Drinking Pure Antioxidant Water – Wetter Water

The basic substance on which all life is based is water – antioxidant water. Without water, life doesn’t happen.

So what is the mystery of water?

What is the mystery of the chemistry of life?

Any farmer can tell you that if there is not an adequate amount of moisture in the soil, no matter how abundant the nutrients may be, it will not germinate seeds.

The same thing happens in our cells.

If the cells of the body are not being adequately hydrated with antioxidant water – regardless of how much nutrition we are providing them with – the intracellular processes begin to shut down.

We begin to lose life.

Choosing what water will best serve us then becomes very simple.

In order to remain our healthiest, most vibrant and efficiently operating selves, it is absolutely essential that we choose healthy, life-giving antioxidant water.

Unfortunately, the water coming through our taps today is anything but healthy.

Studies have shown that water in the United States contains more than 2100 chemicals, many of which have been implicated in causing cancer.

19 major US cities have water flowing through their pipes that is considered to be “highly polluted.” (Source: Clean Water Action Project of 2002, the Ralph Nader Group).

In its clean, natural form, water acts as a universal solvent that helps to bind toxins in the cells and remove them from the body. If we are drinking dirty, polluted water, not only are we stopping the natural process of detoxification and elimination, we are continuing to bombard the cells with all kinds of unhealthy materials.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, founder of Phi Sciences and creator of Crystal Energy, has found a way to reverse this process. He has found a way to allow us to continue to detoxify our cells with pure, healthy, antioxidant water.

For over three decades, Dr. Flanagan has studied the remote regions of the world, including the Hunza Valley region of northern Pakistan, where the inhabitants are known to live long, active, and healthy lives –often living to be well over 100 years of age.

Other factors set aside, what he found in studying these places was that the surface tension of the water was much lower than what we find in the developed world. Lower surface tension allows for water that can be more easily absorbed into the cells of the body, thereby facilitating hydration, nutrient uptake and toxin removal.

Essentially, Dr. Flanagan had discovered “wetter water.”

Micro-cluster minerals, which are found in Crystal Energy, alter the structure of drinking water and reduce the surface tension. In effect, this produces the same effect on our water that has been found naturally in these pristine parts of the world.

By structuring water, we are creating “wetter water.” It has been demonstrated that “wetter water” is better assimilated by the cells, therefore greatly enhancing cellular hydration. Structured water also acts as a powerful antioxidant, which helps to keep us looking younger longer by slowing down the process of aging.

If you want optimal health, Dr. Gabriel Cousens strongly recommends that you begin drinking pure, structured water today. It is absolutely central to the practice of good health.

Crystal Energy is one of the most simple, direct ways to begin regaining your energy and vitality. Everyone should be using it. Your cells may be starving for water, and your whole body may be suffering as a result.

One bottle of Crystal Energy will last for up to three months, and so you will have adequate time to experiment and begin seeing the results. Many Blessings.

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