Dia De Los Muertos

If you know me IRL, you know I LURVES me some Day of the Dead.  It creates a happy spot inside me that I simply cannot explain.  Granted I am fairly OBSESSED with the macabre, but it’s just so…so…Joyous!  And I love that! Instead of moping about lamenting how much we miss them, let’s celebrate the lives of those we have lost!  The altars are a physical example of the love we still feel for the dear departed, and the novenarios and festivals are so happy!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Perhaps it is because that is how I would want to be remembered.  No sitting about all mopey!  Have a drink!  Dance!  Remember the times I made you laugh at inappropriate things or at inappropriate times!  THAT would be a much better time than somber remembrances.

This Year’s Altar

So, here are a few pictures of my dead.  Some i knew–some go further back.  Some were blood relatives, some friends–all FAMILY.  A drink awaits you on my altar!

David Fairfield

My grandfather and his brother Norman

My grandmother


SHERMAN! I miss this dog damn near every day. ya ol’ hound!

My Grandmother and the women of her family.

My Grandmother. (no, i DON’T know where i get it. Why do you ask?)

My grandfather and his brothers and sister

My Grandparents on their wedding day

Pete’s Dad

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