Best Throwing Knives

Best Throwing Knives for Beginners

So far we have reviewed a ton of different types of knives. In this section we shall go over a different yet very handy kind of knife called a throwing knife. These throwing knives can be used for various sporting purposes, or even as self-defence tools and exceptional hunting ally. These types of knives are ancient and can be dated to pre-historic times. These throwing knives, when used in the right manner and can employed for entertainment purposes too. These knives can be used as communication ice-breakers at social events where knife enthusiasts gather to discuss various knives and their uses. Let us look into the Best Throwing Knivesmoney can buy.

What makes a good throwing knife?

The first aspect one needs to keep in mind while looking at a throwing knife is to make sure that it isn’t sharp. The reason being pretty obvious, is for one’s own safety and well being while practising throwing these knives at the work place or at home. A good throwing knife does not need a good handle, as these knives are held for a shorter period of time than the time required to throw them at the required target. Throwing knives generally come with stainless steel handles that are easy to maintain and repair. Intricate designs are also available in the market, but simplicity is the key in throwing knives as they are used just for throwing purposes, they are perfect when combined with the Best Combat Knife.

Your first throwing knife should be devoid of spikes and be light in weight, around 200g. The reason for this is that these knives require a little bit more accuracy while throwing. Heavier knives are recommended only when you’re an expert as they require even more accuracy. Learning how to throw with lighter knives is always recommended as in the long run, they help you achieve longer distances.

Types of Throwing Knifes

Balanced Throwing knife – As the name suggests, these types of throwing knives have a more balanced weighing system. The weight distribution is centred in this type of knife. It is made accessible to throwing from the ends, the handle as well as the blade.

In balanced throwing knives, the rotation is a lot more predictable, which helps with your aim, and helps you know which end would hit the target. The only problem that arises while using these knives is that a beginner might find some difficulty with how to use the rotation system, but other than that these knives are pretty flexible.

Blade Heavy Throwing knife – These types of knives have a lot more weight in the blades than the handles which provides more distance as well as penetration power. However, these blades are sometimes quite confusing to use, nevertheless they offer excellent grip while throwing.

Handle Heavy Throwing Knife – The bulk of this knife weight lies in the handle. This means you would aim the knife using the handle facing the target first. The disadvantage of this is that beginners may find this difficult, because it would be best to hold the blade tip while throwing.

Top 5 Best Throwing Knives

United Cutlery Gil

This knife set is a great knife product that was designed by custom knife creator, Gild Hibben. The knife set comes equipped with 3 fantastic competition blades. What is great about these knives is that they are all created and constructed by one piece of steel, ensuring that you will receive the best of three great and uniform quality knives. Apart from the great quality that is included with this knife set, it also includes a genuine sheath that is made from pure leather.

The leather sheath ensures that no damage is done to the blades or the surroundings when they’re not in use. It also allows one to hold all the knives at the same time. This leather sheath also holds an 18 x 18 inch competition target sheet that is made for knife throwers who wish to practice throwing at targets on a professional level. This target sheet is made of paper and is easy portable and also does not add on to the overall weight of the system.

Apart from all of these great features, this knife not only boasts great quality but is also designed for professional level competitions. All the three knives are perfectly balanced for maximum assurance that the knife reaches the target. They also measure a good stable length of 12 and 1/8 inches which is easily throw able. This kit is a great kit for beginners who are just learning how to throw knives at the required target. Overall three knives will help you get the job done, and the viewers will be very amazed.

Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives

With this knife set, one could picture themselves as samurai warrior. These knives resemble something out of a Japanese action film. Made from the finest silver, these knives are great for throwing and are extremely affordable. The knives dimensions are great in size as well.

They include a nylon case for protection and safety. Apart from the great extras of this three throwing knife set, it is a great companion for any knife throwing owner. This knife set is very compatible for beginners as well as knife enthusiasts who just like to collect different kinds of knives. With the extra gripping holes, this knife does help and the massive blade ensures that the thrower will get maximum distance and penetration power at the target.

United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife Set

This 3 knife set is one of the best throwing knife sets out on the market today. These are one of the most uniquely designed knives set available to us in our age. These are designed to fit and be suited for the knife throwers efforts. These knives were created by using specific materials to ensure maximum quality, distance and penetration. These are currently one of the favourites in the knife throwing world. It sports a top ranking quality and boasts a great sturdy design and style. A lot of professional knife throwers recommend this knife set.

At only 5.5 Inches in length, each one of these knives is easily concealable under a sleeve or a paint leg. The pointed edges of the knives help ensure that the thrower draws maximum advantage in speed and distance while hitting a required target. The stainless steel used in producing these knives advocates great quality. The knife set includes a nylon sheath which protects the blades as well as helps maintain the top notch quality of the knives when they are not in use.

All these features are great for any knife thrower and will help to keep its sharpness and shine throughout the time that owner uses the knives and or collects them. The knives sizes are 5 and half inches overall and the blade size is two and a half inches. This makes it a great collection of throwing knives and featured on buyers guide.

Ridge Runner 12 Ninja Throwing Knives

The next great knife set that we are going to take a look at are not only a great starter kit that is affordable, but is also designed with exceptional quality in mind. This great twelve piece knife set, is great for all throwing purposes. What you receive is a great quality twelve piece set which ensures that you will never be left without a good knife when you need it the most. This also provides less walking to and from your target after throwing with your knife throwing arsenal, you can complete a wide number of throws before having to pull your knives out of the target area to continue throwing.

The ridge runner throwing knives are 6 inches and sport a black baked finish with a three and half inch razor sharp edge that is glazed upon all twelve of your great knives. These twelve knives are all perfectly balanced for maximum use, and promise to never let the thrower down. These also boast that they are a lot more easy to use, than other knives, and will provide you with perfect accuracy every time. These knives also include a very handy carry case designed by Ridge Runner that will offer you the ultimate quality and safety.

This a great tool for any knife owner that enjoys a lot of practice when perfecting the art of throwing. These knives are designed in a manner such that they have a great sturdy design and quality booms with every feature of the set.

Set 3 Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives

The next type of knife set we’re going to have a look at are similar to the united cutlery tomahawk knife set we had a look at previously. Apart from the intricate and stylish design of these knives, they are incredible easy to use and throw. The handle is created with utmost mastery and the materials used to make these knives are of the best quality, which makes them a rather alluring knife set. Stainless steel is employed to make these knives which gives them the ultimate durability from corrosion as well as provides with high tensile strength.

The ultra-durable 440 steel also ensures a finer weight system that allows the thrower to achieve greater distances while throwing them at the required target. The knife set includes a black sheath that also provides the user with all the safety requirements that they need. The circular loop system lets the user place their thumb or finger into the handle to help maximise their aim and avoid slippage during operation, offering an all-round greater experience during their operation.

With sporting a total knife length of six point five inches, the knife is a good weight and length. All these features work in a great way to achieve all the desires of a knife thrower. The design of the blades helps in penetrate deep into the target, up to almost a solid 4 inches. This product is a must have for anyone who would like to enjoy their knife throwing experience and also offers quite a head turning operation , because plainly put these knives look extremely awesome .

How to throw a knife

Now that we have taken a look, at all the different types of knives and we are familiar with these different types of blades and weight, let’s have a short look at how you are supposed to throw a knife. We hope that after reading this guide. You are ready to begin your knife throwing journey, and will be able to report back to us, telling us how you have evolved into a master knife throwing entertainer or artist.

  1. Your fist step should be to Find Your Throwing Line. The key here is to successfully determine the average strength required by you to cover the distance between you and your target. What you will need to do, is measure five or six steps away from the target and draw a line and the floor. The reason why we do this, is to make sure, you have enough distance for the knife to complete its rotation and in turn, the knife will travel through the distance to hit the desired target.
  2. What you will need to do next, is take a Full Step Back. Do this once you have found your throwing line.
  3. Now once you’re comfortable with this distance, take a 45 degree step backwards.
  4. What you should now notice is that your throwing line is now two steps in front of you. What this does is create sufficient space between you and the target, so that you can produce the maximum power needed while throwing the knife.
  5. The next part is the most fun part, throw the knife as hard as you can, remember to always keep the knife horizontal to the target and have a safe grip over the knife while throwing it.
  6. And lastly. Be sure to follow through with your body, to create maximum power and to also make sure you don’t pull any muscles. You may feel a little silly for doing this at first, but trust us, inertia proves to be extremely helpful.

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