news on the internet have so much influences and they can not accept him.

He searches for the source that has reported him. The page is very familiar which is Mi-Un ,In-Ah was present at that moment. Unable to bear it, he immediately drove to the car to In Ah’s house, find hers to solve everything


Mi-Un admitted that she uploaded the video but she blurted out the image and did not mention the hospital. But the video on the press was cut with completely different inference. Mi-Un stated that he did not mean it, and that someone has the intention of harming Seung Joo. He could not believe Mi-Un’s words. Seung Joo stated that In-Ah and Mi-Un have a revenge on him. The reason for In-Ah’s hatred was that he made her to leave the hospital.


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