Cuisinart 3400 Review 2021

This one was not the favorite for flavor in our taste test, but it is packed with features to make your life easier.

The Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker offers convenient features that make your morning routine go more smoothly, but was not the favorite for flavor and aroma among our testers. They scored it a little below the best coffee makers. However, tastes are subjective, and you may – through trial and error – find a way to get the best cup of coffee out of this machine. It might be worth the effort to get access to all of the convenient features this Cuisinart coffee maker has.

One noticeable convenience is the bright LED screen that makes it clear what is going on with your machine at all times. Also, it is programmable so you can set a brew time up to 24 hours in advance. You can control how strong you want your coffee through the control panel, and there is an alarm to let you know when the coffee is ready, which can be turned off if you prefer. There is even an indicator light that lets you know when it is time to decalcify your carafe.

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