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Top Trending Anime Jackets 2018


Cosplay is more and more popular in both Asia and US. Are you a fan of this trend? If yes, no matter whom you love in anime, a cool anime jacket is also an indispensable accessory. To satisfy fans of all animes, I have made a review of top trending anime jackets 2018. There will be one for you.Or if you only need a coat for your casual wear, they are the great choices of the cute looks and comfortable material to wear at any time during the year.

Review of top trending anime jackets 2018

There are a lot of animes so, obviously, the numbers of the anime fans will vary. Some love Naruto while others can like Totoro. However, in this list, I can’t mention full. These anime jackets are only some of the best ones I can find out on the cosplay market. Therefore,before going into details of the top trending anime jackets 2018, please take a look at this video first, it provides you extra 5 crazy jackets you can buy online

Amoin Attack on Titan Shingeki Kyojin Cosplay Hoodie

Apart from a cute look of cartoon style, Amoin Attack is an easy-to-wear hoodie, not a complex design so it suits self-starters. In particular, this product is attached to a free gift – a Chinese red rope bracelet. The size of women ranges from M, L, XL, to XXL so you don’t need to worry about your weight. If the product has any problem, you can return within 30 days thanks to the 100% guaranteed satisfaction of the manufacturer.

Due to the soft and light material, it’s ideal to wear and go out in the summer or the cool weather. The price is affordable. Everything is almost perfect but you need to pay attention to its sizes. A few customers complain that it’s pretty tight so it’s better to choose the size wider than your measurement.

Cccken Anime Kantai Collection Cosplay Costume Zip Up Hoodie

You can completely find out a suitable size with your body because, in the product description, there are the detail numbers which let you know which one is the best. The design of the hood is large so in some cases, you can hide your face if you want.

Whether you are man or woman and wear in cold or hot weather even if you want to wear at home, this is also an ideal choice because of the soft, comfortable, and thin material. In particular, you can wear this hoodie as a casual daily coat or to attend party and club. Being in cosplay with Cccken is possible.

Anime Tokyo Ghoul Costume Kaneki Ken

This anime jacket is made from the cotton and dacron material so it’s comfortable and warm to wear at any time of year. The size ranges from M, L, XL, XXL which satisfy those from 150-185 cm. The anime-fashioned design is loved by many dynamic boys and girls. Also, this jacket suits those who love cosplay due to a cute look and an eye-catching color (green). Moreover, when buying this product, to make sure 100% satisfaction of customers, the manufacturers have provided a policy of 30 days return.

IDS Home Khaki Anime Attack on Titan Jacket Coat

The anime style, the artwork on the jacket and neutral brown color of IDS are designed for both daily use and cosplay. The lightweight cotton material brings the best comfort even in the hot days, in spite of the long sleeves. Although there is enough information about the size to choose a suitable one, you should pick up a larger product than your exact measurement. According to a lot of customers, the price is cheaper than the quality of the coat. Any fan girls and boys of anime can wear this coat.

TeeStars Anime Jacket

Thanks to the combination of cotton and polyester material, you are kept warm during the cold months. Moreover, the soft inside and the thick outside allow users to wear any time of the year. TeeStars suits fan lovers of any anime and it’s fine with both girls and boys because of the text ” It’s an anime thing you wouldn’t understand” especially there are available 3 colors: black, red, and pink.

Ya-cos Haruka Nanase Iwatobi Costume

Ya-cos Haruka is designed for cosplay thanks to the beautiful look and the perfect color. This high-quality jacket is made from the combination of polyester and cotton so it’s really thin, light and comfortable. You can use as a clothing accessory or wear in the summer with the cool weather. Just pay attention to the size chart that helps you choose an appropriate coat. Although there are enough sizes for those from 155 – 180cm, you always should have a bigger one. In case, you are not sure, just let the manufacturer know the details of your measurement about gender, weight, height, chest, waist, hips, the width of shoulder, and the length of the arm. Ya-cos suits any fan boys or girls of anime.

Angelaicos Unisex Coat

This hoodie is made from the super soft material so it’s thick and cozy inside. You can wear in both summer and winter of the year. The product is designed extra pockets which allow you to put your hands inside or store something’s small. Like other anime jackets, you had better select a larger model than your exact measurement because it is followed to the Asian size which is known smaller than US size. Angelaicos fits both boys and girls because there are 4 colors for choosing black, black gold printing, green, and luminated printing.

Holran Anime Naruto Hoodie

As the name suggests, this is the perfect jacket for fans of anime Naruto. Moreover, the cotton and polyester materials create a high-quality anime jacket to wear on cold winter. And this is a winter coat if you live in a hot climate. Unlike other products, Holran is designed under the US size so you can see the size table and choose quickly without hesitating. Or you just need to provide your measurements of height, bust, hip, and waist, the manufacturer knows what you are needing. There are available 3 colors for you to choose: black, black-grey, and red.

Danganronpa 2 Dangan-Ronpa Chiaki Nanami Hoodie Jacket

This anime jacket is designed for both fan men and women of Danganronpa 2 Dangan-Ronpa. The soft cotton material and high-quality printing create the best comfort when going out on hot days. For the cute look, you can wear for not only cosplay but also casual wear. The outstanding feature of this anime jacket is that the ears are so plush and cute. Remember that this jacket is followed under the Asian size that is usually smaller than US size so you need to be careful when picking up a size. It’s better to choose the bigger one than your real size.

Aza Boutique Girl’s Cute Button Down Tweed Cat Ears Hooded Cape

Apart from a nice and cute look, the tweed material with 40% cotton also keeps you warm very well during the winter, and fall season. For the design, when you put on the hood, the ears can still stand right up in the pointy condition. What’s more, when you put the padded hood over your head, it creates a boxed shape, bringing to a high-quality and warm feeling. It doesn’t come with sleeves and functions as a shawl with the hood so the wearers look sweeter. Behind the vibrant colors, that’s a good insulation.This coat suits the little girls more since the size of bust is 124 cm, 59 cm of length and 44 cm of shoulder.Therefore, if you are taller and wear Aza anime jacket, it can show a bit other clothing underneath it.

The final thoughts:

It’s really hard to pick up the best product among this top 10 because each individual will have their own choice depending on their favorite anime. However, if you don’t care to a specific character, I strongly recommend Holran Anime Naruto Hoodie. As you can see, this jacket is manufactured under the US size so it’s easier for you to choose an appropriate product for you. Moreover, the material is ideal to wear at any time of the year. You can use as a casual coat or for cosplay.

Have you picked up for yourself a suitable product among top trending anime jackets 2018? Do you have any question about them or want to add other products to this list? Just let me know by a comment in the section below. Don’t forget to share my post if you see it is informative.There are many people are waiting your help.

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