Risky Romance Episode 9+10 Recap

Jae Hwan and Seung Joo meet in a pub. Jae Hwa said what he wanted to say what need to be said. That Seung Joo is very rude. Jae Hwan asks why he has negative thoughts about In-Ah and made her to loose the job. If there is not a good reason, then Seung Joo can’t treat In-Ah so badly.

Finally, Seung Joo revealed the truth. In-Ah is the one destroys his life and his friend Choi Han Sung. Jae Hwa says that In-Ah did not know about this. There was no evidence that she commited crime. Seung Joo will never forgive In-Ah and will make her regret forever.Because of this, Jae Hwan decided to ask Se Ra,In-Ah’s sister. Jae Hwan asked her about the man named Choi Han Sung. Se Ra is surprised when knowing that he died. Turns out the girl digging, wanting the man’s money , and asking to break up Choi Han Sung when he was too poor is Se Ra.

A few years ago, she decided to break up with Choi Han Sung. Using the harshest words to hurt Han Sung. Choi Han Sung at that time had nothing in his hands. No money, no one is behind his,no parents, no job and no future. Han Sung said that from the beginning she knew the truth but why accepting to date him.

Han Sung thought that she wanted to approach him because she wants to hurt In-Ah. Se Ra did not give in. She says that he used In-Ah to attract her.

Se Ra is very terrified . She was fear of everyone would find out that she was the one who broke up with Han Sung, who indirectly caused his death. Se Ra thougt no one knew about her love affairs and Han Sung. Therefore, no one can prove that she is the one who made Han Sung drunk and died in a car accident that night.

But she suddenly remembered one thing. It was the bag that Han Sung asked Seung Joo to buy for her. Se Ra searched the closet to find the bag. She suddenly remembered that she had given for In-Ah.

At that moment In-Ah has just arrived home, Se Ra insisted on taking back the bag that she is carrying. Both have struggled to keep the bag for themselves. Se Ra pushes In-Ah falling on the floor and taking out of the things inside the bag. The two sisters’ arguments are witnessed by Jae Hwan.

Se Ra changes her attitute so fast. Seeing Jae Hwan thinks badly about her, She turns into a misery person. She drives the story that the two of them are quarreling into the house that her sister is about to turn into a hospital.

Jae Hwan thinks that In-Ah is not so cruel. The more being with Se-Joo, the more Seung Joo realizes the good from her. Recalling what Sueng Joo told him “I do not want you to become the second Han Sung” He decided to find the truth on his own.

Arriving at Dong Hae, Jae Hwan asked Han Sung’s acquaintance. He did not know anything about her girlfriend. If Han Sung’s phone can be restored, Jae Hwan assure to fix the phone so he that he can find the clue.

Seung Joo knows that Joo Se Ra owes a large amount of money. She accidentally discovered the other two went to the hospital to find her. Se Ra ran away and was helped by Seung Joo, again, Joo Se Ra was safe and sound. There is no such thing as easy. Seung Joo agreed to help Se Ra with a condition.

After all the effort, In-Ah has got herself a hospital that she has always dreamed of. On the day of opening the hospital, with a lot of joy and congratulations from everyone, In-Ah is really touched. Emotional extinguishs when Seung Joo appears. Seung Joo comes to inform the news.

Seung Joo gives out a home ownership certificate. Surprisingly, Han Seung Joo is the transferer with 200 million won . Seung Joo will auction In-Ah house to get back the money transferred. In-Ah promises him to pay the money but now she does not have enough. Immediately, Seung Joo made a deal that In-Ah has to give him shares from her hospital business.

Like what Seung Joo said, he definitely does no leave her a rest after all the things she had done. Maybe Seung Joo was secretly thankful to the gods for having accidentally heard Se Ra’s phone call and taking advantage of the house transfer to continue controling In-Ah’s life.

Seung Joo would not hesitate to move to In-Ah’s apartment. To get the 200 million, he canceled his lease. He moved to live here because the department will belong to him anyway. In-Ah is very shocked about this.

Se Ra knows that Jae Hwan found Han Sung’s phone so her face is not so good. Jae Hwan goes to the pharmacy to buy medicine for her. She immediately finds the phone Jae Hwan is talking about. Avoiding the bag now the phone appears again. Se Ra finds the phone but she dropsd it. Just then, Jae Hwan arrives.

Seung Joo receives a call from Mi Rae Hospital. They askes him to have surgery for a patient. Maybe this is his own opportunity to take back the job as a doctor. If the surgery is successful, he will take back his reputation.

During the surgery, it seems the surgery is about to be successful. Patients bleeding, blood pressure drops dramatically. This patient’s condition is the same as the patient he had surgery before.Seung Joo sipped his wine after another failure. Meeting the deputy director at the bar, he reveals that Jae Hwan was the one who introduced him to Mi Rae Hospital. Unfortunately, Seung Joo lost his chance this time. He will start with zero again. Seung Joo should not have started this surgery form the begining . Under the teasing words of the deputy director, Seung Joo immediately left.

Seung Joo thinks about what people around him talk about him. Of all the critics of, all of them want him to put himself in the shoes. Meeting up with Jae Hwan, Seung Joo does not know because of the drunkenness or the reason that he continues to hurt Jae Hwan with the harshest words. Jae Hwan is just a kid with no confidence, followed Seung Joo as a shadow because he wanted to be like him.

Coming back home with a wound on his forehead, Seung Joo is not good at all. In-ah anxiously steps out to help him into the house. With Seung Joo’s skepticism, she gets her hand out of him. Seung Joo continues to assume that she has made a revenge on him. After all, he seems to have lost everything. The episode ends with Seung Joo’s question “What does all of this mean?”

Familiar Wife Episode 2 Recap

Joo-hyuk is having a very interesting day, as he finds himself twelve years in the past, on the most crucial day of his life. He’s realizing that his life isn’t anything like he expected to be, and that he’s not happy. So when he sees an opportunity to change all that, it’s no surprise that he jumps at it. If you could go back and change your biggest regret, wouldn’t you want to see what lies down the road not traveled?

EPISODE 2: “Life is a maze full of choices.”

Joo-hyuk uses one of the coins the doomsayer from the train gave him at a tollbooth, and the next thing he knows, his car goes out of control and he wakes up in 2006, back in college. He recognizes the date as the day that his crush, Hye-won, asked him out, and although he leaves his room a bit more cautiously than last time, he still gets hit by a bowl of wash water the same as he did in 2006.

He wonders if he’s dreaming, but everything feels too realistic. He stubs his toe on a newsstand and overhears a couple of teenage girls complaining about Brad and Angelina’s marriage being too perfect, remembering that all this happened before. He knows when he’s about to run into Hye-won, and he’s struck dumb by the sight of his old flame, looking exactly as she did ten years ago. She invites him to the concert just as he expects, and he accepts like before.


But then, instead of swerving to miss the scooter that nearly hit him the first time around, Joo-hyuk forgets to move and is knocked unconscious. He wakes in his own bed back in the present, and when his wife Woo-jin comes in, he asks her what day it is. She tells him it’s August 29, 2018, and Joo-hyuk is surprised that it’s Wednesday, and not Friday like it should be.

Joo-hyuk waves it off and assumes that what just happened must have been a dream after all. Woo-jin tells Joo-hyuk that he got himself home just fine last time, but after she leaves for work, he wonders why he doesn’t remember anything after losing control of the car. Flustered, he doesn’t notice the small scar that suddenly appears on his right wrist.


Joo-hyuk heads to work, meeting his friend Jong-hoo on the way for a food cart breakfast sandwich. He asks Jong-hoo if he’s ever had a dream so vivid that it felt real, so Jong-hoo says he once dreamed he was dating Han Hyo-joo, and afterward her kissing scenes made him angry, hee.

He tells Joo-hyuk that he’s just stressed lately and invites him to play video games after work, but Joo-hyuk pouts that his game system broke. He suddenly notices his new scar, but Joo-hyuk says that he’s had that ever since he’s known him. Weird.


On the way into the office, a pair of female employees say they’re going on a coffee run, and Jong-hoo hilariously fakes a call from his wife and abandons Joo-hyuk to pay. He reluctantly hands over his credit card, and they end up buying coffee for the whole office on him. But they forget to get one for Branch Manager Cha, forcing Joo-hyuk to hand his over.

Joo-hyuk goes to fill the ATMs for the day, and while he’s there, someone answers his ad looking for a used game system. It’s a good price, so Joo-hyuk rushes to close up the ATM so he can show Jong-hoo the amazing deal, and he makes arrangements to meet with the seller after work.

At her job as an aesthetician, Woo-jin deals with a spoiled, demanding customer (“I’m so exhausted from my trip to Bali!” Barf). The customer snaps at her for obviously upselling when she mentions a new skincare line, cooing condescendingly that she guesses Woo-jin has to sell something, either cosmetics or her conscience.

Joo-hyuk is anxious to leave at the end of the day, but his last customer forgot her ID and asks him to wait while she goes home for it. Knowing that he’ll miss the meeting time with the game console seller, Joo-hyuk offers to push her loan through without the ID, getting her promise to bring her ID in tomorrow.

Joo-hyuk goes looking for Branch Manager Cha to ask permission, but he’s out of the office, so Joo-hyuk logs into the computer with Branch Manager Cha’s password. He overrides the loan approval without authorization, then asks Manager Byun if he can leave for the day. He gets permission, and heads out to meet the console seller.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin gets a call from her mother’s landlord, who’s upset at the junk piling up outside her mother’s apartment door. Woo-jin’s mom appears to have early dementia which has led to some hoarding behavior, and Woo-jin yells that she can’t just let unusable things pile up.


While Woo-jin is still there, Mom calls out to her husband, and before Woo-jin can remind her that her father died years ago, she asks when Woo-jin got there. Oof. The landlord tells Woo-jin that her mother is getting worse and needs to be in a nursing home.

Joo-hyuk meets the console seller and carefully checks the machine, which he learns is for sale because the owner’s wife told him to get rid of it the day he bought it. The seller is pretty upset, but he whines that he values his life, and Joo-hyuk promises to cherish the console.

Sang-shik wilts when a lottery ticket turns out to be a dud, and Joo-hyuk’s sister Joo-eun says he may as well donate his money for the good karma. They bicker over Joo-eun’s tendency to work at her part-time convenience store job, study, and work out at the same time.


Woo-jin arrives, so Sang-shik nervously sidles out of the store. Joo-eun asks if Joo-hyuk is busy lately, since she never sees him, and Woo-jin nods vaguely. She asks about a friend of Joo-eun’s who works at a nursing home, wondering how much it costs, and the amount makes her cringe.

Unaware, Joo-eun says that the children usually split the costs, but as she’s already complained that she barely has any money, Woo-jin’s mood sinks even lower. Joo-eun tries to tease Woo-jin out of her funk by joking that she’ll never find a boyfriend if she doesn’t wear makeup, but it doesn’t work.

No fool, Joo-hyuk covers his new game console with a trash bag to smuggle it into the spare room and successfully hides it. That night in bed, Woo-jin starts to tell Joo-hyuk something, but she changes her mind. Instead, she asks if he thinks he’ll be getting a promotion soon, but he just stammers that he’s not sure.


Joo-hyuk asks why Woo-jin hasn’t visited her mother lately, and why her mom never makes the kimchi he likes anymore. Instead of telling him about her mom’s decline, Woo-jin snaps at him to make the kimchi himself if he wants it.

Joo-hyuk pretends to go to the bathroom and heads to the spare room to fire up his new game console. He shuts it off and hides it again when he hears the baby cry.

In the morning, Joo-hyuk gets a call from Hwan, who’s already at the bank and scared — the audit team is there. Joo-hyuk worries that it’s about the loan he approved with Branch Manager Cha’s log-in and without ID, so he calls the customer and impersonates Branch Manager Cha, saying that he needs her ID right away.


Over at the bank, the audit team leader tells Branch Manager Cha that this audit is because some personal information was leaked from their branch. They find that the leak originated from Hwan’s desk, while Joo-hyuk, still thinking this is because of him, calls Jong-hoo to have him stall for time until he gets there.

He goes to the customer’s workplace, but she’s in the middle of a presentation, which will take about an hour. So Joo-hyuk crashes the presentation, pretending to be bringing drinks and ending up in front of the customer, looking at her expectantly.

Jong-hoo attempts to slow down the audit by asking the team leader if they went to the same school, failing spectacularly. He’s forced to tell Manager Byun what’s happening, so Manager Byun gets in on the stall tactics by pretending to trip and drop the vault keys, which Jong-hoo then kicks under the copier. They pretend that it’s going to be sooo hard to get the keys out, until Hwan is all, “Here they are.” Brat.


Joo-hyuk gets the copy of the customer’s ID and takes a taxi to the bank, only to find the entire office staring at him accusingly. Busted. Manager Byun chastises him in front of everyone, informing him that he even got Branch Manager Cha in trouble, and that there’s no way he’s getting that promotion to team leader.

Jong-hoo finds Joo-hyuk on the roof, ready to throw himself off out of guilt. He rants that he’s been depressed, and the idea of the new game console got him so excited that he lost his mind. Jong-hoo promises magnanimously that when he’s made team leader, he’ll look the other way whenever Joo-hyuk is late, but that just makes Joo-hyuk feel worse.

He asks if he should quit, but Jong-hoo cutely reminds him that he doesn’t own land or buildings, so he can’t afford to quit. They scream over the building edge at the hypothetical owners of the nearby buildings that life is unfair: “Enjoy your wealth! I want a comfortable, fabulous life, too!”

At home, Woo-jin gets the kids to sleep then surveys their messy apartment. She cleans up as best she can, and as she’s putting things way in the spare room, she finds Joo-hyuk’s contraband game console (he wasn’t very smart to hide it behind the diapers). When Joo-hyuk gets home, he goes to the spare room to see the trash bag his console was in on the floor, empty.

He goes looking for Woo-jin and finds her in the bathroom with his console in the bathtub, covered with water. He tries to rescue it as she reminds him that his dead console was supposed to be his last, since they can’t afford to spend money on games.

She cuts him off every time he tries to speak, and eventually he yells at her to stop interrupting him, and to listen to him sometimes before going off. He defends that he didn’t use their living expenses to buy the console, but his own money that he saved for years.

Woo-jin growls that he doesn’t understand her, but Joo-hyuk complains that he always has to be the understanding one. He says that he just wants to be able to rest at home, but he’s more exhausted at home than at work because his wife is more difficult than his customers.

He storms out, but only gets as far as the building steps before he starts to feel bad about his outburst. He heads to Sang-shik’s bar, but it’s closed because his friend has a cold. Jong-hoo is out running errands, leaving Joo-hyuk with nobody to talk to, so he scrolls through his contact list and runs across Hye-won’s number.

Wisely, he scrolls past it and instead calls his colleague whose mom recently passed. He goes over to visit, but the guy’s mom is there, shocking Joo-hyuk, since he very clearly remembers going to her funeral. The strange part is that she supposedly died in an accident while on her way to her son’s place to bring food, yet she’s here now on that very same errand. On his way home Joo-hyuk wonders how the woman could be dead one day and alive the next.


Suddenly, he remembers his ultra-vivid dream and how when he woke, he was shocked to find that it’s Wednesday and not Friday. Not to mention his mysterious new scar and the crazy out-of-control car. He thinks that maybe it wasn’t a dream after all, and decides to try to recreate the events that led to the strange flashback.

He finds the billboard he saw that night, but the tollbooth isn’t where he expects it to be. He backtracks, then goes to look for the tollbooth again, and this time it’s there. Creepy. He flips the second coin from the train doomsayer into the basket, then continues on expectantly.

Soon he sees the same strange purple glow in the sky, and his GPS starts to malfunction just like before. The car takes over, and after reaching a frightening speed, it disappears.

Joo-hyuk wakes up in bed in his dorm room with Joo-eun knocking on his door. He pops up happily, realizing that it worked, and he’s back at the day in 2006 when Hye-won asked him out. He lets Joo-eun in, kicks Sang-shik to get up, then runs to cover up the porn before Joo-eun sees it.

He heads out to campus, and this time he stops the neighbor before she throws water on him and avoids tripping over the newsstand he usually bangs his toes on. He tells the teenage girls who are always whining about Brad and Angelina getting married, “They get divorced later, so just focus on studying.” LOL.

Joo-hyuk makes sure he’s in place for Hye-won’s arrival and grins to himself when she calls out his name. He waits for her invitation to the concert and accepts happily, then deftly sidesteps the scooter deliveryman who usually mows him down. Later he gets ready for his date and goes to catch his bus.


He’s momentarily frozen when he sees young Woo-jin at the bus stop. He can’t help but notice how happy she looks, and wonders why that happy expression looks so unfamiliar. He even checks out her legs in her short skirt, making her frown at him.

This time, when the groper grabs Woo-jin, Joo-hyuk wants to speak up but stops himself. Eventually another woman says that she saw the guy grabbing Woo-jin, and when the cops come to take the guy away and Woo-jin gets in the cop car, Joo-hyuk thinks, “Goodbye, Seo Woo-jin. And have a good life.”

He realizes that he’s running late and steals someone’s taxi, and this time around, he finds Hye-won still waiting for him at the concert hall. During the concert, he badly wants to hold Hye-won’s hand, and she notices and teases to focus on the music.

After the show and dinner, Hye-won tells Joo-hyuk that she hates men who use money to charm women, and prefers sincere men. She says shyly that he’s that sort of man, then gives him a sweet little kiss. Joo-hyuk moves in and kisses Hye-won again, then everything fades away.

He wakes up in the present again, and he jumps out of bed, gasping for air. He turns to the woman in the bed, wondering if it’s Hye-won or Woo-jin. He slowly reaches out to her, and she turns in her sleep to face him… and it’s Hye-won.


Joo-hyuk is so happy he nearly cries, as his old bedroom transforms into a larger, fancier one. The calendar shows that he’s woken up on Friday , June 1st instead of Wednesday, August 30th, as he does a quiet little happy dance on the bed, thrilled that his plan worked.

Elsewhere in the city, Woo-jin jogs on a bridge over the Han River, looking relaxed and happy.


Interesting. It figures there would be some time travel back-and-forth as Joo-hyuk tried to fix his mistakes, but I didn’t anticipate Joo-hyuk to figure out what happened and deliberately set out to change his life so soon. But I got my wish, that Joo-hyuk ends up with Hye-won in this new timeline, so I’m very eager to see where the story goes next. It was interesting that Joo-hyuk struggled for a moment when it was time to ignore Woo-jin on the bus, and that his internal goodbye seemed so sad. It wasn’t as easy for Joo-hyuk to give up the life he knows as I thought it would be, and he really did seem to feel the weight of what he was letting go. It was a taste of the regret he’s going to feel later when he decides to try to get his wife, and life, back, and made me feel like this story is going to take us to some really interesting places.

I realize that I was a little focused on Joo-hyuk’s wrongdoing in his marriage in the first recap, so I want to clarify that that’s not because I’m on Woo-jin’s side or think she hasn’t done some wrong of her own. But since the first episode focused on Joo-hyuk (and it’s really his story, after all), I kept most of my comments limited to him. Woo-jin is certainly no saint — her anger may be justified, but she’s definitely out of control, and it’s never okay to scream in someone’s face or throw things at them. She gets angry in situations that don’t call for such an extreme reaction, and treats Joo-hyuk terribly in public. But I also notice that she used to be bright, cheerful, and happy, and while Joo-hyuk hasn’t changed much since college, Woo-jin is practically a different person.

She doesn’t even tell him about her mother’s mental illness, which tells me that whatever is wrong in their marriage, it’s been wrong for quite some time if she feels she can’t lean on her husband. Maybe I identify with Woo-jin a little too much because I’ve been where she is (in my case it was a mountain bike, not a game console), but I definitely don’t agree with her destroying Joo-hyuk’s console. First of all, it was just cruel, and second, it was stupid to ruin it when her complaint was the money it cost — she could have just had him sell it like the first owner.

I do think Woo-jin was unfair to be so angry with Joo-hyuk over buying the console without even asking him about it, and I felt he was justified in telling her to stop talking over him all the time and let him explain. Like he said, he saved for it for years, and it’s not like Woo-jin has been honest with him about their expenses… she must have been aware for quite some time that her mother would need a nursing home eventually, but she hasn’t even told Joo-hyuk about her mom’s illness, much less her looming financial needs. But Woo-jin is already worried about money and her mother’s mental decline, and she’s so conditioned to fly into a rage at everything Joo-hyuk does, that she goes too far.

At this point in their marriage I think that divorce isn’t too drastic of a solution, so I’m very curious to see how Joo-hyuk’s apparent good fortune at landing Hye-won as his new-timeline wife changes things. I anticipate the answer to that to be: not much. Having a different wife won’t change Joo-hyuk’s fundamental nature, and although it looks like they have a slightly nicer home and likely no children, that doesn’t mean that Joo-hyuk’s irresponsible nature and unrealistic “man of the house” expectations will be any different. But for now, everyone seems happy — Joo-hyuk has the wife he wants and what appears to be a beautiful home, while Woo-jin looks healthy and contented. Right now the switch seems like it’s put everyone in a better place, so I’m very eager to see the truth that makes Joo-hyuk change his mind and wish for his old life back.


Let’s Eat 3 Episode 6 Recap

Seo-yeon may seem foot-loose and fancy-free, but she finally comes face-to-face with the realities of her situation and has to make some difficult decisions. Ji-woo also struggles to reconcile how she feels versus what she perceives to be the truth, while Sun realizes that he may have met his foodie match. Sigh. If only adult life could be as carefree as those college days.

EPISODE 6 RECAP: “Yang Jang Pi”


Seo-yeon steps out of her bedroom and walks over “the line” without thinking, but one look from Sun reminds her of his warning that he could cross it, too, and she immediately steps back behind it. But after Sun leaves for work, she hops over “the line” and petulantly stops on the forbidden side of the floor.

She gets a call from a friend saying her missing business partner, Yeon-ah, was seen at the hospital. Seo-yeon races over and practically tackles Yeon-ah as she tries to run away. Seo-yeon demands her money back, but Yeon-ah apologizes: she can’t give it to Seo-yeon because she doesn’t have the money anymore.


It turns out that Yeon-ah is a single mother with a sick child (which explains why she was at the hospital). Yeon-ah had left her child with her mother and had gone to America for a fresh start, but when she heard her son had cancer and that the treatments were expensive, she felt like she had no choice but to take the money to care for her child.

Seo-yeon angrily accuses Yeon-ah of turning Seo-yeon into the evil, fraudulent one when Seo-yeon did nothing wrong. But she can’t really fight a woman whose hair is turning grey and falling out due to the stress of her sick child, so instead Seo-yeon just walks away.

Dae-young’s boss is thrilled that he’s in better spirits lately and pursuing new clients. He’s like the old Dae-young again! But Dae-young ducks out of work when he gets a call from Seo-yeon, who’s drunk at a local restaurant.

She had to call him because she didn’t have any money, so she’s cashing in Dae-young’s promise to buy her a meal. Concerned, Dae-young asks how her headhunting business is going, and Seo-yeon confesses she wasn’t a headhunter. She tells him that her business flopped and she came back to Korea without a cent.

She wryly says that he’s right: she’s just the same as she was in college — more impressed with appearances than what’s on the inside. She’s still living off other people even now. Seo-yeon tries to hide her tears as she wonders why her life is miserably complicated, then warns Dae-young not to tell Ji-woo anything, not wanting to give her sister the satisfaction.

Seo-yeon reaches over for another bottle of soju and, in doing so, drags her hair in the pan of broth. Dae-young gets some tissues to clean her hair as Seo-yeon drunkenly leans against him. Just at that time, Sun and Ji-woo walk into the restaurant.


They’re surprised to see Dae-young and Seo-yeon there, especially looking so cozy, and Ji-woo decides to leave. Sun’s astonished that Dae-young and Seo-yeon know each other, wondering if they’re dating. He asks if Ji-woo knows Seo-yeon, too, but Ji-woo says she doesn’t know Seo-yeon and that they’re not dating because Dae-young already has a girlfriend.

Later that night when Dae-young returns home, he wonders why Ji-woo left the restaurant earlier, and Ji-woo says it would have been too awkward to stay. Then she bluntly asks if he’s dating Seo-yeon, using Sun’s curiosity as an excuse to find out the truth.

Dae-young says that he was just being considerate since Seo-yeon’s going through some difficulties, and Ji-woo mutters that it’s no surprise since Seo-yeon seems to always have had issues that required Dae-young’s help.


Dae-young gets a text and tells Ji-woo that it’s a serious problem: Sung-joo is getting married! She’s thrilled to discover that Dae-young’s kept in touch with his friends from college and Dae-young admits that he lost contact with Byung-sam after graduation, but he knows Jin-seok got a job and moved to another city.

Dae-young invites her to the wedding as his date so the college friends can reunite. On the drive to the wedding, Dae-young reveals that Sung-joo is marrying the noona he used to date in college. Does this mean we’ll finally get to see who she is?


Sun relaxes in his apartment, but becomes worried because Seo-yeon is way too quiet in her room. He’s convinced she must be cooking up some new scheme, so he’s surprised when she reveals she found her business partner. Seo-yeon won’t be able to pay Sun’s cousin back, though, so she’s planning to return to America and take full responsibility.

Seo-yeon reassures him she’s not leaving right away, though. First, she needs to visit her father. But “visiting her father” means going to see his urn at the columbarium.

Sung-joo is thrilled to see Dae-young and Ji-woo again. Unfortunately, Jin-seok can’t make the wedding (boo!), and Sung-joo says that maybe everyone can get together at the next wedding. He points out that he always thought Dae-young and Ji-woo would’ve made a cute couple in college, and teases that the two of them can get married.


Ji-woo’s about to tell Sung-joo that Dae-young has a girlfriend, but Dae-young smoothly interrupts and pleasantly says that he and Ji-woo can be each other’s “backups” if they’re still single when they’re forty.

Sung-joo waves over his bride to meet his old friends — annnnnnnd we don’t get to see her face! Boo. But we do get to see the super cute young boy who runs up, calling her “Momma.” Haha, Sung-joo explains that they had a kid first and then planned the wedding.

The wedding commences, and we gradually fade back to 2004 when the college friends marvel at Sung-joo being picked up by his mysterious noona girlfriend with the fancy car. The other boys decide to have a BBQ dinner on the roof, but Ji-woo has to head to her part-time job.


She’s still trying to hide the fact that Seo-yeon is living with her because she can barely afford expenses as they are now, so there’s no way she can afford officially adding Seo-yeon to the lease. Aw, as she walks away, Dae-young notices the keychain he got her in Busan hanging from her backpack.

The boys prep for their BBQ dinner, and Dae-young starts washing the lettuce. With soap. OMG. Jin-seok yells at him for washing the lettuce improperly, and tells Dae-young that he can’t just wash the lettuce like he’s doing laundry, instead Dae-young should watch each leaf individually. WITH SOAP. Oh, Ji-woo, where are you? I need you to save these boys from themselves!

Even so, they enjoy their grilled thin-sliced pork belly, even if they can’t figure out why it feels like their insides are being cleaned. ‘Cause of the soap, y’know. The soap you should never use when washing produce.

Jin-seok gets a call from Seo-yeon and he scrambles to finish polishing her shoes, since the date she needs them for was moved up by a couple of hours. The other two boys tell him he’s being an idiot, doing so much for a girl who’s dating someone else. They break out into a rousing chorus of “Love Fool” a song made popular in 2004 by indie rock group, The Nuts (which drama fans should know about since Ji Hyun-woo was once the lead guitarist).

Meanwhile, Ji-woo waltzes home. Or at least she tries to, since she’s practicing for her final exam in “Waltz 101.” Seo-yeon says that Ji-woo should have taken an easier class — that’s how Seo-yeon manages to have top grades in all her classes. Ji-woo blusters that college isn’t just about getting good grades, but having experiences.

Except Seo-yeon knows that Ji-woo only signed up for the class because of how much she loved the waltz scene in Lovers in Paris. Ha!

Ji-woo grumpily says that she told Seo-yeon not to come home until after 9pm, and Seo-yeon pleads with Ji-woo to just tell the landlord that Seo-yeon’s living there so they don’t have to sneak around any longer. Except Seo-yeon can’t afford to pay for extra rent, either.

They continue to bicker all the way home, and are shocked when the landlady immediately barges in before they’ve even had time to take their shoes off. The landlady is triumphant that she’s found proof that Seo-yeon is living there, and Ji-woo bluffs that Seo-yeon is actually Dae-young’s friend who only came by to borrow — Ji-woo scans the kitchen and grabs the nearest item — cooking oil.

The landlady is still unconvinced, so they troop over to Dae-young’s apartment. He’s surprised to see them, and Ji-woo pointedly tells Dae-young to explain to the landlady that “his friend” Seo-yeon was just next door to borrow cooking oil. Bewildered but affable, plus knowing Ji-woo’s financial predicament and wanting to help her out, Dae-young affirms that Seo-yeon is his friend.


The landlady says that must mean Seo-yeon is really his girlfriend, and Seo-yeon chirps that the landlady is right: she and Dae-young are dating.

Ji-woo’s annoyed, but Seo-yeon says it’s the simplest explanation and this way it’ll be easier for them all. Then Seo-yeon shrewdly eyes Ji-woo, asking if she has a problem with her pretending to be Dae-young’s girlfriend.

Ji-woo sputters that she’s just concerned about Dae-young having to keep up the pretense and then stomps to her room, much to Seo-yeon’s knowing amusement.


In the morning, as the girls leave the apartment, Seo-yeon stops by Dae-young’s apartment to ask him to escort her to the front gate so they can keep up the appearance of boyfriend-and-girlfriend. Ji-woo’s disgusted by the way Seo-yeon sidles up to the obliging but still half-asleep Dae-young in her attempt to “keep up appearances.”

You’d think Jin-seok would have a heart attack to see Seo-yeon pretend to date Dae-young, but he gallantly insists that he doesn’t mind since it means Seo-yeon can still live next door and hang out with them.

Seo-yeon continues to play up her part of the girlfriend even at school, much to Ji-woo’s annoyance. Seo-yeon points out that she needs to stay in character. She points out where her “boyfriend” is sitting in the cafeteria, but Dae-young’s actually waving at Ji-woo.


Seo-yeon snags the seat next to him, anyway, and even eats off his plate (using his chopsticks!). Haha, the girls have a kicking war under the table. They can’t be civil anywhere, can they?

Ji-woo continues to seethe as Seo-yeon says pretending to be Dae-young’s girlfriend is making her realize how great a “real” boyfriend he would be. When Seo-yeon slips her arm through Dae-young’s so they can walk arm-and-arm on the way home, Ji-woo finally loses her cool as Sung-joo points out a lot of famous actors started dating after pretending to be in love.

But before Ji-woo can tear the fake couple apart, Jin-seok runs up and punches Dae-young. Turns out, Jin-seok wasn’t as cool as he looked about the fake dating.

Ha, their fighting style isn’t much different from the step-sister’s hair-pulling, and as the boys roll around on the ground (including Sung-joo and Byung-sam, who leap to intervent), Seo-yeon rolls her eyes at them and turns to her sister — but Ji-woo’s gone.

That’s because she’s informing the landlady that Seo-yeon is actually living with her and isn’t Dae-young’s girlfriend. I guess matters of the heart are more important than what’s in her wallet.

Dae-young finds Ji-woo trying to practice waltzing with Seo-yeon, but it’s a disaster. He offers to help out, since he already took that class and got an A in it. With his expertise, he and Ji-woo waltz without stepping on any toes.

That brings us back to 2018, where Dae-young and Ji-woo dance at the Sung-joo’s wedding reception. Hey, “Waltz 101” actually came in handy!

As Ji-woo watches Sung-joo dance with his bride, she imagines what it would be like to dance with Dae-young at their wedding. She’s still lost in that dream as Dae-young drives them home. When she steps out of the car to head upstairs, Seo-yeon marches up and slaps Ji-woo in the face.

Seo-yeon furiously asks how Ji-woo had the nerve to move Seo-yeon’s father’s ashes. Ji-woo slaps Seo-yeon back, angrily pointing out that she wouldn’t have had to if she knew how to contact Seo-yeon.

Seo-yeon’s ready to slap Ji-woo back but Dae-young stops her, trying to talk reason into the estranged sisters. He points out that they can’t keep avoiding each other, so the two of them should sit down and discuss what’s going on.

Ji-woo says that says that the contracted space at the columbarium expired, so that’s she had the ashes moved to a different place. If Seo-yeon really wanted to act like the doting daughter, she should have tried to stay in touch. Ji-woo gripes that Seo-yeon was always too busy drinking with boys to care about her father.


Ji-woo warns Seo-yeon to stay away from Dae-young — she doesn’t care what Seo-yeon does with other guys, but Dae-young has a girlfriend, so he’s off limits. Amused, Seo-yeon wonders if Ji-woo still likes Dae-young after all these years. Ji-woo denies it, and Seo-yeon defends herself, saying that she asked Dae-young out for a drink not knowing he was dating anyone else.

As she stands to leave, Seo-yeon tells Ji-woo to not call her “cheap” or “low class,” since it’s clear that Ji-woo also enjoyed her time with Dae-young despite fully knowing he has a girlfriend. Pot, meet kettle.

Sun returns home to find Seo-yeon with her suitcase all packed. He’s annoyed because she told him she wouldn’t be running away, but finds out that she’s actually trying to sell off all her designer goods at a luxury second-hand store.

She gives him the money she made from selling her personal items. It’s not much, but it’s enough to help cover the bathroom cleaning fee and his injury expenses. Sun tries to avoid taking it, but Seo-yeon tells him it won’t do her any good. It’s not like she has much use for designer purses and shoes in jail.

Sun pretends not to care what Seo-yeon is doing so quietly in her room, but finally he knocks and checks in on her. She’s busy writing apology notes to all of her regular customers, informing them that her online business will be closed for good. Seo-yeon admits it feels weird to realize that this is the end.

At work, Ji-woo’s lost in thought as she wrestles with her feelings for Dae-young and the fact that he has a girlfriend. She gets a message from Yoon-ji asking to meet, but it’s really just a way for Yoon-ji to try her hand at matchmaking as she offers a couple of musical tickets to Dae-young as a way to thank him for being such a great insurance agent.


Hahaha, Dae-young admits he likes musicals and even has two musical stars, Yang Yo-seob and Son Dong-woon, as his clients. Um, I think you “as fellow members of Highlight who recently starred in musicals,” Doo-joon, but I’ll take whatever meta jokes I can get.

Anyway, Yoon-ji does her matchmaking best to make it so Dae-young and Ji-woo attend the musical together, but Ji-woo gives her ticket to Dae-young, saying she doesn’t like musicals. Later, she tells Yoon-ji that Dae-young has a girlfriend, so she has to give up any budding hope she feels when she thinks about dating him.

Yoon-ji is also surprised that Ji-woo is still thinking of moving out, since Ji-woo no longer needs a ground floor apartment now that Mom is at the nursing home. Yoon-ji pouts that Ji-woo is denying the romantic fate of her old college crush moving in next door, but Ji-woo wonders if moving out would be the new start she needs.


The CQ Foods creative time is delighted by Dae-young’s thoughtful drink selection (that they like more than Sun’s offering) and his ability to notice the small interests each of them have. Sun is determined to keep the meeting focused on business, but that even backfires because the team is even more thrilled by the list of obscure restaurants Dae-young presents to them.

Sun’s barely able to hide his irritation as he walks by Dae-young chatting with the receptionists, letting them know about a good nearby restaurant. Sun tells Dae-young that he’s worried Dae-young’s overly friendly manner with the women in the office — and to Seo-yeon at the restaurant — will cause problems.

Dae-young cheerfully tells Sun that he’s affectionately friendly with everyone, women and men, which is why he’s so good at being an insurance salesman. Haha, he stops speaking formally to Sun as soon as they walk out of the office building. Not only that, he asks about Sun’s tummy-burn.

Sun is both shocked by Dae-young’s informality (which Dae-young says is only reserved outside of the office) and bewildered by the term, “tummy-burn.” Ha, that’s what Dae-young calls the strip of hair on Sun’s stomach (y’know, the “happy trail”), and with a twinkle in his eye, Dae-young reminds Sun that he saw it when Sun slept over at his house that night.

Sun scrambles to get away from Dae-young, attempting to keep his dignity, much to Dae-young’s amusement. He reminds Dae-young that they’re not close enough to cross “the line” of being casual with each other. Haha, Dae-young thinks Sun’s uptight reaction to his teasing is super cute.

Sun’s on a scouting mission to try a popular Chinese-fusion restaurant. He finally makes it to the head of the line and is seated, but just as he orders, Dae-young slips in and joins him at the table. Sun tries to order him out (after all, Dae-young cut “the line”), but Dae-young points out that yang jang pi (a Chinese-Korean noodle dish) is a dish for more than just one person.

The men face-off as they recite all the amazing qualities of yang jang pi, proving they’re on equal footing with their foodie knowledge. But Sun stops Dae-young from taking a bite until Sun can take a photo of the food.

Sighing in annoyance, Dae-young says this is why he only takes pictures of the empty bowls — everyone takes photos of the food, so it’s easy to find those pictures online if someone really wants to see it. Sun looks around and sees that, indeed, all the customers at the nearby are taking pictures of their food.

The men enjoy their dish, though, and as they finish it, they surprise each other by simultaneously requesting some spicy seafood soup. Dae-young’s delighted by how in-synch their tastebuds are, although Sun seems annoyed. They’re again surprised to discover that they even mix the dishes in the same way, and they learn that they both were once Ji-woo’s students in all things gourmet.

Dae-young returns home with his bounty of to-go items that he and Sun picked out just for Ji-woo, but he’s surprised to see that Ji-woo is meeting with a potential new tenant for her apartment. He wonders if there’s a way she can still stay, since he’s enjoyed spending time with her again.

Ji-woo says that her life hasn’t exactly improved with him moving in next door, but she makes it sound more joking than it really is by pointing out he moved next door and then immediately Seo-yeon came back into her life. Ji-woo adds that she wants to find that same zest for life that Dae-young did, and since he did that by moving, maybe it’ll work for her, too.


She offers to leave him her outdoor bench so Dae-young can enjoy drinking on the porch with his girlfriend. Dae-young simply says that if she needs any help packing, to let him know. They’re both a little sad, though, as they return to their respective apartments.

Sun returns home and is surprised that Seo-yeon isn’t there. He finds a note in the trash can that says, “Thank you for everything. I’m sorry that this is how I have to say goodbye.”

Sun tries calling Seo-yeon, but she doesn’t answer. He checks her Instagram, and the most recent photo is of a lake with the message, “It’s all so futile. I should just give up.”

Sun frantically drives to the lake in the photo, worried about how Seo-yeon kept talking about a “final goodbye.” He runs throughout the area, desperately calling for Seo-yeon. So he’s shocked when he hears her voice, asking him why he’s there.

She’s there in this out-of-the-way place because this tiny restaurant supposedly has the best kimchi sujebi, but she’s disappointed that it isn’t very good. Amused that Sun was worried she was going to kill herself, Seo-yeon explains that she was “giving up” looking for a good kimchi sujebi restaurant.


Sun sputters he was just worried about Seo-yeon because of his cousin, and Seo-yeon wonders why his cousin holds so much sway with him. Sun says it’s because he lived with her when he moved to America as a kid, back when his parents were too busy working to take care of him.

Seo-yeon can relate, since she felt lonely as a kid when her parents divorced. She adds that she can still remember the delivery phone number where she used to order food all the time. Sun lights up as he tells Seo-yeon that he used to order delivery all the time, and actually his door code is his favorite delivery restaurant’s phone number.

They’re delighted to find something in common until Seo-yeon realizes that she’s leaving Korea soon to face the music of her fraudulent actions.


Sun decides to make Seo-yeon a proposal. His cousin is only worried about getting her money back, so Seo-yeon can just get a job and pay her back. Sun offers to hire her as his personal assistant. Ooooh, and he says it when he’s on “her” side of the line. He’s actually crossed a line!

His cousin is delighted to get her money back, and Sun is happy to let his cousin think Seo-yeon got the money from her business partner instead of from him. His cousin also reassures him that now he never has to deal with Seo-yeon again! Mmm-hmmm, sure.

Epilogue. Dae-young stands in front of Soo-ji’s urn and places the musical tickets next to the photo of them. Sob. He turns around when he hears a voice — it’s Seo-yeon, realizing that this must be his girlfriend.


Ugh. Dae-young, I love you, but you not talking about the fact that your girlfriend has passed away is killing me. Wait, that probably wasn’t the best turn of phrase. But the point still stands! I get that it’s hard to talk about difficult, emotional, and deeply private matters, but considering how easy it is for him to insert himself in other’s lives, maybe it’s time for him to allow someone to insert themselves in his. Especially someone like Ji-woo — not only do they have history together, he’s already seen her try to deal with her own crushing burden with her mother. Wouldn’t that be a convenient segue to confess that his own burden is dealing with the pain of losing someone he loved? Then again, I suppose he wouldn’t want to scare off Ji-woo by admitting she’s the one who helped shake him out of his depression, especially when he always seems like the happy-go-lucky cheerful chatterbox who’s so strong for everyone else.

That does make him feel a little selfish, though, since he wants the breezy friendship with Ji-woo while still seemingly aware that she’s being extra careful to not cross that “line,” as Sun would say. My heart aches for him as he’s figuring out how to really let Soo-ji go, but my heart aches even more for Ji-woo who keeps fighting to continue on each day despite being continually slapped in the face that her life isn’t the happily-ever-after she dreamed about while in college. And that dream seems like it could have actually once been a reality. At first, I thought college Dae-young enjoyed Ji-woo because he’s just a friendly guy who likes everyone and particularly enjoys learning all about Ji-woo’s food knowledge. But I’m super excited that we’re finally getting hints he might have liked Ji-woo back then, too.

I mean, just consider the thoughtful look on his face when he saw the keychain on her backpack, or how happy he was to wave her over to join him for lunch (and conversely be mildly annoyed when Seo-yeon stole the seat next to him instead, although of course he couldn’t show it in his perpetually-affable Dae-young way). Actually, that might be his problem — he’s a little too nice and a little too friendly. Maybe Sun has a point. I love Dae-young for his effortless charm with people, but thinking back on it, it does seem like everyone else did all the hard work when it came to having a relationship with him. He just seemed to fall into it, look around, and go, “Hey, this seems nice, I think I’ll date this person who’s clearly into me, and oh wow, it turns out I like them, too! How convenient! Now let’s go get some dinner.”

Maybe I exaggerate a little, but it does feel like Dae-young’s a little tooeffortless when it comes to relationships. I want to see him sweat! I want to see him work for it! I want to see him lose his cool over something that isn’t food! I want him to fight for Ji-woo and be painfully honest with her! Heck, I want everyone to start being honest with each other (and with themselves)!

Most of all, though, I want to know who I have to bribe to get footage of 2004 Dae-young taking “Waltz 101” in college. Because I need it. For reasons.


Familiar Wife Episode 1 Recap

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect From Familiar Wife (aka The Wife I Know), tvN’s new time-travel drama, but so far, so cute. We have a husband who is unfairly henpecked (in his opinion) by his shrill, red-faced wife, and an unplanned encounter with his past makes him wonder what could have been. Just as he decides that he wishes he’d done things differently, he gets an unusual opportunity to change everything. The setup is solid, so let’s dive in and see if the execution can live up to the hype!

EPISODE 1: “There’s a monster in my bed who beats me.”

A car drives down a lonely, desolate road, while the radio reports on a nearby star that’s rapidly turning into a black hole. Scientists worry about the effects this black hole will have on Earth and its gravitational pull on the moon, anticipating earthquakes, tsunamis, or worse. The driver pays at a toll booth, then suddenly, the car disappears.

At a different time, that same car weaves through heavy traffic towards Incheon Airport as the driver scrambles to grab his ringing cell phone from where it’s slid out of reach. A voice laments the strange nature of the world, such as why forced winter strawberries taste better than summer ones, or the fact that it costs three cents to make a penny.

The driver causes an accident while reaching for his phone, and as he tries to rouse himself, the voice muses, “Among all the strange things in the world, the strangest is love. You marry because you love each other to death, but you end up becoming enemies you want to kill. You run into many enemies in your life, but the strongest and most atrocious one is…”

The driver picks up his phone, which is still ringing shrilly, to reveal the caller: “My Wife.” His eyes roll back in his head, and he passes out as the plane he was rushing to catch takes off.

Sixteen hours before the accident.

A baby cries until its mother rouses to comfort it, while the father helpfully hides under his pillow. Later, Mom kicks Dad out of bed, literally, so he can feed the baby while she takes care of the toddler. Dad seems pretty bad at this, and the baby obviously knows it.

They both wake in a panic later when the alarm doesn’t go off. They fight to get ready for the day, each blaming the other for their lateness. Mom tells Dad to take the kids since they missed the bus, but he shrieks that he’s already late, and she fires back that she’s late, too.

Dad, whose name is CHA JOO-HYUK (Ji Sung) runs at top speed all the way to his job as a loan officer after missing his train. He sneaks in like a ninja, even grabbing a used coffee cup from the trash to make it look like he’s been there a while.

Joo-hyuk nearly makes it to his desk before his supervisor, MANAGER BYUN, yells at him to stop, aware of what he’s doing, and even notes that his friend was helping him sneak in. He tells Joo-hyuk that this is his third strike, resulting in points off his upcoming evaluation, plus extra points just because.

The branch manager arrives and asks what mistake Joo-hyuk made today, but he calls Manager Byun a perfectionist and gets Joo-hyuk off the hook. He jovially invites Joo-hyuk to go bowling after work, and Joo-hyuk collapses in his chair, already exhausted.

Later, Joo-hyuk goes to the roof with his coworker JONG-HOO (Jang Seung-ho), where they complain that Manager Byun is just frustrated because he’s not getting the promotions he wants. Joo-hyuk sighs that he’s exhausted, and Jong-hoo blames it on the kids keeping him up, though he says that one day he’ll miss these times. He has twins who are talking now, and he hilariously mimics their tiny voices asking endless questions.

Jong-hoo lifts Joo-hyuk’s spirits with some movie impressions, and Joo-hyuk gets into his own portrayal of Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Jong-hoo praises his flexibility, which leads to an awkward splits competition (owie owie owie), ending when Joo-hyuk rips his pants, HA.

Joo-hyuk goes back to work and begins to see customers, but one customer creates a fuss when his number is skipped over because he was in the restroom. The customer gets so loud that he’s escorted out by security, but throughout the encounter, Joo-hyuk keeps his cool.

Later, he tells the employee next to him, Kim Hwan (Cha Hak-yeon, aka N from VIXX), to stop primping and take some of the cash customers. Hwan complains haughtily, but he negotiates to go home early in exchange.

Joo-hyuk’s wife, SEO WOO-JIN (Han Ji-min), is having an equally frustrating day at her job in a skincare clinic. She texts Joo-hyuk to pick up the kids after work, but Manager Byun is picking a fight with the cash department over some missing money. One cash team employee remembers belatedly that she asked the loan team for help, which leads to the discovery that Hwan made a huge error while exchanging currency.

Manager Byun wants to know why Hwan isn’t there, which lands Joo-hyuk in hot water for letting him go early. He’s ordered to fix the mistake, but he learns that the customer just left for the airport. That’s how Joo-hyuk ends up racing for the airport while Woo-jin tries to reach him about the kids.

When she can’t get ahold of him, she asks to leave work early, but her boss yells at her that this will screw up a huge group reservation. Woo-jin grows furious when Joo-hyuk still doesn’t answer her calls, unaware that he’s in the hospital recovering from his accident.

He wakes to find Hwan kicking his hospital bed. He says he had the car sent to a shop and even paid Joo-hyuk’s hospital fee — with Joo-hyuk’s credit card, naturally. Hwan reports that the client has left the country, blaming Joo-hyuk for his mistake by making him do the exchange in the first place. LOL, Joo-hyuk’s face.

Hwan says that Manager Byun is furious and threatening to string them both up in front of the bank. Joo-hyuk searches for his phone to call Manager Byun, but what he finds on it is a serious of increasingly angry texts from Woo-jin, wanting to know why he’s not picking up the kids or answering her calls.

He stumbles out of bed and runs home, forgetting all about work. As he runs, he thinks, “Socrates once said ‘If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.’” Joo-hyuk tells himself that he’s a philosopher as he bravely enters his apartment, where he’s immediately whacked in the face with a flying stuffed animal.

Woo-jin orders him right back out again, throwing anything she can get her hands on. When Joo-hyuk tries to explain, she threatens to staple his lips closed, screaming at him to shut up at the top of his lungs. She tells him how she had to run to pick up the children while the teacher called and he wouldn’t answer the phone, wanting to know why he couldn’t send a single text.

She shrieks that she didn’t give birth to their children alone, asking why she has to do all the work caring for them. Joo-hyuk tries to calm her down, but when he says he just now saw her calls, it only makes her angrier after having tried to reach him for hours.

She starts to laugh crazily and unleashes a string of obscenities, then goes to the kitchen for more things to throw — this time it’s a crab leg that was slated for dinner. It grazes Joo-hyuk’s cheek before making a perfect bulls-eye in a dart board.

Joo-hyuk gets out as ordered, and ends up scarfing ramyun at the Common Sense Bar, where Jong-hoo joins him. Jong-hoo tells SANG-SHIK, the bar’s owner, about Joo-hyuk’s terrible day, and Sang-shik sighs that in some ways, being a business owner is a lot less stress than office work.

As they chat, Joo-hyuk finds a crab claw in his soup, which gives him flashbacks. He slams down the crab claw and declares, “I want a divorce.” He explains that he’s scared of Woo-jin’s emotional switches, and that she’s no longer the cute, sweet woman he married.

He describes some of Woo-jin’s classless behaviors, like using the toilet while he’s taking a bath and refusing to cook for him anymore (and hissing like a snake when he asks). Jong-hoo says that’s just how married men live, defending how much mothers have to do for their children.

Joo-hyuk says that he’s tried to be understanding of all that, even admitting that his lack of competence makes Woo-jin suffer. But he also says he can’t take her “intermittent explosive disorder,” which is what he calls it when Woo-jin loses her temper and screams at him. She does it in the store, turning bright red with fury and letting loose with loud profanities when he loses their place in line because he forgot something.

Trying to find a silver lining, Jong-hoo says that at least she doesn’t beat him up, but Joo-hyuk sobs that she’s totally violent. He asks desperately if he should have to live with a woman like that for the rest of his life, but all his friends can do is sigh in sympathy.

In the morning, Branch Manager Cha reminds the team that if a robber ever comes to the bank, to just give him money and not risk their lives. There’s also a team dinner after work, paid for by the bank president, so he asks the loan department to make sure their paperwork is all in order by the end of the day.

Manager Byun calls the loan team together, and Hwan has a cute little fit that his manicure is interrupted. Joo-hyuk meekly promises to make sure team performance is up today, prompting Manager Byun to show them that their ranking has dropped among the Seoul branches. Manager Byun orders Joo-hyuk, Hwan, and Jong-hoo to hand out flyers and bring in business during their lunch hour (hee, Joo-hyuk gives Hwan the majority of the flyers).

Hwan pouts and refuses to help, offering to write an apology letter instead of passing out the flyers. Joo-hyuk asks how he’s so brave, and Hwan is all, “My family is rich, though we only own two buildings in Gangnam.” LOL.

Joo-hyuk tries to get rid of flyers by stuffing them in a nearby apartment building’s mailboxes, but that only gets him in trouble with security. He’s recognized by a tenant as he’s being shoved out of the building, and he freezes when he sees her.

She thinks he’s forgotten her and reminds him that she’s LEE HYE-WON (Kang Hanna) from college, but I’d say from his slack-jawed expression that he remembers the beauty quite well. They go to lunch, where Hye-won explains that she’s been in the U.S. for a while and just recently came home.

Joo-hyuk seems touched and a little awed by how much she remembers about him, and the way she loads up his plate like a doting girlfriend. He goes quiet, and admits that it’s been a while since someone looked out for him, and she laughs at his pitiful puppydog expression.

Hye-won tells Joo-hyuk that her music career was going well in the States, but she missed her family and Korea, and even him occasionally. Joo-hyuk chokes a little at that, but he recovers enough to say that it sounds like she was lonely.

She mentions that she heard he’s married, and that his wife is very pretty, and admits that she’s a little jealous, since she used to like him. That revelation puts Joo-hyuk in a daze, and nearly gets him in trouble at work again.

He spends the afternoon remembering Hye-won’s voice saying “I liked you” over and over again, and wondering how he never knew that the girl he liked, liked him back. He remembers those days when he was young and in college, and he had a job filling the snack and drink machines on campus.

One day he’s mesmerized by the lovely sound of someone playing the cello in a classroom. It’s Hye-won, and Joo-hyuk falls for her music as much as her beauty. Someone bumps into him as he watches Hye-won play, causing him to accidentally dive headfirst into the classroom. He apologizes nervously to Hye-won and quickly leaves, missing her amused smile.

He sees Hye-won on campus again on another day, surrounded by admirers, and Sang-shik, who’s his college roommate, informs Joo-hyuk that she’s a sophomore, and the beauty of the music department. Sang-shik immediately notices Joo-hyuk’s infatuation and advises him to give up on her, but instead, Joo-hyuk joins the music club just to be near her.

On her birthday, Joo-hyuk plans to confess with a single rose, but he gives up when he sees another guy delivering a huge bouquet. He overhears Hye-won say that she’s missing a signing event by her favorite cellist, so he scurries to the event to get the musician’s autograph. He takes it to her later, pretending that he just happened to run across the event and wishing her a belated happy birthday.

Later, Joo-hyuk’s little sister, JOO-EUN (Park Hee-bon) delivers him some food from home, reeling at the mess and stench in his room. He tells her lovingly that she’s put on weight, and she snaps at Sang-shik, who’s pretending to be asleep on the floor, to get up.

He pops up and introduces himself, and Joo-eun orders him to put some clothes on before she goes blind. Both guys lunge at Joo-eun when she notices something in the closet, but they’re too late — their extensive porn collection ends up all over the floor, and they both blurt out, “They’re his!” Surprisingly, instead of being scandalized, Joo-eun just asks if she can borrow a few magazines. Oh. Ooooh.

Running late seems to be the default for Joo-hyuk — he’s late for class again, but he screeches to a halt when Hye-won calls out to him. She invites him to a recital with her tonight, and Joo-hyuk is so happy that he barely notices when he’s nearly run over by a deliveryman on a scooter.

He’s on Cloud Nine all day, and spends a long time getting prettied up for his big date (awww, he even polishes his sneakers!). He ends up on the bus with a mousy little high school girl, unaware that she’s his future wife. Woo-jin gets groped by a creeper, and she grabs the jerk’s hand and calls him out loudly while Joo-hyuk watches, but the jerk insists he didn’t do anything and nobody on the bus can back up Woo-jin’s story.

Joo-hyuk speaks up that he saw the guy grope Woo-jin, and soon the passengers are demanding that the driver go straight to the police station. The groper is arrested and Joo-hyuk quickly leaves, worried about being late for his date with Hye-won. Woo-jin tries to thank him, but he’s already gone.

The concert is in progress by the time Joo-hyuk gets to the concert hall. The next day he apologizes to Hye-won, but she turns down his offer to buy her dinner to make it up to her. As he’s heading back to class, Woo-jin finds him and offers to buy him lunch to thank him for saving her, but he declines.

He tells her that her skirt is too short and tries to leave, but she follows him to his part-time job at an ice scream shop like a bouncy little puppy. Praising Joo-hyuk’s strong arm muscles, Woo-jin invites Joo-hyuk on date after date, only to get turned down every time. But she’s relentless, and when she offers to pay him to tutor her in math, he can’t resist the money.

Of course she’s not the slightest bit interested in studying, preferring to discuss things like kissing with her handsome tutor. Frustrated, Joo-hyuk asks what she wants to be when she grows up, and she says matter-of-factly, “Your wife” (while brazenly exposing her collarbone, hee).

She tells Joo-hyuk plainly that she likes him and puts his hand on her head, then announces that the top of her head is an erogenous zone, LOL. Joo-hyuk goes bright pink, and although he tries to scold her, Woo-jin just giggles at how cute he looks.

The phone rings, then Woo-jin’s mother starts to wail — her father has died unexpectedly, and Joo-hyuk goes to the funeral to pay his respects. He’s upset by the sight of Woo-jin sobbing, and when he goes to leave, she clutches his sleeve and begs him to stay.

Back in the present, Joo-hyuk is at the team dinner where Jong-hoo asks what’s bothering him today, but Joo-hyuk waves him off. A drunk Branch Manager Cha announces that he and Joo-hyuk are like brothers, and Jong-hoo asks when Joo-hyuk is going to tell him that they’re not actually of the same Cha lineage.

Apparently Joo-hyuk has been lying about it to gain favor, and he argues that Cha isn’t a common name so they’re all connected somehow. He says that with his current situation, he needs all the advantage he can get, even if it means lying about his family.

Jong-hoo tries to calm him, but Joo-hyuk lashes out, drawing attention to himself. Jong-hoo smooths it over as a lover’s quarrel, but Joo-hyuk whispers that he hates Jong-hoo, his wife, and this job. As the night goes on and Joo-hyuk gets drunker, he ends up at a karaoke bar, singing terribly, and his coworkers guess that something is going on with him.

Joo-hyuk drags his drunk butt home and makes it to the bathroom just in time. Woo-jin just whisper-yells at him not to wake the kids, then bans him from their bed in case his drunken state makes him snore. He shuffles to another room, calling himself crazy for marrying that evil woman.

He bursts into frustrated tears when his contraband video game system refuses to work. His muffled whine turns into real sorrow as he wonders how he never realized Hye-won’s real feelings for him.

Joo-hyuk is barely awake on the train the next morning, so he doesn’t register the doomsayer yelling about the nearby black hole creating a wormhole in space and time. He rouses in time to see the guy collapse, and he’s the only one who offers to help the man to his feet. The doomsayer puts two 500-won coins in Joo-hyuk’s hand, looking completely sane just for a moment, then goes on his way. Joo-hyuk notices that one was minted in 2006.

At the end of the workday, the loan team get word that a team member’s mother died, but everyone makes excuses to get out of the funeral tomorrow. Exhausted, Joo-hyuk stretches widely, and Manager Byun assumes he’s volunteering to attend the funeral. He does his duty, then calls his mom after the funeral and promises to visit his parents soon.

The funeral was a long ways away, and Joo-hyuk feels tired and woozy as he drives back to the city. His radio seems to be malfunctioning and he sees a double moon, and as he approaches an intersection, he sees a billboard that says, “Your life can change, too. Get a fresh start.”

He approaches a tollbooth, which he doesn’t remember passing on his way out of town, and he pays the toll, but the machine doesn’t register his coins. He notices that it only takes 500-won pieces, so he tosses in the 2006 coin from the doomsayer on the train, and this time it works.

Joo-hyuk continues on his way, but nothing looks familiar and his GPS goes haywire. Suddenly the car accelerates without his input, and Joo-hyuk panics when he realizes he can’t brake or steer. He screams, and the car disappears.

Joo-hyuk wakes up at a pounding on the door and a voice calling out, “Oppa!” He looks around and realizes that he’s in his old dorm room, Sang-shik asleep on the floor and Joo-eun knocking at the door. Dazed, he lets Joo-eun in, and she hands him the food she brought as he wonders why this seems so familiar.

He realizes what day it is just as Joo-eun dumps his porn out of the closet. She asks to borrow some of the magazines, and he sees the date on the calendar: June, 2006.


Familiar Wife is a little darker than I anticipated, but I like the setup so far, which feels realistic and painful with its depiction of Joo-hyuk’s dissatisfaction at how his life has turned out. There are still funny moments, which feel more gritty and High School King of Savvy-like than bright and Weightlifting Fairy-ish (more on that later), but I appreciate that the show isn’t making light of the misery and regret Joo-hyuk is feeling. He’s kind of a terrible husband, though it’s not deliberate and I think he believes he’s doing his best, but that’s the beauty of it all — he has no idea how much he’s contributed to his current situation. I can’t wait to see the horror on his face when he realizes how much of his life is his own dumb fault.

I fully expected this show to present Joo-hyuk as a well-meaning man who works hard to be a good husband, but whose picky, shrieking wife never gives him the benefit of the doubt. I’m happy to see that things are a lot more complicated than that. Joo-hyuk is a good guy, and he does his best as he understands it, but he’s not as thoughtful or helpful as he could be (example — his only taking care of himself and leaving Woo-jin to get the kids and herself ready for the day). On top of that, he’s got pretty unrealistic expectations of what it means to be a family… he truly believes that his wife should take care of the kids, work a job of her own, AND have dinner waiting on the table for him at the end of the day. I don’t blame Woo-jin one bit for turning shrewish and screamy under those circumstances, because she’s doing most of the work and still being judged lacking. Neither of them are bad people, or even necessarily bad spouses, but they just get angry and fight instead of sitting down and talking about expectations versus reality.

I wondered what it was that Joo-hyuk originally saw in Woo-jin, and then we got to see her as a teenage girl, and holy moley, it’s no wonder he couldn’t resist. She was a firecracker, a girl who knew what she wanted and set out to get it without playing coy games or pretending to be what she wasn’t. Now I wonder what on earth Joo-hyuk did to her to make her so angry and resentful, though I imagine that years and years of unrealistic expectations and thoughtless behavior can turn even the brightest spirit dark. It actually hurt to see what Woo-jin was, because she was so happy and bouncy and optimistic, and the thought of that spirit being stamped out is painful. We know that Joo-hyuk is a good man at his core — we’ve seen him repeatedly be the only person to offer help to someone in need — but neglect can change a person as thoroughly as outright abuse, under the right circumstances.

It’s no wonder Joo-hyuk is so blown away by his reunion with Hye-won, the way she starts flirting and doting on him right away. What Joo-hyuk fails to understand is that Hye-won is like that, not because she’s a nicer person or likes him more than Woo-jin, but because she doesn’t have Woo-jin’s years of history with him. Nobody can remain as romantic as a new couple all the time for years on end, and if Hye-won was juggling a job, two small babies, and an irresponsible husband, I doubt she’d still be beautifully put-together and sweet as pie, either.

I gotta admit, while I generally only give passing notice to a show’s behind-the-scenes crew (writer, director, etc), when it comes to Familiar Wife, 95% of my excitement is because the people behind this one have been responsible for some of my all-time favorite dramas. You tell me that the writer of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju, Oh My Ghostess, and High School King of Savvy (source of my very favorite drama quote, “You’re just needlessly tall!”) banding together with the PD of Shopping King Louis to make a supernatural drama starring Ji Sung, and I’m so in that I’ll probably never get out again. This also means that my expectations are sky-high, but I have faith that this band of merry creators can meet, and even exceed my expectations.

This first episode was all setup, so I’m looking forward to diving into the second episode where hopefully I’ll find some back-in-time school shenanigans and omg-what-have-I-done regrets back in the present. Is it too much to hope for to see Joo-hyuk and Hye-won married in the present, and Hye-won turned into the shrewish wife while Woo-jin is the glamorous one that got away? I’d love to see that, and watch Joo-hyuk realize that it’s not that he chose the wrong woman, but that it was his own selfish actions and borderline neglect that would cause any woman to turn angry and resentful. Overall the show looks like it will be sweet and funny, but also a little wistful as Joo-hyuk tries to regain the life, and wife, he didn’t appreciate when he had them.


Let’s Eat 3 Episode 5 Recap

The trip down memory lane is all fun and games — until someone gets hurt. At least physical pain is easier to deal with than the emotional and psychological trauma of caring for a parent with dementia. Thankfully, Dae-young is there to help everyone in his quietly intuitive way, proving once again why we love this foodie the way we do.

EPISODE 5: “Busan Cuisine”


Ji-woo runs out into the street, not paying attention to traffic, and Dae-young narrowly saves her from being hit by a car. His anger turns to concern when he sees how hard she’s crying, and when he asks what’s wrong, Ji-woo sobs out that her mother had an accident and is in the hospital.

They grab a taxi and Dae-young orders the driver to head to the train station, thinking that Ji-woo’s mother still lives in Busan. But Ji-woo instead guides the driver to a local hospital. Dae-young reaches over and holds Ji-woo’s hand in comfort, but she seems so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t react to his touch.

Back to 2004. The boys are busy playing computer games at the local PC room. Well, at least Dae-young and Byung-sam are, since Sung-joo is busy posing cutely for the webcam. Jin-seok arrives, asking them if they’d like to go to the beach today. They all agree, and soon they’re on the road to… Busan?

Dae-young is irritated because he has to work in the morning, and he thought they were going to a more local beach instead of one that’s a five-hour drive away. Byung-sam grumbles that they should have taken the brand new high-speed KTX train that only takes three hours, but Jin-seok chirps that they’re saving money this way.

Sung-joo also gripes that it’s pointless going all the way down to Busan for one day and that they should have planned ahead for a weekend getaway. But when Jin-seok’s phone rings, they discover the real reason he was so eager to head to Busan at the last minute — Seo-yeon had called him and asked him to bring him her phone to her mother’s house in Busan. She’d threatened to drop out of the soccer club if he refused.

The other boys are frustrated with Jin-seok and his servant-like love for Seo-yeon, but resign themselves to their fate.


Ji-woo’s visiting her mother in Busan since it’s her deceased father’s memorial day. Mom wonders why Seo-yeon agreed to come down, too, since she doesn’t need to participate, but Ji-woo assures Mom that Seo-yeon is fine and can entertain herself. Seo-yeon pops in, showing off the new marketing signs she created for Mom’s store, and Mom coos in delight over them, much to Ji-woo’s annoyance.

Seo-yeon drags Ji-woo out of the store, saying that they’re going to the beach. Ji-woo doesn’t think that’ll be any fun until Seo-yeon mentions that Jin-seok is bringing her phone — and that Dae-young is coming, too. Seo-yeon smirks as Ji-woo suddenly changes her mind.

The boys continue to crawl down the highway in Jin-seok’s junker of a car. Despite having all the windows down for airflow, the boys are sweating to death. Dae-young convinces Jin-seok to turn on the AC — but it causes the car to start overheating. So they reluctantly roll down the windows and turn the heater on, resuming their sweaty drive to Busan.


Finally they arrive and meet up with the girls on the beach. Ji-woo’s happy to see them, and Seo-yeon’s just happy to have her phone back. Jin-seok adorably thanks Seo-yeon for giving him the chance to see Busan, and she chirps, “Have fun!” as she relaxes on her towel, not wanting anything to do with them. Jin-seok’s determined to stay close to Seo-yeon, and passes on the offer of lunch.

The other boys are starving and Ji-woo takes them to a local restaurant that specializes in hagfish. Okay, this show has done amazing propaganda for various food groups over the years, ultimately making me want to stuff my face with so many things that I’d normally avoid. But there’s just no way that I’m gonna find something that looks like a big ol’ albino worm appetizing.


However, Ji-woo and the boys happily enjoy their feast, and the rest of the boys are delighted to discover her “stuff the meat and the lettuce in your mouth at the same time” trick. Ji-woo’s disappointed to learn that they’ll be heading back to Seoul later that night, so they won’t be there long.

Their bellies full, they wander back to the beach, passing by a kiosk where you can win a prize by smashing enough tiles, taekwondo style. Dae-young challenges his friends to a contest to see who can smash the most bricks — the loser pays for coffee. All three boys line up, and Dae-young is the winner! Poor Byung-sam is the loser, having barely even smashed one tile (and nearly breaking his hand in the process).

Dae-young wins a cute kitschy keychain of a pink bear and nonchalantly offers it to Ji-woo. She’s thrilled by the gift and clutches it tightly.

Jin-seok is relieved to see them all return since he can abandon his post of watching Seo-yeon’s personal items, and runs into the water, splashing away all the handsome admirers around Seo-yeon — except he seems to splash Seo-yeon even more, much to her displeasure.

As Seo-yeon returns to relaxing on the beach, the rest of the gang enjoy playing around in the water. Ji-woo eventually drags her back in since they want to play cavalry battle, and they need her to complete a team. As Dae-young and Sung-joo hoist Ji-woo, Byung-sam and Jin-seok do the same for Seo-yeon and the two women attempt to be the first to steal the other’s hat.


Ji-woo’s more distracted by the fact that Dae-young’s arms are wrapped around her thigh than she is focused on grabbing her sister’s hat. But when Dae-young reminds her that if they lose, he’ll have to pay for dinner, she suddenly refocuses and manages to grab Seo-yeon’s hat. Seo-yeon whines that Ji-woo scratched her cheek on purpose when she reached for the hat, despite Ji-woo’s denials that it was an accident.

Seo-yeon’s ready for the next round, though, and sneakily whips out one of her long legs and knocks Ji-woo out of the boys’ arms and into the water. Seo-yeon smirks as she tells the sputtering Ji-woo that “it was an accident.” Then she starts laughing at Ji-woo’s wet hair, calling it seaweed.

Ji-woo’s not about to take that insult lying down and the two girls start fighting in the middle of the water. In the midst of their hair-pulling, the keychain Dae-young gave Ji-woo falls out of her pocket and disappears into the ocean.

The game is effectively over once the girls end their fight, and everyone agrees to take a break and relax. Ji-woo, realizing the keychain is missing, says that she’ll stay a little longer “playing” in the ocean. She ducks her head down beneath the water, looking for the keychain, but she can’t find it.


The boys enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the beach until it’s time for dinner. After they get cleaned up, they realize that they haven’t seen Ji-woo for hours. Since it’s dark out, there’s no way she’d still be playing in the water, but just as Dae-young’s about to call her, Ji-woo bobs out of the water like an errant dolphin.

Shivering, she returns to the beach. Concerned, Dae-young wraps his jacket around her, and then notices that her feet are scraped and bloody from the rocks in the water.

Without hesitation, he scoops her up in his arms as literal fireworks begin to go off around them. It’s a super romantic setting as he princess-carries her to the local first aid station, reassuring her that she’s “light as a bean.” Awww, his new nickname for Ji-woo is the same as her dog’s name, Kongali (“small bean”).

As the nurse tends to Ji-woo’s injuries, Dae-young calls the guys and tells them to have dinner without him — instead, he’ll walk Ji-woo home. He’s curious why Ji-woo was out in the water for so long, and Ji-woo reluctantly confesses she lost the keychain he gave her.

She’s afraid that he’ll be mad at her, but Dae-young wonders why she spent her day looking for a cheap worthless trinket. Ji-woo’s face falls — it wasn’t worthless to her!


After Ji-woo changes, Dae-young surprises her with a new keychain. He didn’t win it, but he saw one for sale and bought it for her. Aw, it may not be the exact same as the one he won, but it makes Ji-woo smile just as big.

While they wait for Dae-young, the other three boys decide to check out the nightlife (aka the ladies) on the beach. Sung-joo agrees to be the wingman for the other two, but Jin-seok torpedoes his chance by barging in and introducing himself, and being a general annoyance to the tough local girls. Byung-sam, of course, can barely look at them, much less say a word.

Dae-young slowly escorts Ji-woo home, letting her lean on his arm to make it easier for her to walk. She’s adorably cute as she tries to hide how happy she is to be walking by his side.


They arrive at her home, and Ji-woo’s joy fades when she sees Mom and Seo-yeon being as chummy and comfortable as though they were blood-related. But once Mom sees Ji-woo, Mom yells at her for being out so late without calling, and also for scratching Seo-yeon’s face.

Ji-woo pouts that she was hurt, too, showing off her bandaged feet. But Mom isn’t having it, and Ji-woo grumpily walks into the house.

Mom then turns her attention to Dae-young, demanding to know if he was the reason Ji-woo got hurt. Dae-young reassures her it was just due to Ji-woo playing so long in the ocean, and Mom grumbles that of course Ji-woo would be that clumsy.


Mom thanks Dae-young for walking Ji-woo home and gives him a few won to buy himself a snack, getting serious when she warns him that if he hurts Ji-woo, he’ll answer to her. But she smiles and waves as he walks away.

Back to 2018, and Ji-woo rushes into the hospital where Mom is being treated for broken ribs after falling down the nursing home stairs. Dae-young’s there too, and familiarly greets Mom.

Except, because of her dementia, she doesn’t remember him and wonders if he’s “Miss Ji-woo’s” boyfriend. Dae-young, with his intuitive sixth sense that something isn’t right and this is creating an awkward situation for Ji-woo, politely excuses himself to pick up a few items for Mom’s hospital stay.


The manager of the nursing home arrives to inform Ji-woo that it’s all Mom’s fault that she fell down the stairs. Ji-woo’s ready to yell at them for not taking proper care of her mother, but the manager continues to insist that it’s written in the contract that the stairs are off limits to patients and Mom violated the rules. This, plus the other issues they’ve had with her, mean that they won’t be able to care for Ji-woo’s mother anymore.

Dae-young arrives with his purchases in time to overhear the manager tell Ji-woo that Mom is kicked out of the nursing home and they’ll be demanding that Ji-woo pay for the fire damage in the kitchen as well.

Pretending that he didn’t hear anything, Dae-young gives her the bag of supplies. Ji-woo is impressed that he seemed to think of everything, and Dae-young reminds her that he’s been an insurance salesman for years, so he knows what people need in the hospital.

Ji-woo doesn’t understand why he purchased two pairs of slippers for her mother, though, and he points out that Ji-woo’s wearing mismatched shoes. One of those pairs is for Ji-woo. Aw, he really did think of everything!

Over at Sun’s apartment, the maintenance man has cleaned up from the fire in the bathroom. Seo-yeon is feeling guilty not just for the fire, but for Sun’s arm injury from when he slipped on the foam-covered bathroom floor. Seo-yeon promises that she’ll pay him back for all the expenses once she finds her missing business partner. Sun says that he’s reinstating “the line.”


Later, Seo-yeon accepts a delivery for Sun, and once she discovers it’s the ingredients for a meal, she makes it for him. When he discovers her plating the meal, he yells at her for ruining it. She points out that she was just trying to help as a way to apologize, plus she knows it would be hard for him to cook with his hurt arm.

Sun dumps the meal into the sink, yelling that accepting the delivery, opening the box, checking the ingredients, and cooking the meal are all a part of his work, and she ruined it. Seo-yeon angrily points out that she put effort into making it for him, but becomes even angrier when Sun mutters that he wishes his cousin never came in contact with someone who’s so “low-class.”

Following after Sun, Seo-yeon catches her foot on the edge of the table and trips, landing on Sun as they fall on the floor. No accidental kisses, though — just accidental nose bumps. And maybe an accidental something else, as Sun suddenly makes a hasty exit out from under Seo-yeon. She’s confused until she realizes that “little Sun” must’ve been happy to see her, and smiles in satisfaction that she was able to provoke such a reaction.

Ji-woo’s busy trying to figure out what to do with her mother. The waitlist for a government-provided caregiver is at least a month long, and Ji-woo needs someone right away. Ji-woo asks her coworker Yoon-ji if she knows of any private hospitals that are hiring since Ji-woo needs a regular schedule and won’t be able to work nights once Mom moves in with her. It would mean less pay and less respect since she’d be the newbie, but Ji-woo needs to do whatever it takes to help her mother.


Ji-woo also dementia-proofs her house (which seems similar to baby-proofing) and adds a security camera so she can keep an eye on her mother while Mom’s at home and Ji-woo’s away. Ji-woo brings Mom home, explaining that she’s looking for a new place on the ground floor, but for now Mom will need to be careful going up and down the flight of stairs.

Dae-young arrives just then, finishing up a walk with Kongali. Kongali’s happy to see Ji-woo, but Mom is terrified of dogs and hides in fear. Ji-woo frets that she forgot about Mom’s fear of dogs, and Dae-young offers to temporarily take care of Kongali. Aw, poor Kongali is so sad that she can’t say “hello” to Ji-woo. Mom wonders who the handsome stranger is, and Ji-woo simply says it’s her neighbor.

In the morning, Sun’s adjusting his tie as he gets ready to leave for work, and suddenly Seo-yeon leans into him to “help” him fix his tie. She then “innocently” asks him to help her zip up her dress because she can’t reach, but he nervously ignores her. Ha, she easily zips it up herself, anyway.

When he arrives at the parking garage, Sun realizes he can’t find his car keys. That’s because Seo-yeon has them, and offers to drive him to work since she knows it’ll be difficult for him with his hurt arm. She leans over, getting super cozy as she reaches for the seatbelt to buckle him in. Sun finally snaps, asking what she wants from him so she’ll stop acting like this.

Seo-yeon’s demands are simple: She just wants an apology from him for calling her low-class. Refusing to apologize, Sun decides to take a taxi instead.

Ji-woo emerges from her shower to find Mom trying to turn on the gas stove but having difficulty getting the burner to light (thanks to Ji-woo’s mother-proofing the kitchen). Mom just wants to make some of her eight-year-old daughter’s favorite foods, but Ji-woo reassures Mom that she’ll take care of it — right after she cleans up the mess Mom made in the kitchen.

When Ji-woo looks up from cleaning, she realizes Mom has disappeared. Ji-woo races outside to find Mom hurrying down the street. Mom stops a young girl in pigtails, calling her “Ji-woo,” but the young girl sasses back that Mom’s crazy. Ji-woo catches up just then and tells Mom that the little girl isn’t Ji-woo.

Mom’s concerned, since, in her mind, Ji-woo is eight years old and coming home from school right now. Mom’s worried that since she’s moved, young Ji-woo won’t know where to find them. But “Miss Ji-woo” reassures Mom that she’ll once again take care of it as she escorts Mom back to her home.

Seo-yeon’s putting on her classic crocodile-tear sob-story at a restaurant, pleading for the ingredients of their famous Japanese herring soba noodles so she can take them back to her “sick friend.” Except Dae-young just so happens to be eating lunch there as well, amused that Seo-yeon hasn’t changed at all over the years.


She’s surprised that he’s there (although perhaps it isn’t a surprise, if he’s also researching the restaurant for CQ Foods). She wonders if the herring soba noodle dish is any good, wrinkling her nose as she says it smells fishy. Dae-young: “What? What?

He launches into a spiel about the importance of drying and cooking herring (“It’s like a love story!”), which makes the dish so special and delicious. He happily slurps down his noodles while Seo-yeon watches. She marvels at his foodie enthusiasm, which reminds her of how Ji-woo used to act when they used to eat together.

Seo-yeon grumbles about the way Ji-woo threatened her in the hospital elevator. She gripes that Ji-woo’s temper is as bad as ever, but Dae-young muses that Ji-woo probably had her reasons. After Seo-yeon leaves, Dae-young wonders if Seo-yeon knows about Mom’s dementia.

Seo-yeon and Sun meet in the elevator on the way up to his apartment, and she hands him the bag of food, telling him it’s repayment for ruining his dish last night. He accepts it, then cautiously sidles away, practically squishing himself against the wall to keep his distance from her (much to Seo-yeon’s amusement).

She throws her “low-class” act into high gear as she “helps” him cook his dinner, and Sun finally cracks and stutters out an apology. That’s all Seo-yeon wanted, and she saunters away in satisfaction, leaving him unmolested. But Sun suddenly swoops her up, carries her to her room, and dumps her on the bed.

Now she’s the panicked one as he leans down, telling her that he can cross the line, too. But instead of kissing her, he just whispers a warning for her to be careful. Seo-yeon’s surprised but also annoyed (and possibly impressed) at being schooled in her own game.

Ji-woo looks online for other nursing jobs while her mom sleeps, then gets a call from a realtor that she has a ground-floor apartment available ASAP and if Ji-woo’s interested, she’d better come see it right away before someone else snaps it up.

Worried about leaving her mother behind, Ji-woo wrestles with the idea of locking Mom inside the house, but does it anyway as she hurries to see the new apartment. But Ji-woo’s attention is only half there as she looks around the other apartment, since she keeps one eye on the camera feed of her mother sleeping. When she notices Mom get out of bed, Ji-woo runs home.

Dae-young also returns home, concerned that Kongali seems to be barking at Ji-woo’s apartment. He hears pounding on Ji-woo’s door — it’s Mom, pleading to be let out. Ji-woo runs up the stairs and starts frantically unlocking the padlock. Ji-woo tells Dae-young that she had to run an errand and couldn’t have Mom wandering around the neighborhood while she was gone.

Once Ji-woo opens the door, she sees the childlike fear in her Mom’s eyes over being left alone. Undoubtedly still conflicted over the need to lock her mother inside at all, Ji-woo hugs Mom tight.

Ji-woo takes Mom to the hospital to receive more care for her broken ribs. Ji-woo gets a call from Dae-young, asking to see her right away. Leaving Mom in the care of the nurses during her treatment, Ji-woo meets with the nursing home manager, who bows and hands her a large gift basket as Dae-young watches. The manager apologizes for what happened to Mom and takes all the blame, then reassures Ji-woo that they will pay for the hospital bills.

The manager leaves, and Ji-woo’s stunned by this sudden change in attitude. Dae-young explains that he followed up on a suspicion he had, and even went undercover to find out that the nursing home was in violation of fire codes and hadn’t changed their light in the stairwell in months — since it was so dark in the hallway, that makes the accident the nursing home’s fault.

Dae-young also gives her a brochure for another nursing home, encouraging her to check it out since not all nursing homes are as terrible as the one she’d been using. It’s definitely a much nicer one, and Mom is thrilled to have her own little space again. Dae-young helps Mom get settled in, and she thanks him by giving him a few won to buy himself a snack. Aw, it’s just like she did back in 2004.


Dae-young tries to return the money to her, but Mom insists he take it. She adds that if he hurts “Miss Ji-woo,” then he’ll have to answer to her. Yep, just like 2004, and Dae-young tells her that he hasn’t forgotten.

As they leave Mom behind in her new nursing home, Dae-young reassures Ji-woo that she’s making the right decision, so she doesn’t need to feel guilty. Ji-woo tells him that another name for guilt and responsibility is “burden.” She admits that she actually feels relieved, as though she just set down a huge burden. Ji-woo: “I’m a terrible person, aren’t I?”

Epilogue. Sun and Ji-woo head to a small hole-in-the-wall (but super popular) restaurant for lunch. It’s his way of apologizing for being a hassle the night he got drunk. As they enter the restaurant, they see Dae-young stroking a woman’s hair. The woman turns and it’s Seo-yeon, who rests her head against Dae-young’s chest. Sun and Ji-woo stare in shock.



Is Dae-young the perfect guy or what? I loved how he quietly sussed out the situation with Ji-woo and her mother and did what he could to help while making sure not to step on any toes (or “cross the line,” as Sun would say). He’s so obviously worried about Ji-woo but I’m sure he feels like he can’t really say anything since she hasn’t particularly opened up that part of her life to him, and Dae-young isn’t exactly the nosy or pushy type. Yet it’s proof he cares, right? He wants to make sure Ji-woo is taken care of, and her family is taken care of, and is willing to help her shoulder the “burden” (so to speak) without letting on that’s what he’s doing until it’s resolved to her benefit. There’s just something so appealing about that kind of guy that I can’t even get mad he gets a new love interest every season because now I wanna know how I can sign up to be the love interest in Season 4 (fight me, Ji-woo! I’ll high-kick you just like Seo-yeon!).

But in all seriousness, I really loved how the show is portraying the difficulties of dealing with a family member who has dementia. Okay, maybe I hate it, too, since it cuts a little too close to home, but I have so much admiration for Ji-woo because she was willing to jump in and do whatever it took to care for her mother without thinking about how it would effectively ruin her life. Being the primary caretaker for someone with dementia — especially if it’s someone you love that no longer recognizes you for who you really are — is hard. Even with all of Ji-woo’s medical training, there’s nothing that can properly prepare you to try and be the only one there for someone who is essentially like a lost toddler every hour of the day. It’s exhausting, physically and mentally, and impossible to do by yourself.

Which is, perhaps, the lesson that Ji-woo is learning. I get the feeling she has been doing everything on her own for the past few years, so it’s shaking her up a bit to have Dae-young suddenly and quietly swoop in with his gentle encouragement and assistance. It’s no wonder, too, that Ji-woo might be furious every time Dae-young mentions Seo-yeon, since even thinking beyond the basic “something very bad went down between the sisters” assumption, I’d be jealous, too, if a guy that considerate and thoughtful (even in college! Hello, swoon-worthy princess-carry to the infirmary and thoughtful replacement of a cheap keychain!) seemed interested in my pretty stepsister who has no end of guys falling for her.

Sometimes literally “falling” for her, too. Heh. I’m still giggling over Seo-yeon’s over-the-top flirtation with Sun. Yeah, she should have probably been less manipulative, but this is Seo-yeon we’re talking about. She seems to like pushing people’s passive-aggressive buttons until they finally burst out with how they’re really feeling or what they really think (or just finally saying the simple words she wants to hear, like “I’m sorry”). So yeah, Seo-yeon is manipulative, but I think she has a lot of respect for honesty — or at least people who call her out on her BS and refuse to be pushed around.


Time Episode 7+8 recap

After waking up, Jj Hyun has the breakfast cooked by his mother. Her mother said that her old ex boyfriend also creditor knew something related to Ji Eun’s death. Ji Hyun was worried about this. Everything let her mother solve. Perhaps, her mother insisted not to give up on her sister’s death. The truth is always true.

Soo Ho goes to see a doctor, he wants to know if there are any methods such as using herbs that are sought in the mountains or any methods that can lengthen his life. Unfortunately, no miracles happen. Doctor advised him to appreciate the time he has left. Soo Ho seems to have lost hope for his life. Soo Ho realizes that because he does not have much time left, he decides to spend that little time for himself.

Soo Ho decides to go shopping before going on a long vacation. He decidé to think for himself.   I will spend my own time, not someone else’s. Ji Hyun is assigned as a staff member for vip guests. This time her guests vip is Chae Ah. Followed by Chae Ah that is Min Seok. When Chae Ah choses a dress for Min Seok, she remembers a recommendation from Ji Hyun. But both Ji Hyun and Min Seok look at each other as strangers

Chae Ah and Soo Ho meet accidentally. Soo Ho can not stand the sight that Ji Hyun has to serve both of them. So he decided to take the hand of Ji Hyun. Despite the annoying look from Chae Ah. Chae Ah seems to have noticed Ji Hyun, who was at the press conference.

Soo Ho and Chae Ah have a meeting. He says Chae Ah should find another man and avoid Min Seok because he’s not a good guy. Chae Ah refuses his advice. She leaves to avoid answering the question. Not stopping there, Soo Ho suggested that he gives her the right to own the restaurant before they marry with a condition to stay away from Min Seok. Chae Ah continues to doubt. She asks him about the fight at the hotel between him and Soo Cheol whether it was Min Seok who staged it. Knowing that he is lying, Soo Ho wants to give Min Seok a bad image. He admits

Min Seok is in his office. His boss accidentally saw the gift that Chae Ah bought for him. He says people like them never get gifts. At that moment, he also receives a bunch of flower and a small box. This strange thing makes the office pay attention. It is like a gift of Chae Ah makes for him. But Min Seok does not know who the sender is. Opening a small box, inside it is a usb contains a video which is extremely shocking. It is the scene Chae Ah using her bag to hit Ji Eun’s head. An incoming call. The man’s voice ‘s talking. He almost knows the whole truth and asks him to go out.

Min Seok and the two of them left.They are creditors of Ji Hyun’s mother. He knows when witnessing the rich like Soo Ho helps Ji Hyun pay back the debt and take back her house. So he found out that Soo Ho and Chae Ah were involved in the murder. His main purpose is money. He says that Min Seok should get money from Chae Ah, and of course she doesn’t want to give her money because of knowing that there are other people know the truth.

Ji Hyun comes to find Soo Ho. She wants to apologize for last night mistake due to drinking too much. Soo-ho rages abruptly, he squeezes her wrist, his eyes are angry. He asks what she did is intentional or not. If Ji Hyun keeps talking about it, Soo Ho can not help thinking about it. Of course, he will not help her with this.

Ji Hyun immediately arrives at Incheon Airport to find Soo Ho. She wants to come on time to inform him. Just in time, she said there was CCTV in the pool and there was a video of her sister’s death in the pool. W hotel is a branch of the Soo Ho family so Ji Hyun wants her to help. Soo Ho now knows the truth.

Ji Hyun arrives at the hotel W, she asks the people there about Ji Eun. But nobody knows about her. Min Seok shows up, takes her to the technical room so she can watch the video. Ji Hyun wonders why Min Seok knows she is looking for that video. Actually, she did not tell him. Min Seok asks Ji Hyun to accept Ji Eun’s death. But she insists, the story behind her does not know and she will definitely find it out.

Ji Hyun’s mother’s ex-boyfriend finds out that the video was leaked. He come to black mail Min Seok. He sits in the back of the car, approachs Min Seok. Said that he dares to have people to take back the video. He demands that Chae Ah immediately gives him1 billion won tonight.

Ji Hyun’s mom watched her lover. She poured gasoline into him threatening to give the video. Kia says that if burning him also means the video will also on fire. He tells her that he will meet the man behind this and tell her to help him record the conversation between them.

Soo Ho is sitting in the car watching Ji Hyun works. He thinks if he finds out the truth, what is the reaction off Ji Hyun. At that moment, Ji Hyun sees him. He reveals that he has found a video that Ji Hyun needs. Why does Soo ho have the courage to reveal this when he is the person involved in the incident? At first, Soo Ho hides the truth but then he is ready to face it. He believes that he is not the one who killed Ji Eun. Only when he found out the truth, Soo Ho can res peacefully, living the last days of his life

The guy with her mother Ji Hyun come to see Min Seok. Until the car stops, she finds out who knows the truth is Min Seok. But it is too late. Ji Eun’s manager can’t stop the car. Finally, the car is blown up