Zoomer The Dog

When I was a young girl I often romanticized battery operated toys; primarily because Momma was insistent about keeping them out of our house. She had no desire to hear me whine about dead batteries, or spend a small fortune shoveling them into toys I would be over within a week. As an adult of my own, I feel a similar alliance with imagination ran activities that inspire children to use their head rather than glowing screens and flashing lights. Zoomer, the robotic dog, has seamlessly melded both modern technology with creative play, and even responsible role playing. While Zoomer won’t leave an oil patch on your carpet when he pees, he certainly won’t be much fun to play with without constant love and patience from his new owner. If you’ve ever had to argue that the landlord won’t except pets, or your child simply isn’t old enough to care for a dog yet, consider this affordable solution that is sure to have them mesmerized far longer than the traditional 3 week phase.

Zoomer the Robotic Dalmation

Zoomer is incredibly simple to operate out of the box; that being said, this really is an impressive display of modern technology, and the toy itself is very complicated in build. Classified as a Dalmation, with more designs in the works, Zoomer has grip stabilized feet that walk/roll him around his surroundings and enable his flexible joints to perform impressive 360 degree tricks. Not only can Zoomer effectively move in a circle, zig-zag, backwards, and even full roll, but this little dog is impressively quite in operation, and lightweight. To get going, you’ll need to charge Zoomer about an hour for 20 minutes of constant play. This can be done via a micro-USB to USB/AC Adapter port on the underbelly of the toy, which can plug directly into any laptop for convenience, through the provided cable. While you’re waiting for your new best friend to charge, be sure to read the instructions. While Zoomer is classified for ages 5+, we found even our 11 year old needed some initial guidance to understand the patience of operation.

Zoomer the Robotic Dog
Zoomer The Robotic Dog

Ironically, the part which will frustrate younger owners the most is the aspect I found most beneficial. Zoomer understands English, Spanish, and French communication, but will take time to learn his owner’s voice and commands, much like a real dog. With over 40 tricks in his current repertoire, Zoomer provides endless hours of training, and claims to learn quicker when it is feeling ‘loved’. His LED eye panels easily communicate the mode and mood of the robotic dog. Gently press down on the dog’s nose and speak a command, always beginning with ‘Zoomer’ and watch as the dog obeys, or does something entirely random. If better pronunciation, or a louder command is necessary, Zoomer’s eyes will display question marks and the command may be given again. If Zoomer is left on and alone for too long her will wander, much like a real dog and ‘pee’ on items and even beg for attention.

Zoomer the Robotic Dog

I was surprised how realistic many of the command motions, and results were. Training Zoomer to ‘Shake a Paw’ proved to be one of the harder tasks as the owner must say the command in conjunction with performing a physical interaction in front of the dog’s sensor. This front sensor will also prevent Zoomer from walking into furniture, and allow him to ‘Follow’ his owner through the house. The initial start guide offers users some basic commands out of the box, but you will have to work to discover the remaining commands. The online Zoomer Pup website is very useful for unlocking an extra 10, with more added all the time, but you truly just have to pay attention to Zoomer when he is misbehaving and decipher what the coinciding command could be. For example, we saw Zoomer turn onto one paw and do a circle, as through he were break dancing, one time, and decided to try the command ‘Zoomer Dance!’ and, Voila! we had a dancing robotic dog. Zoomer also plays, or rather barks, 3 secret songs, so be on the lookout for those.

Zoomer is a little bit smaller than our 6lb Morkie, Nora, but only about 2lbs in weight. I was relived to see this robotic toy was very well designed with shock resistant joints and a clear encasing around his LED panel head. The antennae like tail bobbles too and fro playfully as the dog moves about, but it’s the interactive ears I find to be the weakest point on the dog. Always make sure these are pointed down, in sleep mode, when storing your dog. Sabrina, 11, immediately began walking the dog off small, 6″, drops in the living room table and up and down ramps. I’ve had my fair share of miniature heart attacks watching them play, but rest assured, this is one robotic dog that is designed especially for kid companions.

Zoomer the Robotic Dog
Zoomer The Dog Pees

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Zoomer stole the attention away from our real dog for quite a long time. I was a very good adult and let Sabrina, 11, explore her new toy on her own for the first round of charging. Ironically, Zoomer always seemed to respond to me and my commands instantly, while Sabrina often took 2-3 requests. We had an interesting incident where we were asking Zoomer to ‘Play Dead’ (video below the post) and he surprisingly began dancing- Sabrina burst into laughter. Perhaps that is one of the best things about this toy, there are always new tricks and actions for children to discover. When you get especially stumped, looking for new commands, try pushing the small button on the base of the dog’s back, which will initiate a random interaction. Zoomer moves around the house, carpet and linoleum, with impressive ease, but can often take a moment or two to complete a trick in full (especially ones that require him to lay down).

Zoomer the Dog

For the current price point, Zoomer is certainly one of the must have toys of the season, and 2014. I’m sure there will be a slew of similar toys coming to the market in recent months, but Zoomer has without a doubt been developed through years of labor and love, with kids in mind. Sabrina couldn’t wait for this thing to finish recharging when she first got it, and still plays with it every day, weeks later. She even brought it to the bowling alley on multiple occasions to show it off to the other children and parents. Having a toy like this is especially nice for kids who love attention, since this is one dog that doesn’t need a leash or an apology when it unexpectedly does it’s business. Zoomer is sold at retailers such as Toys R’ Us, Walmart, Target, and Amazon, worldwide, and is now available in Purple too! The only downside? Santa will NOT be able to top this toy, in our house, this Christmas!

What Daughter Says: Here’s one dog you can finally day yes to without breaking the bank, or your back. Teach kids responsibility with Zoomer, the robotic dog.

Ninja Professional Blender 1000 watts Review

Ninja Pro Blender Reviews

If you need to replace your standard sized blender, or if you’re buying one for the first time, the Ninja Professional blender 1000 watts (BL610) is one of your best options for its price range. It’s one of the best-selling blenders in the world, and there’s a great reason for that.

Everything You Need in a Blender

The Ninja Professional 1000 offers both power and convenience at an affordable price. What more does the average consumer need? Your blender should be powerful enough to give you smooth results, and easy enough to use so that it’s not a hassle to take it out and whip up a smoothie. Unless you’re using your blender for a business like a cafe or restaurant and you can make use of a lot of different features, the Nutri Ninja blender has everything you need.

An Extra Large Jar Means More Leftovers

The huge jar that comes with the Ninja Professional 1000 is 72 oz. That’s enough to make anything and plenty of it. You can make a massive smoothie and either put the leftovers in the fridge, or freeze them for later. The jar is quite big enough to prepare an entire soup, broth, or anything else that can be blended before cooking it. The jar is BPA free and dishwasher safe for quick clean up. The blade section comes out of the jar, which makes clean up far easier. It also makes it easier to get all of the blended food out and into your glass or bowl. Before buying the Ninja Professional blender 1000 you should read more the articles of best nutri ninja Auto iQ reviews.

A Unique Blade Design with Three Sets of Blades

The Ninja Professional Blender 1000 has an innovative blade design. Instead of the traditional set up of having one set of blades located at the bottom of the jar, it has two additional rows of blades attached to a rod protruding up from the base and into the center of the jar. This provides three times the slashing action to quickly and thoroughly blend through the thickest of foods. An even and thorough consistency that takes less time to complete than with a traditional blender is the result.

Safety Sensor on the Lid for Protection from Accidents

The top of the device includes a safety feature that prevents the blades from spinning if the lid is not secure. There is a sensor that detects whether or not the lid is locked into place. This protects you from messes and also helps keep children safe from any possible unfortunate accidents. It’s a unique feature that most others don’t include.

Super Fast 1,000 Watts Motor

The 1,000 watts motor on the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 has enough force to dice through ice, frozen fruit, and frozen vegetables at super high speeds. At its highest setting, it can turn a fully loaded jar into a smooth liquid in less than one minute. This blender’s Total Crushing Technology is a feature that is designed to shred ice better, resulting in a smoother consistency. The patented design is one of the reasons why the it has been so successful. If you toss in just ice, the Ninja Professional will turn it into snow in a matter of seconds. This is great for making drinks like margaritas.

Three Blending Speeds to Choose from

The Ninja Professional Blender has three different speeds, low, medium, and high. The ‘low’ speed setting is enough for fruits, vegetables, and non-frozen ingredients. ‘Medium’ can handle ice and frozen ingredients better, but ‘high’ will give you the best results for whipping through thick and frozen ingredients. The low setting comes in handy when you don’t want to make a lot of noise. Making a smoothie is rather loud anyway, especially when the blades are hacking up the ice cubes, but with a 1,000 watt motor on high, the sound will definitely travel into nearby rooms. Using low or medium instead of high can reduce the noise level for when your loved ones are sleeping.
The Ninja Professional also has a ‘pulse’ button. This is useful for getting a thick load of ingredients started slowly, repositioning ingredients, and doing a minor amount of blending to whatever ingredients you may not want to so thoroughly blend. If you want chucky or clumpy results on purpose, you should be careful because the powerful motor on this device can liquefy ingredients very quickly.
The four buttons provide you with everything you need to blend and prepare an unlimited amount of recipes. The only down side to this model is that its jar might be too big for some people. If you have limited fridge space, you might have trouble fitting the Ninja Professional’s enormous 72 oz jar inside. You can always transfer the contents to another container, but sometimes it’s nice to simply pop the lid back on and toss the whole container into the fridge without having to clean the jar yet. If you do have a roomy fridge, then obviously this won’t be a problem, but it would be nice to have a smaller jar included as well for times that you’re blending only a small amount of ingredients. It doesn’t quite feel right whipping up a small, quick marinade in an extra large jar.

Compare with Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender Review

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender Review

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender Review this side of typical

Pros: This little blender is especially designed for preparing smoothies and milkshakes and it even has a specific button for them. All you have to do is add all the ingredients, press it and then wait. The blender does all the work. The lid fits perfectly and makes sure the ingredients don’t pour out of the jar.

Cons: The motor and the blades are not as powerful and they can only work on certain ingredients (it cannot crush peanuts for example).

In depth Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender Review

The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart blender is an average type of best blender for smoothies. It does have great features and works quite well for the price it is sold at, $40 – $50. It was designed specifically for making smoothies and milkshakes and this can easily be noticed, because it has two specific buttons for making them. You don’t need a manual to work on it, all you have to do is pick the ingredients for the smoothie, add them all in the blender, push the button and watch how the Hamilton Beach Smart Blender does all the work for you!

However, not all blenders are perfect and the Hamilton Beach is no exception to the rule. The main problem with this blender model is that it doesn’t have the power the expensive commercials ones like Vitamix or Blendtec do. It simply cannot crush peanuts or any other fruit or vegetables like this. Nonetheless, if your budget is tight, this is the perfect blender for you!

Smoothies = yes, Peanut Butter = no

The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender is one of the prettiest blenders out there. The features are numerous and the most useful ones include a specific button for making smoothies and one for milkshakes! However, not all is perfect with this blender.

One of the main disappointments about this particular model is the motor. Although it looks beautiful and it actually includes a button for smoothies, the motor is not as powerful as it should be. The blades cannot cut through fruits or vegetables with a hard exterior, which is a shame. You can’t make homemade peanut butter, simply because the blender does not have the necessary power to crush the peanuts.

All in all, this blender is a small beautiful one that unfortunately cannot handle hard fruits or vegetables. This means that it should only be used for smoothies and milkshake, a chapter which it definitely excels at.


Off to the good things now!

One of the best features of this blender that everybody mentions is the “Smoothie” and “Milkshake” button. Hamilton Beach took a very good decision when they opted to add a “Smoothie” button, as this is one of the main advantages of using a Hamilton Beach blender. All you have to do is gather all the ingredients, then put them all together in the blender, press the button and wait for your smoothie to be done! The same thing goes for milkshakes.

The blender’s components fit perfectly one in another, and they can easily be fit together once you take them out of the box. They also fit perfectly and no juice or mix of the fruits or vegetables will run out of the jar.

The design

Motor: 700 watt peak motor

Dimensions: 7.3 x 10.3 x 12.9 inches

Weight: 4.9 pounds

Features: A Smoothie button, easy to use, attractive design

Aesthetics: The Hamilton Beach blender has a very attractive design. It is small and the modern looking design looks great in any kitchen.

Functionality: The blender works perfectly for smoothies, although you have to blend the mix for a couple of minutes if you want a smoothie with absolutely no chunks of fruits in it.

Ergonomics: It’s small and attractive and can fit anywhere. It’s easy to work with it and you can put it together on your own in just a few moments after you’ve taken it out of the box.

So what’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is, the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender is a very cute small blender that can be very useful in any kitchen. The design is attractive, it’s small and light so it can fit in any cabinet and it’s specifically designed for making smoothies or milkshakes. All in all, it’s a perfect small blender, but you must keep in mind that the power of the motor is not so great, so you shouldn’t expect all that much from it.

How to Make Your Own Healthy Fruit Drink

Why would you want to make your own healthy fruit drink? Because it’ll have more antioxidants, of course!

There are tons of so-called “healthy fruit drinks” on the market. You see them in the fridge at the grocery store – some even have pictures of sparkling pomegranate and blueberries, and claims like “source of antioxidants”.

Is this kind of juice that healthy though? Don’t fall for the commercials you see on TV.

The boxed and bottled juice at the store (no matter how healthy-looking the label is) is not healthy for three reasons:

1. It contains up to 1 tsp of natural sugar per ounce

Not good for diabetics, obesity, or those with high blood pressure.

2. It has no fiber

Fiber soaks up and binds all the toxic matter into one package for the body to eliminate. It also balances pH, promotes weight loss, slows sugar absorption, reduces cancer, reduces cholesterol, prevents hemorrhoids and ulcers, and strengthens the heart.

Learn more about healthy fiber foods here.

3. It is pasteurized

The fruit juice is heated at high temperature for preservation reasons. This means it loses its beneficial enzymes, and 25-80% of nutrients and antioxidants!


Making your own healthy fruit drink is such a better option. Plus it saves packaging, and it’s easy.

Of course, eating ripe organic fruit is still the best and easiest option. But sometimes you want something a bit more exotic, or to entertain guests.


It’s as simple as throwing everything in the best blender for smoothies. You should research on the internet before choosing the blender which you will use for making smoothies for along time.

If you want the benefits of fibre, use your blender to make these delicious smoothie recipes:

(Hint: the recipes yield 2-3 servings, so share your healthy fruit drinks!)

2 bananas

1 pint strawberries

½ avocado

1 cup water


2 bananas

1 pint blueberries

1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice or 2 whole oranges


2 frozen bananas

2 mangos or 1 ½ cup frozen mango chunks

GREEN SMOOTHIE (You haven’t had a green smoothie? TRY THIS OUT!)

1 banana

1 mango

1 kiwi

2/3 handfuls of spinach

3/4 cup water

• Green smoothies – the new way to eat leafy greens

•Click here for more amazing smoothie recipes and fun



If you like a light clear drink, you can juicecombinations of fruits (using a juicer).

This way you can also sneak veggies into the juice, without compromising flavour or sweetness.

Use a juicer to make these healthy fruit drinks:


5 pears

3 carrots

1 apple


3 apples

½ lemon

1 bunch kale


2 apples

1 beet

3 carrots

Some of these healthy fruit drink recipes are from Fresh: The Ultimate Live-Food Cookbook by Sergei and Valya Boutenko.

I love using it for light and fresh antioxidant-packed recipes. There’s over 250 easy recipes, and they are totally original. Sergei and Valya’s simple and gourmet food has flavour unlike anything you ever tasted.

“Not only do Sergei and Valya prepare the most delicious raw foods, which is talent enough, but the clarity, wisdom, and insights they share about foods and health are breathtaking. This book is a must-read for any aspiring health seeker – no question. What they teach now is unbelievably cutting-edge, and everyone should know it.”

Understanding free radicals and antioxidants

Imagining the molecular level is important in understanding free radicals and antioxidants.

Let’s talk about free radicals…

Oxygen is one of the worse free radicals. See, oxygen is two-faced.

Oxygen gives life to everything by fueling mitochondria: little energy plants in the cells. The same life-giving qualities cause it to react with things it shouldn’t (think: a cigarette sparking a forest fire).

There are different oxygen molecules, and some kinds are extremely reactive.

A well-balanced atom has a nucleus at the center, with the right number of electrons surrounding it.

Under certain circumstances these atoms lose an electron or two –becoming radicals, or free radicals.

The free radicals wander around looking for replacement electrons attached to other atoms. None of them are more reactive than oxygen radicals.

This process is nothing new. Oxygen radicals and other free radicals have been forming since the beginnings of life.

“Living creatures have struggled to evolve ways and means of neutralizing these feckless allies [free radicals] since the very beginnings of life.” – Dr Bryce Wylde (The Antioxidant Prescription: How to Use the Power of Antioxidants to Prevent Disease and Stay Healthy for Life)

For a really good understanding of free radicals and antioxidants, I recommend reading “The Antioxidant Miracle “

Why is understanding free radicals and antioxidants so important now?

These days, our unhealthy lifestyles and environment are exponentially increasing the creation of free radicals in our bodies!

We don’t get enough antioxidants to combat the effect.

Why do free radicals even exist?

Well, they don’t “exist”, they form. Through the natural metabolic process free radicals are constantly being created, at the rate of around 1000 per cell an hour! And they aren’t all bad.

Another fun fact of understanding free radicals and antioxidants: free radicals are actually nature’s preferred mechanism of self-destruction. This is after they reach the Hayflick limit.

The Hayflick limit: Normal human cells can only divide 52 times before effectively committing suicide. This is called apoptosis. The theory is that we age because of this set cell “lifespan”. Other circumstances can radically speed up the process.

Some free radical molecules are actually essential components of the immune system. In some cases they are needed by the body; put to use when we try to remember, fight a cold, or feel sexually aroused.

The free radicals nitric oxide and superoxide are used for opening blood vessels and poisoning invasive viruses and bacteria.

Our immune system uses certain free radicals to kill cancer cells before the cancer grows.

Did you know? Many cancer drugs work by temporarily increasing the production of free radicals in the body. That is how radiation destroys a cancer tumor.

There is no avoiding free radical formation

Many chemical reactions are constantly occurring in the body during regular metabolism. During these reactions, oxygen atoms are constantly losing atoms, creating free radicals.

They are also formed as a by-product of the natural metabolism and inflammation process. If free radicals are not neutralized quickly, degenerative diseases and faster aging result.

This process is similar to rusting. Rust is the reaction of iron with the same oxygen radicals that “rust” our bodies.

They are everywhere…where there is life, there is the free radical – good or bad. That will help you in understanding free radicals and antioxidants.

As they delve deeper into the study of DNA, scientists are seeing that free radicals are at the root of every possible disease.

“In the last thirty years, free radical research has led to profound biochemical, biological and medical advances. Our knowledge of radicals has grown, and as it has grown, it has enhanced our understanding of how DNA mutates and the important role radicals play in cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and autoimmune diseases.”

“At the molecular level, free radical damage is the cause of all disease...what happens at the molecular level inevitably affects our overall health” – Bryce Wylde (The Antioxidant Prescription)

The greatest cause of free radical formation is our exposure to environmental toxins:

• Carbon dioxide emissions

• Industrial pollutants

• Cigarette smoke

• Radiation

• Food additives

• Plastic off-gassing and leaching

Lifestyle factors also contribute. I am talking about stress, trauma, alcohol, deep-fried and artificial foods, and overly strenuous exercise.

Life is continually exposed to oxidative stress from the inside and outside. Living cells and organisms developed defense mechanisms for protection. This is where antioxidants come in.

Are you understanding free radicals and antioxidants?

6 Delicious Coffee Recipes

Do you love coffee? Most of us do. In this article we will provide you with 6 recipes to enjoy your coffee a different way. We hope you enjoy it. Do you know how to make vietnamese coffee?

Irish Coffee


  • 1 teapsoon of suger
  • 1 jigger of Bushmills Irish Whiskey
  • 2/3 cup of coffee or flavored Irish Creme coffee
  • 1/4 cup of heavy cream, lightly whippedPrehead the glass with hot water. Dump the water out and add the hot coffee with the teaspoon of suger and stir. Add the jigger of whiskey, and top with the whipping cream. Dark coffee’s are best for this recipe.Spiced Orange Coffee
  • 1 teaspoon fresh, grated orange peel
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 5 whole cloves
  • Regular amount of your usual coffee or try Swiss Chocolate Orange flavored coffeeAdd the above ingredients together and brew as normal. Place a slice of orange at the bottom or your cup. Pour in coffee and add suger and cream to taste. Top with whipping cream and sprinkle with a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon if so desired.Mint Cocoa Coffee
  • 1 ounce of chocolate mint liquear
  • Dash of shaved chocolate
  • Whipping cream (optional)
  • Regular coffee or try Dutch Chocolate Decaf flavored coffeeBrew your regular coffee, add the 1 ounce of liquear into your cup. Add some whipping cream if desired and sprinkle with shaved chocolate.Coffee Milkshakes
  • 1 pint of coffee ice cream
  • 2 teaspoons finely ground coffee
  • 1/2 cup light rum (optional)
  • 4 to 6 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • Instant coffee powderSpoon coffee ice cream into blender. Add rum and finely ground coffee. Blend on high until creamy smooth. Pour into tall glasses, adding a scoop of the vanilla ice cream to each glass. Sprinkle lightly with instant coffee powder.Frosty Mochas
  • 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee
  • 1 pint of vanilla ice cream, softenend
  • 6 tablespoons of chocolate syrup
  • 1 cup prepared cold coffeeBlend hot coffee and chocolate syrup in blender. Blend until smooth. Cool the mixture to room temperature. Pour the mixture into a medium bowl. Add the softened ice cream and cold coffee. With a rotary beater, beat until smooth. Spoon into tall glasses and serve immediately.Nogged Coffee
  • 1 cup of coffee or try Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee
  • 1 egg yoke
  • 1/2 cup of cream
  • Dash of nutmegBeat the suger and egg yoke together. Place cream in a saucepan and heat over low setting, do not burn. Wisk the egg mixture into the warmed cream, heat until hot. Add coffee to mugs and top with the cream mixture. Garnish the coffee with nutmeg.About The Author

    Feel free to use this article, please leave this resource box attached.

    This article was created for Beans and Bears offering some of the finest coffee available.

Top 3 Best Electric Scooters For Kids Review 2017

Top 3 Best Electric Scooters For Kids Review 2017

best electric scooter

Top 3 Best Electric Scooters

For our review we are looking at standup scooters from around $100 and up to $300 which is the most common price bracket. Price is generally determined by the quality, features, battery life and maximum speed.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is without a doubt the most popular among consumers due to its mix of features, 7 color choices and price. The Razor E100 is offered in a variety of fun colors such as, Black, Purple, Red, Grey, and two shades of Pink. Black handlebars with added grips for comfort and support allows the rider to hold on safely and effectively. This scooter can carry children up to 120 pounds making it the perfect scooter for younger kids.
The Razor E100 features a long lasting and rechargeable 24V sealed battery system, along with a charger. When your new scooter arrives it is recommended that it be charged for 24 hours, but is usable after 12. Fully charging the battery will make it last longer and provide faster recharges.
With up to 40 minutes of fun before needing a recharge, this scooter features a high-torque 100 watt motor that’s extremely quiet. This allows the rider to hear oncoming vehicles or motorists, keeping the rider safe and out of harm’s way.
The scooter is operated by an easily turned twist throttle that allows the rider to travel at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. The twist throttle offers 1 speed that is either on or off, so it is easy for young children to operate. It also features an easy to use kick start motor for safe take offs. This means the motor won’t start until the scooter is already moving. This push to start feature extends the life of the battery and enables beginners to operate with ease as it provides a smooth start without any surprises.
A spring loaded kickstand allows the scooter to stand independently without having to lean it against something, or lie it on the ground. The Razor scooter also features an eight inch pneumatic front tire for a smooth ride, maximum durability and plenty of grip. The rear tire is a solid urethane (like a kick scooter), which can become slippery in wet conditions so care needs to be taken.
The brakes are hand operated on the handlebars and this is the only scooter with a front rim brake like those found on bicycles. However some owners note it isn’t overly powerful, so care needs to be taken on hills. This scooter weighs in at 29 pounds which is one of the lightest available.
Owner’s Manual
For further information, the Razor E100 owner’s manual can be found here.
Customer Reviews
The Razor E100 is often considered the best electric scooter for kids because of its versatility and price. It is a comfortable ride for children ages 7 and up. The scooter is able to handle children up to 120 pounds, making this a scooter they can enjoy for many years, yet easy enough for younger children too.
If you’re wondering how the E100 compares to similar models such as the E125, don’t worry, they’re actually the same.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is viewed as one of the best electric bikes available and gets the most noteworthy client appraisals. Its accessible in blue, red, and matte dark and is worked for a long time 12 and more established – take note of that its a significant vast bike sufficiently enormous for grown-ups.

The bike highlights a super-sized deck and casing to bolster riders up to 220lbs, making it additionally appropriate for grown-ups. Take note of that this bike is worked for experienced riders. It doesnt require a push begin and works to higher velocities making it inadmissible for riders who are simply figuring out how to utilize an electric bike.


The Razor E300 is furnished with a powerful and elite 300 watt engine that is equipped for rates up to 15 miles for each hour. It is fueled by a rechargeable 24V fixed battery framework with the battery charger included. This Scooter includes a high torque, chain driven engine that is particularly calm for a smooth and calm ride. This empowers the rider to hear approaching activity, and different drivers as an additional wellbeing advantage guardians and children are certain to love.

It works with a one speed wind throttle the same as all explored bikes in the value section, yet fortunately the E300 has a collapsing handlebar to make stockpiling and transport less demanding. The dark handle seen beneath is unscrewed to open the handlebar which can then be collapsed back.


The front and back tires are both pneumatic with 10″ distance across giving a smoother ride over an assortment of surfaces and furthermore gives better soundness at quicker speeds. You will discover a hand worked raise brake on the Razor E300 electric bike which is exceptionally compelling, giving a protected prevent from its 15 mph best speed.

e300 controls

The Razor E300 offers a spring stacked kickstand so the rider can store his or her ride securely. The bike weighs 52 pounds making it the heaviest, yet most capable of the three checked on. This likewise makes it sufficiently vast for riders up to 220 pounds and can be delighted in by more seasoned youngsters and grown-ups alike.

With a most extreme ride time per energize at to 40 minutes, riders can utilize it as transportation. Understudies, especially think that its helpful for getting around grounds rapidly and effectively. Frequently when we consider bikes we relate them as kids toys, however this specific bike has changed the amusement and made it something for everybody, so regardless of your age dont falter to participate in the good times.

The E300 is frequently contrasted with the Reddie on the grounds that they have comparative power and components. The Reddie is additionally a collapsing bike, however it is around 30% more costly and has an uncommon slanting deck on the back which can be awkward to ride for amplified periods.

Proprietors Manual

For additional data, the Razor E300 proprietors manual can be downloaded here.

Client Reviews

The Razor E300 gets extraordinary audits with respect to both security and strength. Clients cherish that more established youngsters and grown-ups can appreciate this bike as a type of transportation. It is sufficiently capable to be delighted in on a scope of surfaces including walkways, rock and even grass yards. The bigger tires give a smooth ride. It can be delighted in by kids as youthful as 12 the distance to grown-up, making this one of the best electric bikes for children and grown-ups alike.


In the event that youve seen the E325, its really the same as the E300.

Razor RX200 Electric Scooter

Do you have earth rather than asphalts and dont need your children to pass up a major opportunity messing around with electric bikes? Razor has heard guardians all around and discharged the Razor RX200 electric bike. This is their most recent discharge and their first reason worked rough terrain electric bike. It depends on the ever prevalent Razor E200 with various outline changes making it appropriate for rough terrain utilize and can convey youngsters up to 154 lbs.

See our one next to the other examination of the Razor RX200 versus E200.


The Razor RX200 is fueled by the same 24V rechargeable fixed batteries (charger included) and chain-drive 200W engine as the E200 pushing it to 12mph. A decent expansion is a freewheel raise center point which gives the bike a chance to drift like a bike.

Not at all like lower controlled bikes this one doesnt require a push begin – simply wind the throttle and go. Furthermore, continue going – for up to 40 minutes of nonstop utilize.

Razor RX200

The casing and general size of the RX200 is the same as the E200, yet where it gets fascinating is all the outline changes to make go dirt road romping its characteristic play area:

Pneumatic rough terrain tires

Hand worked raise plate brake

Full length grasp tape

Reinforced riser style handlebars

Overwhelming obligation triple jolt handlebar cinch

Razor RX200

Its consoling to see so much thought and exertion has gone into making the RX200 a fun and safe electric bike for rough terrain.

Proprietors Manual

For additional data, the Razor RX200 proprietors manual can be downloaded here.

Client Reviews

The RX200 is just as great as their different models passing by the client audits, with a lot of 5 star appraisals. A few guardians truly like the way that this bike can be utilized as a part of the lawn so the children arent in the city. In case youre searching for the best go 44 romping electric bike, here it is!


Parents are often looking for safe toys that are easy on the environment, so electric scooters are high on the list. Children love them, they are inexpensive to maintain and the batteries are readily available. As your child is looking for new ways to get around consider one of the best electric scooters listed above to provide them with hours of fun and a scooter they will want to use every day.

A Side Sleeper Pillow And Their Significance

Things you will need to know about a pillows for side sleepers:

A Side Sleeper Pillow And Their Significance

A Side Sleeper Pillow And Their Significance

A good way to get a good quality mattress is to purchase a memory foam pillow

The most important factor to be considered when choosing a rug is the type of material you are going to use

If youre a person who likes to wear a mattress, you should try to buy a good quality cotton pillow

A great way to get a comfortable and luxurious bed is to buy a side sleeper pillow that is made from a synthetic material

One of the first things to do is to get the side sleeper pillow out of the machine


The side sleeper pillow is a great way to get your body to sleep in a comfortable, well-lit room. The next morning, youll be able to see the difference between a few minutes of sleep.




The first question you should ask yourself is what kind of material you want to have in your home. You can find a number of different designs and styles that will help you to make your home look beautiful. The second thing you need to do is to decide what types of rugs you want to use:


choose to use a wide range of rugs to make your home look like a modern one

choose from a number of colors and patterns to match your home decor

use the color of your room to make the rugs look more appealing




You can choose to use a wedge side sleeper pillow that is designed to provide support to your body. A great way to get your head out of the back of your neck is to use a pillow that is adjustable. One thing you need to do is to get a side sleeper pillow that is comfortable to sleep on. You can use a wedge neck  pillow to help you relax and sleep comfortably.


The sleep pillows are available in a wide range of colors and designs. One thing you should do is to select a type of side sleeper pillow that fits your needs. Plus, a great way to get your mattress is to buy a side sleeper pillow that is comfortable and easy to use. The important thing to consider when purchasing a mattress is to get a good quality pillow.


A great thing to do is to buy a pillow that is made from a high density foam. It is a great choice for a person who is allergic to the kind of material that is used in the mattress. Furthermore, it is a good choice for a person who wants to sleep on a regular basis. A great way to get a good quality memory is to buy a foam pad. The memory foam side sleeper pillow is a good choice for the person who wants to spend a lot of money on a mattress. It is a good idea to buy a side sleeper pillow topper that is comfortable to sleep on.


The important thing to do is to get a good quality linen machine. It is a good idea to buy a product that is durable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, it is a great way to get the best of the most important items. The important thing to know about the material is the size of the item. It is important to consider the dimensions of the material that you are going to buy. You can choose to have a small scale that will fit the size of your room.


A great way to get rid of the dust is to use a soft cotton cloth. Plus, the best solution is to use a soft cloth to keep the dust out of the mattress.




The next time you have a new mattress, you should consider the amount of the material you want to use. You can buy a number of mattresses, which are available in a variety of colors. At the same time, you can choose from a variety of materials, depending on the size of your mattress.


If youre a person who likes to wear a bed, then you should be sure to get a good quality mattress. A great way to get a good nights sleep is to buy a mattress that is hypoallergenic.


The next step is to make sure that you are getting the right size for your bed. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the clutter. You can also use the tools to make your home look like a new bathroom.


Important Point: The side sleeper pillow is a great option for those who are allergic to feathers.


One of the first things to remember when buying a side sleeper pillow is to make sure that you are getting the best sleep. The essential part of the process is to get the right one. A great way to get your mattress is to have a good night rest. The second thing you need to do is to get a comfortable mattress.


The important thing to bear in mind is the size of the pillow. The side sleeper pillow is a good choice for the person who wants to sleep on the bed. The person who has a good memory will be able to sleep in the night and get the rest of the day. A great way to get a good night is to get a side sleeper pillow topper. It is an important item to make sure you are sleeping on a bed. This will help you to get rid of the bed and make it easier to sleep.


The side sleeper pillow is a great gift for the person who wants to sleep on the bed. It is a side sleeper pillow topper that is specially formulated for the body to be used in the bed. It is also a popular choice for people who are allergic to the feather. The bed is a great way to celebrate the night and it can be a good gift for the family.


Key Takeaway: The final step is to sew the sheets and thread them into the fabric.


The best option is to buy a duvet cover that is available in a range of colors and sizes. You can choose from a wide array of colors and sizes to match your choice. Moreover, a good thing to do is to choose the duvet covers that are appropriate for your teens room. Duvet sheets are a good way to make your teen feel comfortable and cozy. You can choose from a number of duvet covers that are designed to fit your needs. Duvet covers are a good way to make your home look like a good one.


This concludes our dialogue on a side sleeper pillow. In the beginning, we discussed how Ive been a couple of years to get my side sleeper pillow out of bed. We also mentioned how the best sleep pillows are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Third, one of the most crucial parts of the design is the fact that it is a natural and durable material. We also mentioned how if youre a little bit more inclined to get a side sleeper pillow topper, youll want to consider the following tips. We also discussed how the side sleeper pillow is a popular choice for people who want to sleep on a regular night. At the end, we discussed how the first thing to do is to get the side sleeper pillow out of the bed.

Viking Blender Review

The Viking blender has comparable features to much less expensive blenders. However it does not seem to have as many breakage reports, making it a good buy.

The Viking blender is a good standard basic kitchen blender, although a bit pricy for what you get. We don’t see many breakage reports so the quality seems to be good. In terms of features and engine power the Viking matches up to what you would see with some of the cheaper blenders in the $50 range. However the Viking is about 3 times as expensive. The good thing about it is that it seems to be more durable and of higher quality than the cheap blenders, which tend to break very quickly and easily.

Viking Blender

Viking Blender

The Good

  • Easy to clean – the blades separate easily from the jar for easy cleaning, and the jar is dishwasher safe.
  • Good Pitcher – a strong glass pitcher shaped to create a blending vortex
  • Precise control – the knob on the front is easy to operate and offers a high, low, and pulse setting.
  • Stable – the unit does not bounce around


The Bad

  • Poor quality plastic lid – the lid is a little flimsy not of the highest standard
  • Expensive – certainly not the most expensive blender on the market, but comparing the Viking to other blenders with similar features, it is a bit overpriced.



Average Consumer Rating
Number of Reviews


Viking produces one countertop blender model, the VBLG professional. It also makes one hand blender model, the VHB professional hand blender.



The Viking blender features a professional grade, high torque, 390 watt motor with an electronic mixing sensor to keep the speed continuously smooth, and 300 grade stainless steel blades. The 40 ounce glass jar connects to the base with an interlocking system to prevent the motor gears from stripping and being damaged. The Viking also produces a cyclonic blending action as a result of its blade shape and tempered glass carafe design. The cyclonic blending circulates the fluid rapidly in the jar, which results in more efficient blending.

It is also very easy to disassemble the jar and blade of the Viking machine for cleaning. The Viking is very stable due to the rubber feet on the bottom of the die cast metal base. It has 2 speeds and a pulse function.


Features Table

Price $120.00 – $165.00
Capacity 40 ounces
Number of Speeds 2
Jar Material Glass
Power 390 watts
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Dimensions Height: 17.75 inches, Length: 7″, Depth: 8″
Weight 11 pounds
Warranty 1 year
Colors White, black, stainless grey, red
Ice Crusher No
Pulse Function Yes
Digital Display No
Preprogrammed Settings No
Timer No
Food Processor Attachments No
Included Recipes No
Cord Storage No



Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:

Owners like the strong motor and say that the Viking is up to the most difficult of blending tasks. They also like the simplicity of features; there is just one knob on the front of the machine that has settings for off, pulse, low speed, and high speed. Owners say these knob settings seem firm as they click into place for each setting. They also say it is a very solid feeling machine. This blender is working well for making a healthy smoothie.

Not Sure About Red Wine Antioxidants…?

There is a lot of buzz about red wine antioxidants; namely its resveratrol, quercetine and bioflavanoids.

But does this mean you should start drinking red wine for your health? Or is this an excuse to continue alcohol consumption?

We look at arguments from two health experts:

In the recent field of antioxidant study on the body, many professionals will recommend moderate intake of red wine (no more than 1 wine glass a day) for its high antioxidant content.

What about the alcohol content though? Health professionals have always told us that alcohol is a definite no-no. There is no place for it in a healthy diet – because of its effect on the liver, kidneys, and cells in general.

o the debate is up on red wine antioxidants.

I will present both sides of the argument, and then let you decide what is right for you.

Personally, I believe that moderate consumption of red wine in social situations is nothing to be afraid of. But I don’t think taking it up as a daily hobby is necessary if you feel you need more antioxidants for your health.

There are better ways… consider flavanol rich chocolate!

Nevertheless, here are the arguments:

It is established that red wine antioxidants are greater than those in black tea, orange juice, and apple juice.

Dr Bryce Wylde (author of The Antioxidant Prescription) says “One glass of red wine (preferably Cabernet because of the higher ORAC value and the procyanidin content) per day for women and two for men is ideal.

By glass, I mean no more than 150 to 300 mL (5 to 10 ounces). Lots of studies suggest that red wine can keep you smarter, maintain a healthy and strong heart and protect your blood vessels from plaque development.”

The most studied antioxidant in red wine is resveratrol.

Dr Wylde tells us that “The potent antioxidant substances resveratrol and quercetin, found in red grapes, also protect your heart against damaging free radicals.

But the amount of resveratrol in red wine isn’t enough; to reap resveratrol’s benefits, you’ll need the supplement form…Resveratrol in the high amounts found in supplements can protect against cancer and reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, gastric ulcers, stroke and even osteoporosis.”

Red wine offers many other health benefits, including a reduction in platelet aggregation (blood stickiness) and flexibility of blood vessels that go to the brain.

It’s interesting to note that the antioxidant value of red grape juice in its pure form is nearly as good for you as red wine. Drinking wine occasionally at parties does not necessitate alcoholic help, but doing so with increasing frequency and in much larger quantities might.

For some, it might be best to just avoid red wine for the reason that alcohol is highly addictive.

Dr Wylde also acknowledges the risk of over-consumption, because many of us can find it hard to stop drinking at one or two glasses.

Going over the limit (more than a glass or two) leads the creation of free radicals, not protection from them.

Warning about the negative effects of alcohol consumption.“Liver cirrhosis as a result of alcohol abuse is one of the ten leading causes of death in the United States.Individuals with a family history of alcohol problems should not begin drinking in response to any positive studies of the benefits of red wine, nor should those with pre-existing health conditions, including:

• Arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats

• High blood pressure

• Liver disease

• Severe acid reflux

• Sleep apnea

• Stomach ulcers

Alcohol may also interfere with certain prescription medications, making them lethal or ineffective.

Excessive or chronic use of any alcohol can result in a number of health conditions:

• Elevated levels of triglycerides in the blood

• Increased risk of breast cancer

• Increased risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus

• Increased risk of liver cancer

• Liver cirrhosis

• Obesity

• Osteoporosis”

When it comes to red wine antioxidants, it’s all about moderation.

Can we honestly say it is healthful though?

Yes, there are many antioxidants in red wine, which we know are necessary to combat free radical damage, but we should weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Do the negative effects outweigh the positive effects of red wine antioxidants?

MD Gabriel Cousens (MD, homeopathic physician, Tree of Life, author of Spiritual Nutrition) believes that maintaining healthy cell “terrain” is the key to optimal health.

He talks about fermentation in the body by microscopic life forms – mycrozymas. They are living colloidal elements that feed off and ferment the sugar in our system.

The mycrozyma is the smallest living unit in nature and in our bodies, much smaller than cells.

When the body got too acid/toxic the natural fermentation process in the body is accelerated, and there is a “morbid evolution” of the microzymas.

They mutate into bacteria, yeast, fungus, and eventually mold. As these “morbid” forms from the microzymas develop, they feed on our vital body substances and produce more toxins, which we call mycotoxins.

This toxic process is behind all degenerative disease and aging.

Gabriel Cousens knows what he’s talking about. He has been studying cell biology and observing this effect in people’s blood samples for many years.

Dr Cousens affirms that alcohol is one of the factors contributes to mycotoxic process. He advises us to avoid it in general.

In his book Spiritual Nutrition he writes:

“…Red wine also has a number of phenolics, the most important being resveratrol and quercetin, which alter gene expression and enhance phenotypic expression to protect against blood clot formation as in heart disease. Resveratrol also has certain anti-aging qualities that are recently being touted to mimic the calorie restriction effect.

However, red wine also has the downside of being alcohol. Alcohol does many things to disregulate and undermine healthy gene expression, particularly in the neurotransmitter systems, as well as other systems in the body. Resveratrol, quercetin, and the bioflavanoids can easily be gotten from substances other than red wine.” (P 322)


My conculsions…

Do not fear red wine!

The truth is that most of us drink, at least socially.

Of course organic Cabernet red wine is a far healthier choice than liquor, beer, or even white wine. In fact, in small quantities it has beneficial effects (moreso for people of Mediterranean descent).

Just remember moderation is key.

However, this is not a reason to take up drinking a glass a day (if you don’t already). There are still many better food and drink choices if you want the equivalent of red wine antioxidants’ boost to your diet.

If you are concerned with complete and optimal health, have the exisiting conditions mentioned above, or are doing a cleansing diet, you should avoid red wine – due to the alcohol content.

Otherwise, in Bryce Wylde’s words “Live a little!” and enjoy a few benefits of red wine antioxidants.