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Time Episode 13+14 Recap

Min Seok does not understand why Chae Ah interferes with this. This time, Chae Ah interrupts as  she is causing trouble to herself. Chae Ah treats both of them as friends. She met Kang In Bum and wanted to get the bloody tie back from his hands.

The reason that Chae Ah wants to get back the bloody tie is because she wants to know whose blood is on the tie. Is Min Seok the one who killed the other two or is it just a blood stain from Kang In Bum? A lot of questions appear in her head.  Get the question from Chae ah, Min Seok does not respond. Shin Min Seok does not care about the tie.

Ji Hyun informs about Ga Young about her accidental encounter with Kang In Bum that day. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun discovers some thing about Chae Ah, Soo Ho’s fiancée. Ga Young tells Ji Hyun not to inform anyone including Soo Ho about this. To make the investigation successfull revealing Chae Ah right now is not the way.

Ji Hyun wants to learn more about the person involved in the death of her mother and her sister. She just know thats Chae Ah is the co-owner of restaurant W Group so she asks Soo Ho to cook for the restaurant. Ji Hyun does not reveal anything to Soo Ho.Chae Ah soon knew the relationship between Ji Hyun and Min Seok. She  makes up a plan for the two to meet and through which she can know more about Min Seok. Chae Ah says Ji Hyun is a newcomer to the kitchen. She makes Min Seok to type a contrac for Ji Hyun.

Here, there are four people, Chae Ah suddenly asks Ji Hyun a personal question about his love affair. Ji Hyun says that she and her lover had just broken up but she does not know the reason why. Maybe it was because he wanted to find a new direction. Min Seok talks about his feelings. He says that because of love, he decided to break up. Min Seok can not bring happiness to his lover. Wanting to end the conversation, Ji Hyun signs the contract and left.

Conversation between Soo Ho and Chae Ah is recorded by Ji Hyun. Soo Ho and Chae Ah have a fight when he finds out her relationship with Min Seok. This shocks Ji Hyun. In her mind they seems know a lot more about her.

Soon Ho calls her to go upstairs. He is about to tell her all the truth. That night, he was with Ji Eun when she was about to die. But when he meets Ji Hyun, he does not seem to have the courage to say it. Ji Hyun says that she could not give a reason why she wants to work at his restaurant right now. He should give her the right time when she can tell him everything.

Ji Hyun wonders what is the relationship between Min Seok and Chae Ah is. Does the relationship between him and Chae Ah go nowhere? She cast doubt on Chae Ah when seeing he always appears with Chae Ah. Min Seok leaves after having a promise with her. He swears he’s never involved in the death of Ji Eun and Ji Hyun’s mother. As soon as he steps out of the shop, someone wants to harm him when throwing the brick from above. By the camera, Ji Hyun and Min Seok discover that it was Kang In Bum.

Now, the inferences of Ji Hyun are more and more make sense. She had speculated that Min Seok had something to do with the death of her mother and sister.

Soo Cheol has said that Soo Ho should give up his position for him. The future chair will not be easy to belong to Soo Ho after the secret is revealed. Ji Hyun also hears about this, she stole into his room to put the recording pen.

Soo Cheol wants to find ways to defeat Soo Ho. Lawyer Shin Min Seok this time takes another move. He investigats at the Soo Ho night party that night, kang In Bum is  the one provides the medicine. It is also an excuse for Soo Ho to leave the corporate chair. Soo Cheol seems so impatient that he does not know he is also the buyer himself. There are witnesses and evidence to prove this. Finally, Shin asks him to go to the prosecutor Cho to make Kang In Bum innocent. This is a perfect ending for both.

Soo Ho makes a decision so that causes the president and everyone worried. He goes to the prosecutor’s office to state that Kangin Bum killed two people at the container port and Kangin Bum’s involved to the seller of the drug at his party.

Min Seok meets Chae Ah. Chae Ah will answer to Min Seok about the conditions of exchange between the two with a condition he must let her know the relationship between him and her. Min Seok has revealed everything. The girl who died at the pool that night was Ji Hyun’s sister.

Ji Hyun steals Chae Ah’s phone and has a face-to-face meeting with him. She tells the police about this and they come to capture him. Being warned by Min Seok that someone discovered her, Kang In Bum escaped but she could not. Kang In Bum,the number 1 suspect in Ji Hyun’s mother’s death, was arrested.



Risky romance Episode 15-16 Recap

Seung Joo is really touched by Joo In Ah’s sincerity? This morning, In Ah seemed to wake up with a tired face. Seung Joo gives her a cup of hot coffee. The relationship of them has grown up day by day.

Se Ra has dinner with Jae Hwang. Today is an unhappy day to her so she looks pretty tired. Jae Hwang comes forward with a gift in his hand. Se Ra’s mood is worse when the gift she receives is the bag that Han Sung gave him. Jae Hwang took the bag from Mi Un and Mi Un said that it was Se Ra who dumped the bag in the trash bin.

Everything seems so clear, Se Ra admits to the fact that she was Han Sung’s ex- girlfriend that year. Joo In Ah was in love with Han Sung from high school, but the person Han Sung liked is her. At this moment, Se Ra reveals all the frustrations in her heart. She and In Ah forever can not get along. Ever since her parents adopted In Ah, her life was taken away. In Se Ra’s childhood memories, it seems that her parents had forgotten that she was their biological child. She felt that she was just a blur in their eyes.

Meeting up in front of their house, Se Ra yells at Ah. She suggests that In Ah should not interfere with her life anymore. In Ah can not stand the attitude of Se Ra. She says that her parents are no longer alive for her to rely on. Se Ra blames the failures of his her on In-Ah. Failing university because of her, the show she participated in was not good because of her, every misfortune in Se Ra’s life is because of her. Unbearable to insults of In Ah, Se Ra burst into tears because she blamed herself of killing the parents. The day she graduated from university, her parents came to see her then died in a car accident.

Sitting with Seung Joo expressing her feeling, she admits that the day she entered the university, her parents were very happy. Se Ra had little interest in her. So seeing the joy of those who love In Ah, Se RA did not care. Se left home instead of going out to celebrate with the whole family. Worried about Se, so the whole family went to find her and unfortunately the accident that has taken the lives of both of them. Until now, Se Ra has not known the truth yet.

Seung Joo does not accept to her silence about this for years .Taking all the guilt on her side only makes her hated In-Ah more.Jae Hwang calls Seung Joo.

He is about to tell Seung Joo all the truth. It is Se Ra who was Han Sung’s lover but not In Ah

The director of the hospital hears that his son will be the man who performs this important surgery. This surgery is very important because Jae Hwang choose the minimally invasive surgical method. If this surgery is successful,  Jae Hwan is the youngest doctor in the country to do this procedure. The director immediately calls the media department to inform them about this operation. This will be the key step in Jae Hwang’s career as well as the head center position that definitely belongs to his son.


Everything does not happen as expected. When under pressure of the media as well as the words of his father. Jae Hwan does not seem to be 100% mentally focused anymore. When the surgery has just started, and the patient’s brain suddenly swelled, which makes the doctors worried. Finally, the director prevents the bad consequnces of the surgery to happen. He does not want to see Jae Hwang’s mistake anymore.

Min Ki does not accept another doctor who will replace Jae Hwang in the surgery. He does not trust other doctors anymore. Seems like Min Ki puts all his trust in his brother Seung Joo. Only Seung Joo is the surgeon for him, he will not sue if anything happens.

Facing to In-Ah, Seung Joo ignores her question. In Ah does not accept Seung Joo to give up everything when facing difficulties. Seung Joo has criticized his father’s view of life. But he himself is on the sam way. Seung Joo rages. He admits that he had failed. That surgery he can not even handle the scalpel. His hand did not listen to him because he could not concentrate.

After his failures, Jae Hwang sees wine as his best friend. Se Ra also appears. Despite Jae Hwang’s refusal, Se Ra is sure that Jae Hwang will not tell the truth to Seung Joo. Because she knows, the fact that between him and her, no matter how much he hates her, she does not deny the truth that two of them are quite similar: Be selfish for themselves.

We are only happy when we have our true happiness. Happiness is the first priority.

In Ah determines to try all the ways to cure his haunting sequelae. But all the solutions she gives make him more upset.

Both of them take the bus home. In the car, Seung Joo accidentally picked up In Ah’s notebook. He curiously opens a few pages. Seung Joo is surprised by In Ah’s words. She searchs for his obsessive psychological illness and noted them down. In Ah is worried about Seung a lot. Until now, that heartless man has realized that.




Risky Romance Episode 13-14 Recap

Seung Joo pays for the hospital fee that In Ah paying for the old man. The old man expresses his gratitude when In Ah helps him pay the hospital fees, although they are not relative. Feeling the excitement in the old man’s eyes as well as the abalone gift his mother sent personally to In Ah, Seung Joo fears that his thoughts about her were wrong. Surely, his heart is like a tangle.

Mi Un says Jae Hwang is in love with In Ah. Seung Joo expresses his disliking about this. He says that both are not just friend. For whatever reason, Seung Joo rushes into In- Ah’s room to search for something.

Oh my dear, this action he is caught by Mi Un in a split second. This is also the evidence that Mi Un makes him to clean the room. LOL

Not only that, we also know that Seung Joo likes perfection. Mi Un constantly praises him in front of In Ah. Seung Joo can do a lot of good  things in addition to study well. Understand that point, In Ah encourages him to cook because cooking is difficult. That is more difficult to men.

Se Ra expresses her intention against Jae Hwang. She tries to protect her sister when he tries to recall the sad past. This makes Jae Hwang even more desperate to find out more about her because he is sure Se Ra knows something about it. Seung Joo’s attitude changes in a more positive way. He goes to the shopping mall for his family, but also thinks about the clothes buy 1 get 1 for the ladies. When Seung Joo sits down to pick up the small coins, the deputy director passes and laughs at him. He thinks the time of splendorof every human being is also limited. Who would  think that Seung Joo is benting down to pick up those little coins?

Seung Joo raged, he punches into the toy machine as if punching in the face of the director. In Ah  worries for Seung Joo when goes at night he’s not come home yet. It turns out that he is sitting in front of the gate.

Seung Joo thinks that no place he is in except this hospital. To be honest, Seung Joo is trying to show not only In Ah but also everyone to thinks he is okay. But right now, Seung Joo is not good at all. Everyone knows he is going through a hard time, no matter how hard he tries, things will not be as smooth as he wanted.  In Ah motivates him. Everyone around him is willing to help him, they all want him back to Seung Joo like before. Seung Joo hears the sincere advice from her, his eyes tearing. Seung Joo wants her to answer his question “Who are you that make me so confused?” “I’m the one besides you” In Ah’s answer seems to meet all his expectations.

When he wakes up, Seung Joo is frightened to see that someone sleeping in his room. He tries to recall what had happened to him last night. That is In Ah is going to give him a romantic kiss. Is not the person on his bed right now is In Ah?

After hearing the words In Ah told him last night that he begged her for help. Seung Joo thinks that’s unreasonable because he does not believe that he could say those words. She suggests that he should go for blood test so that she can have the best diagnosis for him. Seung Joo says that it is silly. He declines her careness and leaves immediately.

Jae Hwang takes Se Ra to one place. She is surprised that this is a concert. The way the band play reminds her of Han Sung’s image. Se Ra suspects that Jae Hwang had known something.

Suddenly a member of the band fainted. He is taken to the hospital. He has meningitis. Seung Joo and Jae Hwang are in conflict. Jae Hwang thinks that Seung Joo’s surgery method has changed. Seung Joo is worried if Jae Hwang takes surgery , it will not be successful, the chance that the patient will have hemiplegia is very high.

Jae Hwang puts pressure on the deputy director when he forces him to persuade In Ah to return to the hospital. This makes In Ah confused because she knows that the deputy director does not like her. Why he uses sweet words to convince her now?

Seung Joo suspects that both In Ah and Jae Hwang are dating. He sneakily watches the two of them. But Seung Joo is wrong because they go out to eat with other doctors. They celebrate In Ah decides to return to the hospital. Making up the reason that eating in the restaurant, he defends his action. It seems that In Ah has not answered yet but everyone is looking forward to her comeback.

Jae Hwang has feelings for In Ah. Even Mi Un, Dr. Lee recognized that, but only In Ah doesn’t know. Dr. Lee says that after all the good things Jae Hwang does for In Ah that doesn’t touch her because of only two reasons. One is that she does not like him and the second she has feelings for someone else

In Ah comes back home and has a thought about Dr. Lee’s words. Maybe Dr. Lee is right when saying that In Ah is in lve with aother one. The chorus comes out of Seung Joo’s room, In Ah happily enjoying each sound emitted. Her face is filled with happiness.



Time Episode 11-12 Recap

Ji Hyun and her friend, two of them together move into a new apartment. They accidentally meet Soo Ho there. Although Ji Hyun tried to avoid him, Soo Ho keeps following her. Typically, Soo Ho has just arrived a day ago. He will be a neighbor of Ji Yeon.

Min Seok has a nightmare. In his nightmare, he faces a Min Seok of that night. He hit the head of the manager of Mi Eun-Kang In Bum. The two of them chased each other up to the cliff. The other man was about to fall to the ground then he grabbed Min Seok’s tie and begged him for a chance to live. Min Seok had no choice but to remove his tie so that man fall into the abyss. Min Seok has a new tie and his colleague has noticed this.

Chae Ah meets Soo Ho because she wants him to perform his promise. After knowing the real personality of Min Seok, Chae Ah has left him. As for what Soo Ho promised, If Chae Ah is away from Min Seok, he will give her the right to own his restaurant. Soo Ho insists that because of this reason she chooses to be with him is not a good idea.

Ji Hyun meets a MBS reporter Yeo Ga Young. This reporter tells Ji Hyun about Kang Eum’s manager Kang In Bum – the one related to her mother’s death. The police don’t tell her about it. Ga Young thinks that her mother’s accident and her sister was influenced by an invisible hand of a rich man behind.

Now the feeling of Chae Ah is a mess. It is exactly what happened that night when hearing what Min Seok said. She drinks to forget the sadness. A man comes to flirt with her. Chae Ah gives him a slap in the face because he dares to touch her. That man yells at her but Min Seok comes just in time to apologize him on behalf of Chae Ah.

Min Seok comes to see Chae Ah because he needs her signature for her document of being co-representative with Soo Ho. Here, Min Seok explaines why he apologized to the man that night. He does not want to have bad rumors about her before she and Soo Ho get married.

For Chae Ah, now and forever, she only finds a man suitable for her condition. Love or sincerity comes from the heart, which is a completely unimaginable for her life. Min Seok tells her not to think like that. After all, She is the one that suffers from the hurt of love.

Ji Hyun misses her mother. She takes out a cassette containing the song her mother liked. The familiar sound resounded. The gentle tune of memories make her unable to hold back tears.

Reporter Ga Young comes to find Soo Ho. She wants to interview him about that night when Ji Eun’s đie. Soo Ho lost his temper and shouts at Ga Young. He does not want outsiders to know about this. This time, some reporters and journalists have  found news about this. Chae Ah comes forward to help him. She says that night she and her fiance were together.

When Young Ga leaves, Soo-ho wantes to know if Chae Ah had come to his house that night. What happened that night is also what he has been searching for for so long.Soo Ho wants to help Ji Hyun find Kang In Bum. He and she come to the building where Kang In Bum lived. The two of them are together the night. Soo Ho’s heath is getting worse, he feels shocked and vomit causing Ji Hyun to feel nervous. Bok Gyu phoné to announce that Kang In Bum had withdrawn his ATM card in Bussan a few days ago, so the possibility of him being here is unlikely. Both of them then return home.

Min Seok was given a gift by Chae Ah last night. This morning he just opens it. It is Kangin Bum’s bloody tie in the fight with him that night. Like what Chae Ah said, both of them actually have evidence against each other. Last time, Chae Ah received from Min Soek the pen which  accused her of having been there that night. This time, she does the same thing in order to protect him.


Kang In Bum is still alive. To get evidence that Min Seok involved in the accident at the container port, Chae Ah spends a huge sum of money in exchange for the only physical tie. The exchange is seen by Ji Hyun. After a thorough consideration, Soo Ho decides to take an interview from Young Ga. He decides to say what he has hidden for so long. Ji Eun’s death is really related to him and this Ji Hyun is completely unaware of it. Soo Ho says what hhe remembers that night. He knows after the recording is announced, Ji Hyun will even hate him more. But Soo Ho accepts that. His time is not long so he wants to let her and everyone know everything.

Ga Young asks him the reason why he accepts to announce the truth. Is Ji Eun’s sister the reason he has the courage to admit? In the eyes of viewers, Soo Ho is now mature and confident in his thoughts and actions. He responds to Ga Young’s question “One day I will die, and while I’m alive, I want to live like a human ”



Time Episode 9+10 Recap

Following up on the previous episode, Ji Hyun believed her mother had died in a car accident. Placing the mother ashes next to her sister. Ji Hyun now seems insensitive. She has no tears left to cry.

After going home, Ji Hyun eats the soup that her mother cooked for her. She eats a lot. When alone, a strong Ji Hyun is gone. In front of us is a small, weak Ji Hyun. She feels helplessly because her loved ones are gone.

Soo Ho always suspects that the two deaths are not normal car accidents. He thinks that there are some people involved in their death. At the company meeting, he looks at Eun Chae Ah and Shin Min Seok. He is questioning the two people. Things are more suspicious when Min Seok’s hands have scratches. This made him doubt that Min Seok is involved in the accident.

Being worried that Ji Hyun may thinks negatively. Soo Ho finds her house. Her door is locked. He is worried to think whether she is at home or not. Soo Ho is more worried when her phone rings from inside of the house. He decides to enter her home by breaking window glass despite all the dangers.

When getting into the house, he does not dare open the door of her room. The death of his mother appears in his mind. He is afraid to witness the death again.

Ji Hyun comes out from the bathroom. He is relieved that she is fine. Ji Hyun is unable to put up with Soo Ho’s troubles, she loudly yells of at him.

Min Seok has now agreed to be in Soo Cheol’s side to against Soo Ho. We  don’t know what his intention is. And now, Min Seok fears getting related in some deaths. Gray can not become white. It can only get darker and darker

The boundary of good and evil is too very thin. Min Seok from a prosecutor has the potential to be responsible for saving the image of the W Group, and now a lot of of troubles he has to face with.

Now, Min Seok has committed a crime when killing manager Ji Eun. Moreover he is also related to the death of her mother Ji Hyun and her mistress. Min Seok admits to himself that he has no way back.

What Ji Hyun needs is peace . She wants to think about her later life. No longer with her mother and sister, her only relatives, but she has to keep on living.Min Seok announces that someone has watched all his move. The evidence is the copy of credit card of Soo Ho  is in Min Seok’s jand . Min Seok says that someone wants to find the clue to bring him down.

Min Seok laughs at So Ho. Lawyer Shin does not forbid Soo Ho’s interest in Ji Hyun’s life. Soo Ho’s concern comes from his own sin and pity, how long will it last? a month or something? Later, Ji Hyun will disappear from Soo Ho’s life and forget who she is in this life.

Chae Ah wants to know what is the cost for1 billion won that Min Seok asked her to offer. She has a lot of unknown things about this person. Then Min Seok takes Chae Ah to see one person. This is also the reason why Min Seok needs so much money. 1 billion won is used to keep the technician’s mouth shut. He is the one that hid video about the death of the three people. Chae Ah frightened to know the truth. She is unable to believe what she has witnessed.

Ji Hyun is drunk. She stands by the pool where Ji Eun was dead. She calls Soo Ho to say thanks for how he helped her. Soo Ho feels insecure when Ji Hyun mentions about death. Now, she feels that death is easier than ever.Soo Ho rushed to the hotel. On the road he is hit by a car. Blood runs out but Soo Ho tries to get up because he insists on stopping Ji Hyun from committing suicide

Ji Hyun stood at the terrace. She is ready to dance. Soo Ho sees her. In this situation, if he teases her, things would get worse. Soo Ho decides to step out of the bar. Nearing her position, he felt that he could accidentally slip and die at any moment. Soo Ho shares that he has felt the same way A she does now. When he was little he had the intention of suicide when his mother left him in the worl . She thought death would make her more  peaceful than ever. If death can make her more peaceful then just die. If she decides to live, live a happy life.

Risky Romance Episode 11+12 Recap

Joo In Ah enters Seung Joo’s room because she is worries for his health. In front of her eyes is a sleeping Seung Joo on the floor, next to a few bottles of beer. She is anxious and comes to check  him, and has a sigh of relief when she knows that Seung Joo is fine.

Joo In Ah helps with Seung Joo’s wound, preparing breakfast for him. When Seung Joo wakes up, he does not need her care, takes off his personal bandage on his forehead and leaves.

In Ah discovered her delivery near her house fainted on the road. She immediately calls a ambulance and helps him to the hospital. Thanks to In Ah’s help, he is out of danger.

In Ah quietly sitting alone in the hospital bench. Jae Hwan comes forward to ask, In Ah now is a difference from In Ah she used to know. In Ah says that when she started to open the hospital, she thought that her sincerity would solve everything, but apparently patients do not need it.

When seeing In Ah is upset , Jae Hwan tells her to see an important person. He also opens a hospital like her. The next morning, without hesitation, she decides to go to Hwaan Island to find that person.

As soon as she comes to the island, In Ah is transported by a lady to the hospital she wants to find. Surprisingly, this hospital is also her home. It is unbelievable that this hospital is the hospital of Seung Joo’s parents, and the old lady is his mother. Seung Joo is surprised to see In Ah here. A little fight starting between them.

Seung Joo tells her to come back. His mother does not accept that. She greeted her warmly. Seung Joo wants to return to Seoul if she stays here. She choses In Ah and ignores Seung Joo.

Seung Joo takes his suitcase to come back to Seoul. Because he does not like the presence of In Ah on the island. Ironically, it is now over working hours of the ship. Seung Joo shouted at Jae Hwan angrily.It turns out that Seung Joo’s father is the rival of the head of Da Rin Hospital, In Ah, who hears about him for a long time now has the chance to meet him. In Ah has a talk with Seung Joo’s parents. Mother Seung Joo is worried about him. They knows his personality changed. Is she hurt by his manners? Many questions about Seung Joo that her mother would like to ask. Her mother says that after the incident he does not call home much. That makes her even more anxious.Do not want to worry older people, In Ah said to support Seung Joo. She said that he was good, and said good things about him. Seung Joo accidentally discovered himself listening to the conversation between them.

In Ah and Seung Joo’s family have dinner. His mother suggested In Ah should stay in their house. With her enthusiasm, In Ah agrees. In Ah will help his mother to clean up. However, In-Ah and Seung Joo have a small arrgument. His parents are surprised when knowing that they are living together.Seung Joo and his father had a fight in the presence of In Ah. His father says he is happy with his current life. Seung Joo counters that every day he does the same work: giving medicine to some elderly people, prescribing for some flu disease, living peacefully like that he’s not satisfied. He tells that his father is running away from the truth, that he is not capable of working in the Deparment anymore. He will not accept that. He will not live a life like him.

In Ah came to the Elderly Club. She sees the ols man and his elderly patients chatting happily as friends. Between them is no longer the distance of patients and doctors. They can talk, tease each other comfortably.

Ba Seung Joo has opened his heart. In the beginning, when he opened the hospital, he also has some difficulty. Over time, he realizes that to him,doctors have to put their minds to the patients. He have an understanding about their lives, sometimes he drinks, plays cards to understand their lives better. Being a doctor should not put your money as the most important. The reason he works is because he wants to have everyone’s heart. In Ah really penetrated the words he conveys. She feels that this trip is meaningful when he helps her to change her mind.

Jae Hwan also finds Hwaan Island. In Ah and Jae Hwan talk about Seung Joo’s condition. She did not expect that after that accident, it has haunted him so much. They are also worried about Seung Joo. Suddenly received news that a man from some place wants to commit suicide. The two worried that is Seung Joo. She and Jae Hwan rushes to that place

Running to the crowd and fing out the victim. In Ah is shocked when seeing the shoes of the victims are the shoes that Seung Joo brought. She collapses. In Ah cried a lot thinking that Seung Joo is really dead.

Jae Hwan went to the scene, he is relieved when Seung Joo is still fine and Seung Joo himself is the one who giving artificial respiration for the victim.

Seung Joo has a scratch on his shoulder. He can heal the wound alone without the help of anybody. Jae Hwan just comes in. He helps Seung Joo heal the wound. Jae hwan repeats the words that Seung Joo has told him. Now, it is Seung Joo who is a poor self-esteem. Seung Joo says that his dad is hiding from the truth but he is the real escapee.  Moreover, Jae Hwan insists that In Ah is not like what Seung Joo thinks. Seung Joo just focuses on himself.  About the revenge, he determines to find out the truth.

Se Ra calls to all of the mobile shops in Dong Hae. She overhears the conversation of the staff and finds out that the phone she is looking for can not be repaired. Se Ra breaths a sigh of relief.

Mi Un at home has a plan B for the hospital on behalf of In-Ah. Mi Un posts a social ad that their hospital provids free coffee, biscuits and drinks. Mi Un says that she has prepared the meeting with the patient to express the enthusiasm of the doctors. In Ah recalls the words of Seung Joo’s father. That she must take off the blouse to be able to undertand about the patient’s lives.

After returning from the island, Seung Joo determines to follow her. Reading her message, Seung Joo does not find anything suspicious.Watching her phone, she does not seen to contact any man. Even her behaviors are totally normal.

Seung Joo analyzes after what he has secretly observed. He never let himself to trust In Ah. At that moment, In Ah captures all of Seung Joo’s strange behaviors.